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  1. Paris Twins featured in USA Today
  2. NCAA sanctions?
  3. Ron Franklin Drinking Game
  4. We're getting three high-school All Americans
  5. Everett article
  6. ESPN Gameday - Basketball Version
  7. OU vs. K-State Game Notes
  8. RPI Rankings
  9. John Ontjes, William Davis honored.......
  10. What if?
  11. sharp retires - tech fans want sherri
  12. OU/K-State Predictions
  13. Anyone know what time the OU game is today?
  14. This should put paid to one ridiculous notion
  15. March Madness On Demand - Sign up for free at CBS.com
  16. Did anyone record the OU-ISU game from last weekend?
  17. Front page of the Daily Oklahoman
  18. *Official Kansas St. vs. Oklahoma Thread!*
  19. Clinched the first round bye for the Big XII tournament
  20. Who will you be pulling for tonight?
  21. Gotta give Kevin Bookout some love...
  22. I'll take the win, but I don't get this
  23. IS IT A SIGN FOR THE SOONERS?!?! Weird Coincidence..
  24. A Game for All of You Drinkers
  25. KU/Tx game Rush has zero points at halftime
  26. I quit this basketball board!
  27. OU women vs. NU Notes
  28. ***Official OU vs nebraska Women's game
  29. OU vs. OSU, Bedlam Part II
  30. Saluting the Seniors
  31. Senior Night 06
  32. What is MORE beautiful?
  33. Funny quote (re:Sutton) from Dan Wetzel
  34. Drum roll, please...
  35. What's up Sooner fans?
  36. Record Books
  37. Any Chance the Senior Night stuff is on the radio pregame?
  38. Two Five Stars from the Far East
  39. ***OU vs OSU thread***
  40. I just can't keep quiet!
  41. Anybody know a good roof repair service?
  42. Our men's team needs to take up golf
  43. That was the best Bedlam game ever
  44. why? why would you ever put a ref in that position?
  45. Gray, Bookout, Everett combine for final 6 points.
  46. Any attorney's on the board?
  47. Cry baby station over at the Pokes Message Boards
  48. Picks for Sunday's Game
  49. anyone see the OSU player grab Bookout around the face and pull him backwards
  51. OSU Game Tape
  52. The Kevin Bookout dunk at the end of the game.
  53. I have never seen....
  54. OWN3D!
  55. Sunshine Pumpin'!!!!!
  56. Congrats to our seniors...
  57. A different perspective....
  58. Last night was another "Moral Victory" for OSU...
  59. Can someone post video of Bookout's dunk?
  60. Byron Eaton: King of Aggy Logic
  61. The most important lesson of all...
  62. Just a little note about Courtney Paris
  63. Paris on ESPN.com
  64. Was anyone else emotionally drained after that?
  65. Which of the top 2 seeds would you like to see OU play in the Tourney?
  66. Can Sooner Magic Apply to Hoops!??!
  67. Nate Carter....
  68. OU's 1-point prowess
  69. Anyone else a bit worried
  70. Being a bit of a sadist, and always enjoying aggie teeth-gnashing...
  71. Sampson v. Stoops
  73. Thoughts on the OSU game,this season and next year.
  74. Bookout
  75. If the season ended today.............
  76. Sampson Q&A on Spectator homepage
  77. Can A&M pull the upset tonite?
  78. Who's heading to Dallas
  79. Kevin Bookout: Academic All-American
  80. What do Kevin Bookout and Eddie Sutton Have in Common?
  81. ***Official OU vs tech women's game
  82. Crazy ending in Duke/Florida State
  83. 16 - 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. Way to go A&M!!!
  85. In case of a three way tie, what are the Big XII seedings?
  86. Baylor Sunshine Pumping
  87. CP3 is.....
  88. Kansas City Sooners
  89. Vote: Courtney Paris v. Candace Parker
  90. Oklahoman:Eddie Sutton holding bottle, urinating outside middle school
  91. Classy Sooner Women Honor Retiring Tech Coach
  92. ESPN article on Paris
  93. The thrill of victory (OU Women 16-0)...
  94. ...the agony of defeat (OSU women 0-16).
