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  1. So I guess nobody gives a ****
  2. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrizona! Recap
  3. Blakes Debut?
  4. OU vs. Centenary AKA Tony Crocker Gone Wild
  5. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Ce-ce-ce-centenary Gents Recap
  6. For all you shoe-talkin' Nancy's...
  7. So Saturday at Utah is kinda big.....
  8. Waiting....
  9. OOTFRWes overreacts at fan behavior? I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.
  10. Knight rips Calipari.........
  11. OU vs. Northern Col
  12. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Northern Colorado Recap
  13. Fat guy with an OU flag
  14. What's up with this years squad?
  15. Does This Team Make The NIT Tournament?
  16. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Texas-El Paso Recap
  17. Derrick Roland of A&M...anyone else seen this?
  18. '09 All-College = OKC media's wet dream come true
  19. Fitzgerald Sighting!
  20. Game vs Gonzaga Online?
  21. Tiny brings down the house!
  22. Same Ol, Same Ol
  23. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Gonzaga Recap
  24. Team's not doin' much, so I'm going to start some sh
  25. OUSKINS!
  26. Marijuana=1 game for Moses
  27. Reason to buy a Wii
  28. Willie Warren
  29. Blake set to return on Jan. 20
  31. Najera Back to Dallas!
  32. Is Capel over his head
  33. Baylor 91 - Oklahoma 60
  34. OU Basketball program is in complete dissaray.
  35. Ahem...
  36. Evidence suggest Capel CAN coach, but something is horribly wrong
  37. The Myth Of "This Team Should Be Good"
  38. We're Going To Win Tonight!
  39. Tonight is a MUST win
  40. 04's Attempt: OU vs. O-State Recap
  41. Crazy thing about this season...
  42. Blake out for the year?
  43. Tonite's (1-13) wimmin's game broadcast in Tulsa?
  44. Where is Soonerman? Why he on the sidelines in the first place?
  45. Initial Bracketology...
  46. D2 player dies after hitting head on court
  47. No game thread? WTH
  48. Anyone watching the Game?
  49. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Misery Recap
  50. Taking a look at our season so far...
  51. Ive got the solution...
  52. If we finish 9-7 or 10-6
  53. Kentucky only undefeated team left !
  54. Oklahoma at Texas A&M Game Thread
  55. 04's Attempt: OU vs. eATMe Recap
  56. Rank the Active coaches...
  57. So who is missing from the rafters?
  58. Norman-area peoples
  59. Oklahoma at Texas Tech Game Thread
  60. Quick Tech Review
  61. Interesting, WW still considered a Top 10 pick...
  62. Good write up about Hollis Price
  63. Juan Patillo?
  64. Who wins it all?
  65. Video of our Two big recruits facing off...
  66. For those longing for the good ole days
  67. Iowa State at Oklahoma Game Thread
  68. Six team members foul out!
  69. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Iowa State Recap
  70. Associated Press: Not All Star Players Bolt for the NBA
  71. LNC Seating Question
  72. Game moved to 7:00 p.m. tonight-- no TV
  73. Big day in the Big 12
  74. Sic Em' Bears
  75. Running Commentary From Nebraska Game...
  76. [sigh]
  77. Barf!
  78. horns at pokes espn NOW
  79. Come Honor Wayman's Memory Saturday
  80. "Blake Griffin" Night Set for Feb. 9 as OU Hosts Texas Tech
  81. Stay for FREE at Sooner Legends for the KSU Basketball Game! Discounts for all!
  82. Cryin' For Me (Wayman's Song) By Toby Keith
  83. Red River Game Thread
  84. Alright fellas, 4-4. Where do we go from here?
  85. DELETE!
  86. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Texas Recap
  87. Shoplifting.....really?
  88. shoplifting? really?
  89. And I pick
  90. Kansas vs. Texas
  91. WWIII in this Morning's Transcript:
  92. OU vs TxTech, the sand aggies!
  93. Roy Williams, Selfish prick or Political Correctness gone wrong
  94. Sean Sutton arrested again
  95. Willie out sick, Gallon suspended indefinetly.
  96. NBA 3 Point Contest/Slam Dunk
  97. Center/Power Forward
  98. Thoughts From Stillwater
  99. Willie Warren has mono, out indefinitely
  100. I feel bad for Capel
  101. Hoops article on Kentucky/UCLA
  102. Sustaining the Momentum of the Program
  103. Stay for FREE at Sooner Legends for the Baylor Basketball Game! Discounts for all!
  104. Colorado Thread: WW and Tiny make the trip
  105. Ban Brent and Bobby Knight
  106. A disgrace to OU basketball
  107. As of Feb 17th, who are locks from the major conferences?
  108. 4 days in the life of a referee
  109. A segment of OU's fan base deserves this season
  110. OU vs Kansas State
  111. OU Men's Basketball...
  112. OU women just...
  113. I kinda like this quote by Capel...
  114. OU is 22 pt. underdog at Kansas (ESPN - 8pm Monday)
  115. Pretty decent article about OU and what couldve been
  116. Daily Oklahoman
  117. Rooting extra-hard for the OU women's team tonight
  118. Lost Season Stings
  119. Sports Illustrated Article on this season's top disappointments
  120. Willie Warren out for rest of regular season
  121. Gallon vs. Baylor Game Thread
  122. James Anderson
  123. I realize not OU related but
  124. Seats behind the benches at away games...
  125. tiny to leave after first season??? huh?
