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  1. While I was watching the game today
  2. Updated Big 12 standings
  3. WAY TO GO SOONERS!!!!!!
  4. We just knocked off the defending National
  5. Michael Neal was robbed
  6. Big day for OU
  7. Your Top 10 as of Jan 20-something
  8. OU women starting something special.?
  9. OU womens game one of the most exciting basketball games I've seen
  10. Hey SicEmBaylor....
  11. Conference Record Predictions...
  12. Let's pack The LNC Wednesday Night!!!
  13. What's our assist to....
  14. Paris sets mark with fifth rookie award
  15. Another recruit in the 2006 class?
  16. ESPN GameDay here Saturday
  17. Quinn Snyder takes a lot of flak...but this
  18. Penders passes out on sideline, carried off court on stretched, whistled for a tech.
  19. OU vs. Baylor Breakdown
  20. I'm not big on sympathy, especially when it comes to the aggies
  21. How do we finish on the season?
  22. RPI?
  23. Bookout Broken!
  24. Congrats Vols on beating Florida
  25. What idiot scheduled the men's and women's games at the same time?!?
  26. OU Baylor Prediction
  27. *** Official OU / Baylor Thread ***
  28. ****OU/Baylor Men's Game****
  29. OU vs Texas (Ladies)
  30. Jason Sutherland Hate Thread
  31. Official "Paperclip watching the OU-Baylor game on tape" thread
  32. HILARIOUS T stories (Tubbs included)..........
  33. WHITE OUT!!
  34. Anyone else sick of this?
  35. I don't follow WBB closely enough on a national-scale to know the answer to this...
  36. OU vs Whorn Prediction
  37. Nebraska kicks star player off their team
  38. OU Come Tourny time.....
  39. OU-Texas Game Notebook
  40. OU-A&M WBB
  41. Tonight is the first night I will regret having student tickets....
  42. White-Out LNC
  43. CNNSI predicts Longwhorn victory tonight
  44. Anybody have tickets available for OU/UT tonight ???
  45. *****Official OU vs. whorn game thread*****
  46. OU vs Whorn Thread
  47. Final Stats from OU's 82-72 win
  48. I Hereby Order A Negspek Jihad
  49. I've gotta give it up to the Athletic Department.
  50. Jay, I am giving it up to Kelvin
  51. ESPN get a clue
  52. The LNC rises again...
  53. I might add this...
  54. More Class? From Texas
  55. Go WSU Cougars at LNC?
  56. For the love of God...
  57. I just want our OSU friends to know...
  58. Basketball video?
  59. DMN article - love that headline
  60. To the UT Jackasses in the upper south end:
  61. Why do we score 82 against Texas
  62. OU-KU
  63. Bring Back Top Dawg
  64. Did anyone else notice....
  65. Blake Johnston (and pushing the ball up the court)....
  66. Wednesday's Crowd
  67. Michael Neal Q&A on homepage
  68. For all you naysayers and doom and gloom
  69. Texas Patches
  70. Good game Saturday
  71. Annoying Texass fans during the game
  72. Everett is Big 12 Player of the Week
  73. Paris sets mark with seventh weekly award
  74. Upcoming schedule predictions
  75. Oklahoma vs. Kansas.....
  76. Paris Twins to grace Sports Illustrated
  77. So, who'd win between...
  78. OU / A&M Prediction
  80. Is there a rule against standing up in Lloyd Noble?
  81. LAST DAY to vote for Big XII 10th annv. team
  82. Who will average....
  83. containing brandon rush
  84. SI article on the Paris sisters
  85. should neal be on starting 5?
  87. Scottie Reynolds Video and Interveiw
  88. Official Game Thread OU vs Missouri (Ladies)
  89. So who is going to the OU womens game against Kansas?
  90. I'm ready for tip off.
  91. *** Official OU/KU Game Thread ***
  92. Everytime I see KU play...
  93. Calvin this ,Calvin that ;is this announcer an idiot?
  94. Clark Kellogg is an idiot...
  95. Meltdown
  96. losing leads, when will this team learn?