  95. Ron Franklin....Again
  96. sean sutton les miles
  97. OU women to face Texas-ISU winner
  98. Where the heck was Krista Sanchez...
  99. Big XII honors
  100. OU vs. Texas
  101. OU vs. Texas Notes, Part II
  102. Deangelo chokes away win over GW
  103. FSU "student" with her view of Duke/FSU
  104. Jim Wooldridge fined $5000
  105. Watching Dook/UNC..
  106. One of our "peons" is going dancing.......
  107. GO SOONERS!
  109. National Television
  110. Finishing out the season
  111. Good history as No. 3 seed
  112. Read about the fan at the beginning of the article...
  113. Neal, Everett, Gray Earn All-Big 12 Honors
  114. Paris is Big 12 POY, Coale is COY
  115. Did anyone else get the feeling?
  116. Mixed emotions yesterday for Whorn fans....
  117. Big 12 Championship Tickets Single Session - Lower level
  118. Who is the dumbass who gave Duke a first place vote?
  119. Who has more basketball tradition and ability?
  120. How many times has Kelvin "underachieved" in the tourney?
  121. "Victoria" causes USC to lose hoops game
  122. Where do YOU draw the line?
  123. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
  124. Gonzaga currently down by 11
  125. Big 8/Big 12 Tournament Memories
  126. In the future, this forum will be known as . . .
  127. Okay, sunshine pumpers...what do you have to say now?
  128. Sooners recognize players
  129. Women vs. ISU on Wednesday
  130. Congratulations Oral Roberts.
  131. Big XII Tourney
  132. Eddie might return next season
  133. ***Official OU vs ISU game thread
  134. Vote for the best non-senior women player
  135. #2 Baylor vs. #7 KState WBB
  136. OU's Big 12 Tourney Notepad
  137. SI: All-Sports Rankings
  138. Wooldridge is gone
  139. Someone retrieve the black box, Colo is crashing and burning
  140. ESPN
  141. ***Official OU vs MU Big XII Tourney Semi-Finals Game
  142. K-State men's bball coach got the boot
  143. Radio word up here is that NU has reached an agreement to buy out Collier
  144. Postseason ban?!?
  145. why do basketball teams wear there whites at home and crimson on the road?
  146. Mizzou rallying against the Bugeaters
  147. Women a 3-seed? (as of Thurs night)
  148. Looks like it's Baylor in the Ladies Championship Finals
  149. What is your all time favorite OU basketball team?
  150. Scott Sutton
  151. Tech making a big comeback against UT
  152. Yahoo Tournament Pick'em
  153. A&M is now going Clan of the Cave Bear on Colorado
  154. Colorado pom poms cheer CU dunk
  155. CORN HOLES are going down- Official Prediction Thread-
  156. OU vs. NU Preview story
  157. KU/OSU game kinda fun
  158. McNamara
  159. Official Game thread....OU/NU
  160. *Official Nebraska vs. Oklahoma Thread!*
  161. Villanova game... freak injury
  162. Meh
  163. Good luck sunshine pumpers.
  164. There is a middle ground......
  165. The Continuing Adventures of the Stupidest Basketball Team on Earth
  166. Talent
  167. Getting really pumped for OU/BU
  168. Do you think OU's bus....
  169. I am officially holding my tongue.
  170. There is a bright side
  171. I Can Go to the Auto Show Sunday
  172. Worst officiated game of the year...
  173. I will say this about last nights game....
  174. Oklahoma-Memphis State
  175. According to Bracketology
  176. Jason Rabideaux, former assistant...
  177. Women's bracketology-Why not a #1?
  178. Maybe, just maybe................
  179. A&M Putting up a fight
  180. Worst possible Final game.......
  181. ***Official OU vs baylor Women's Big XII CHAMPIONSHIP game***
  182. Hot coach
  183. OU women should be a 1 seed
  184. please post internet link so I can listen to the end of the game because fox sports
  185. Big XII Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  186. Lets voice our displeasure to Fox sports.....
  187. Does Erin Higgins have photo's
  188. Video of Final Seconds at Womens Championship
  189. Pics from Women's Championship game
  190. ESPN is ****ed up
  191. cp rebounding record chase
  192. if the women make a deep run or win it all...
  193. WTF Courtney
  194. Anyone else find it HILARIOUS
  195. At the end of the KU/UT Big XII Championship game....
  196. Well, I just got back from Dallas
  197. Big Dance Selection Show
  198. How Far Will We Go?
  199. Microsoft Excel Bracket
  200. OU quotes on NCAA bid
  201. Kelvin Samson telling other coaches he is ready to leave OU?
  202. House Divided
  203. UW-Milwaukee
  204. OU game times
  205. sunshine pumping
  206. How in the Hell?
  207. Big Dance Quiz
  208. Could Sampson take the UC job and his recruits?
  209. Dear Kelvin...
  210. ESPN to show OU women
  211. Kelvin on Jim Rome just now
  212. Some nifty previews
  213. Paris on verge of history
  214. Women get #2 seed...
  215. Women a 2 seed
  216. OU women headed to Denver
  217. Good Lucky Lady Sooners
  218. So what happens if...
  219. NC State
  220. Oral Roberts
  221. Anyone know what time the game is Thurs?
  222. Why I hate Pat Summit!
  223. Dionna Jackson still playing for OU!
  224. Picks / Predictions ??
  225. Our problems are defense not offense
  227. ISU's Stinson and Blalock going pro
  228. oops
  229. 798*
  230. OU vs. UWM Game Notes
  231. UWM vs. OU prediction...
  232. Let's get this started, folks...
  233. Layup drill
  234. You can stream every game of the tourney for free here.
  235. How many Of You Feel Deep Down That This Team
  236. Stick it to The Man!!
  237. Oklahoma 3.2 vs Milwaukee's Beast - Game Thread
  238. isn't this game supposed to be starting?--NOT a game thread
  239. CBS Tourney Announcers
  240. OU MEN'S BASKETBALL #33 or #64
  241. Thank God Its Over
  242. Congratulations Sooner Men on a GREAT season.
  243. Transfers
  244. Calvin loses another one to the Big 10
  245. Fastest Hotel Check in-Check out in Midwest!
  246. Which Character In The Wizard Of OZ Dis This Year's Team Remind You Of?
  247. 176 viewing the bball board!
  248. Fine...I'll do it
  249. Fantastic Year for OU Sports
  250. Almost vomited today