  126. Guess everyone is down in Austin cheering?
  127. Ed Hightower
  128. Stay for FREE at Sooner Legends for the Texas A&M Basketball Game! Discounts for all!
  129. Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
  130. Warren Out for Remainder of Season
  131. whats up with this guy?
  132. ESPN's Chad Ford on Willie Warren...
  133. From The Looks Of It...
  134. We could have a cripple fight!
  135. OU vs missouri Fight in 1987
  136. Yahoo all conf teams
  137. Rare for me, but... on a somewhat serious note...
  138. Does any Bball fan miss Kelvin now???
  139. The more I think about it the more this Brittany Griner deal pisses me off
  140. wow, early start today
  141. So long Tony and the 2009-2010 season..
  142. Capel spells it out
  143. All conf announced
  144. Big 12 tournament information
  145. Tiny's Coming Back!
  146. Marion Jones to play for Tulsa Shock
  147. This sums up our season a bit...
  148. Bedlam Round 3
  149. where the heck is the game thread?
  150. We Lose by 50 official Game thread OU vs osu
  151. Good Bye Tony
  152. OU-OSU Game
  153. Final Season Wrap-Up/Grades and a Look Ahead
  154. Sooner AD's Not A Happy Camper
  155. Tulsa Shock.....
  156. Chokes getting spanked
  157. Meanwhile back at the Coalemine
  158. Anderson All Everything
  159. Adios Baylor Bears and Skeletor!
  160. Who are you gonna root for in the tourney?
  161. Who Is The Best Player In College Basketball?
  162. NCAA Selection Thread***
  163. soonerfans.com group at ESPN.com
  164. Yahoo bracket pick'em group
  165. Maybe OU needs to look into this...
  166. Capel interview on Kref
  167. TMG rumors.
  168. NCAA bracket group on NBC Madness
  169. Tiny Rumors
  170. Scottie Reynolds benchin'
  171. *** NCAA Tournament Thread***
  172. In other basketball news . .
  173. Homework assignment for Sooner04....
  174. Jenna Plumley
  175. Kansas/Northern Iowa
  176. UT
  177. What to look forward to in the Sweet 16
  178. Ray McCallum
  179. Okay, eff it. It's next season NOW... Let's talk.
  180. Ray willis gone
  181. Willie rumors
  182. A look at Capel's recruiting...
  183. TMG appears to be gone
  184. It's official: Mason-Griffin, Willis Won't Return in 2010-11
  185. TMG to enter NBA draft
  186. Its offical: TMG & Willis Gone from OU
  187. Any update on TMG or Willis?
  188. Sittler's Article
  189. Butler just beat Syracuse!!
  190. Capel gets a commitment from Oklahomas Gatorade POY
  191. Lets piece together OUs roster for 10-11'
  192. The 96-team tournament timeline
  193. Bobby Maze for Tenn.
  194. BTW the Thunder are KILLING the Lakers at halftime tonight
  195. So...The Elite 8
  196. Wow! Baylor is in the elite eight
  197. McDs all american teams announced
  198. FINAL 4
  199. Debunking a big myth of the "Mistake of '88"
  200. OU wimmens vs Notre Dame...Sweet 16
  201. Tim Floyd
  202. To all our newly departed...
  203. How much have the Lady Sooners exceeded expectations?
  204. Oklahoma vs, Kentucky...
  206. 1 ticket to the Final Four!
  207. Final Four tickets available online now; by phone starting at 8 tomorrow
  208. For those who dont realize how good Sherri is...
  209. WHY stanford needs a good azz whoopin
  210. Internal investigation for mens program
  211. My, how a year can change things...
  212. How long until we see a thread like this one...
  213. Good story about DaSean Butler of WVU
  214. A story about expansion that Leroy himself can appreciate
  215. Tony Crocker invited to the Porsmouth Invitational
  216. In my best McEnroe voice......
  217. Mens Final 4
  218. Mens National Title Game...Butler 33-4 vs Duke 34-5
  219. OU vs. Evil Stanford game thread
  220. Why cain't Shari Collette win the Big one!
  221. So... now that the ladies have finished another magnificent season...
  222. A little surprising: Natl title ratings
  223. Seriously, Is Capel a Candidate at Clemson?
  224. Looking ahead to next year in the Big 12
  225. Warren's declaring for the NBA
  226. OU's current crop of NBA potential:
  227. Taliaferro resigns.....
  228. Outlook next year for Sherri's guys
  229. Silly Willie
  230. Thinning Out...
  231. According to Rivals
  232. So, Capel is holding a press conference this afternoon....
  233. Capel on our returning roster
  234. Capel Signs Neal to Letter of Intent
  235. It's official, Gallon declares for the NBA...
  236. CJ Washington commits to OU
  237. NCAA tourney expands to 68
  238. Committment from Nick Thompson
  239. Carl Blair (Nawlins PG) transferring to OU
  240. Calvin Newell commits
  241. Now that we reloaded,how good can this team be?
  242. What would effect your opinion of Capel more?
  243. The hits just keep on coming
  244. Rumor has it...
  245. Capel just got the mystery big man
  246. Predictions for sstarting 5?
  247. OSU's Matt Pilgrim
  248. Wear twins are leaving UNC.
  249. Jeff Capel to coach USA Men's U18 National Team
  250. OU has a 2010 recruit visiting this weekend