  97. So the refs nicknames are"Phog" huh?
  98. I am going to predict........
  99. Definition of Mediocrity
  100. Coaching Errors?
  101. The Chicken Little syndrome
  102. Great game today.
  103. Positive vibe...
  104. I predict...
  105. Guess what....
  106. One thing is for sure....
  107. B-word Wednesday!
  108. If Michael Neal makes the shot and we win...
  109. SO FRUSTRARTED!!!!!!
  110. Imagine that, suspending Ref's for bad calls!
  111. It's Paris, again
  112. Very entertaining game to watch
  113. Here's proof positive Kelvin Sampson is...
  114. OU Women Officially a Top Ten Team!
  115. Texas leads Texas tech by 16......
  116. Like him or not, nice story about jj redick
  117. Sunday's Baylor Game a Sell-Out
  118. CBS Sportsline's top 10 football/basketball schools
  119. OK. St./OU game time/TV?
  120. Quin Snyder should be fired on spot...
  121. Duke-Carolina
  122. KU best Big12 has to offer
  123. Anyone going to the OU-LosuR game tonight
  124. Bedlam Game Notes
  125. Is the Kelvin bashing session.......
  126. ***The Official OU vs OSU game thread***
  127. Tonight's Game in Stoolwater...
  128. Stupid Freakin' Aggie Camera Angle
  129. Women's Team sets Big XII record
  130. Taylor Griffin
  131. Give Kelvin and the Sooners credit....
  132. Bob Carpenter, you're awful
  133. Kelvin's post game comments
  134. fans in the stands
  135. OSU Student Section
  136. Gean Keady to KSU?
  137. Turmoil in Stoolwater...
  138. Snyder resigns.
  139. Quin steps down at Mizzou.......
  140. Quinn Snyder = Evil Terminator!!
  141. OU vs. Baylor, Part II
  142. Going to the beatdown tomorrow?
  143. Aggie Grief on Stoolwater Radio
  144. Termoil in Stillwater
  145. Pray for Coach Sutton
  146. Poor "little" JJ Redick...
  147. I am trying to be objective here...
  148. OU-Baylor thread, beyonces?????
  149. Baylor win -business as usual.
  150. Who woulda thought....
  151. Terrell off the glass to Taj...
  152. Congrats, Sean Sutton!
  153. USC basketball=SUC
  154. Getting fired up for the women's game....
  155. OU vs Baylor (ladies)
  156. I can't believe it's going on 20 years...
  157. Looks like Sutton will fall just short of 800 wins...
  158. Pat Forde just reported on ESPN's Hot list...
  159. Diagram of Sutton's Wreck.
  160. 911 Calls about Sutton
  161. Can oSu get to 20 in the first half?
  162. Media Spin: Coach Sutton
  163. OSU sports=finished
  164. God Bless Eddie Sutton...
  165. Twins to appear on Cold Pizza
  166. OU/CU Predictions
  167. OU vs. CU Matchup
  168. OU vs UT (women)
  169. Longar shirts?
  170. The DOK: Sean's wins will be Eddie's
  171. Erin Higgins OU Vs The evilest team evar
  172. Cold Pizza Video
  173. Wheres the Official OU/Tx womens thread?
  174. OSU Press Conference with Eddie Sutton at 9pm
  176. Eddie Sutton Quits.
  177. So, wheres the Celebration for the Womens team winning the Big 12.
  178. Sutton admits he is still on the bottle!!
  179. OSU Re-names Basketball Court
  180. Here we (probably) go again!
  181. Fair question to ask here.
  182. Even Schmidly is abandoning OSU...
  183. How long.............
  184. There is no effin way OU should lose to Colorado.
  185. 1520 broadcast?
  187. Ladies have almost clinched it!
  188. The piling up on Sutton sickens me
  189. Sean Sutton admits to taking Rogaine & Viagra
  190. If Mark Price would have played for OU instead of Ga Tech what would our lineup been
  191. ROBY vs KOBE was so gay
  192. yo sic em
  193. Payne county DA to present charges against
  194. I'm mad
  195. Blobert Allen
  196. Finally Back Home!!!!!
  197. Mens RPI Numbers (Thru Feb 13th)
  198. Scotty Reynolds makes McD's AA team...
  199. OU vs. ISU Notes
  200. OSU Police helped Sutton get into car minutes before the accident -WOW
  201. Newest OSU Fans...
  202. *Official Iowa State vs. Oklahoma Thread!*
  203. K-State is Killing Colorado
  204. Women going for the outright Big XII regular season title tonight!
  205. Kansas-Missouri
  206. To those of you who left early.....
  207. Michael Neal,lord of the trifecta
  208. Clinched bye?
  209. .22
  210. Wheres the womens game thread?
  211. Congrats OU Women! Big 12 Champs!
  212. So how exactly does the football-basketball joint season ticket thing work?
  213. Aggie talking points on coach Sutton
  214. OSU-Texas
  215. 795*
  216. What scares me is..............
  217. OU vs. Texas Tech Notes
  218. Vore for Neal ESPN "Big Man on Campus"
  219. Ricky Williams vs. Eddie Sutton
  220. TTech game tonite.
  221. Bobby Knight.....
  222. Statistical Underachievement
  223. Team USA! Who do you want?
  224. ESPN's preview of tonights game (funny)
  225. Lets get the game thread going boys!
  226. ****OFFICIAL OU/What's Up Knight? GAME THREAD****
  227. Tech on a 20-8 run to close out the game
  228. We are the dumbest/luckiest team in basketball
  229. Our mens basketball team needs to go to a Urologist
  230. The highlight of the game for me...
  231. We own the state of Texas
  232. Heh. 8-0 vs. the state of Texas
  233. I watched Jenna Plumley play tonight...
  234. Sooner men = Dallas Cowboys
  235. Neal continues his rain of 3's
  236. I've officially reached "A W is a W" status...
  237. Taylor Griffin
  238. Strategic Blunder by Sampson
  239. basketball question
  240. bookout should buy nate carter lunch...
  241. why do sampson's players not make it in the NBA?
  242. OU women/Kansas State game thread
  243. For the life of me I cannot figure out...
  244. Food for thought...
  245. Combined OU/OSU womens conference record.....
  246. Women's Game on Sunday vs Nebraska
  247. Texas looks vulnerable...
  248. Anyone catch the end of the Aggy game?
  249. Neal by the numbers in conference play,Incredible!
  250. Coach of the Year 2005/6