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  1. Sooners to face Gonzaga at 2007 All-College
  2. Texas Tech player on other end of Longar elbow gets eligibilty back
  3. We got ourselves a new guard
  4. Isn't This A Little Bit Redundant?
  5. Sooners set to begin practice
  7. Lakers sign Larry Turner
  8. So when are they going to release the mens and womens schedules?
  9. 2007-08 Schedule
  10. Ford Center
  11. Crocker suffers leg injury
  12. OU Men's Basketball Wins Behind Big Men
  13. Sooners Turn Up Second-Half Heat in Win Over Simon Fraser
  14. Sooners Cruise to 49-Point Win Over Trinity Western
  15. Does ANYONE know what level OU's tourney foes are on?
  16. OU Men's Hoops Team Closes Tour with 90-61 Victory
  17. What if anything did we learn in Canada?
  18. OU Womens schedule is out
  19. Number 239
  20. Sequoyah star commits to Kansas
  21. Amanda Thompson cleared to go!
  22. How do you see the starting 5?
  23. Funny Article About Billy Tubbs
  24. OU BBall Article
  25. Saw my first preseason magazine
  26. Sampson Recruit Arrested
  27. There may be an upcoming issue with Mario Chalmers
  28. Saw the Athlon Mag today
  29. Sooners get commitment: Orlando Allen, 6-10 285 JUCO center
  30. Sooners picked fifth by coaches
  31. OU women picked second
  32. Indiana loses 1 scholly
  33. ray willis commits!
  34. Predictions for the Upcoming Season
  35. What was in the mailbox today?
  36. Can You Hear Me Now?
  37. First women's exhibition Nov. 1
  38. 2 Men's Season Tickets For Sale
  39. This year's Senior Night for the women's team
  40. Gals start out at # 6...........
  41. Exhibition Game Tonight
  42. Wimmens Xhibition 2nite
  43. How about that Cade Davis?
  44. I want to play KU in the CCG
  45. Man those Michigan schools have problems with their cupcakes.
  46. Rivals Top Pre-Season Top 64
  47. Blake Griffin key to future recruiting?
  48. scoreboard
  49. Girls Exhibition Game 11/6
  50. Gardner Webb beats Kantucky
  51. Who Has Sold More Season Tickets: Mens or Women?
  52. Any TV for tonites game vs. USF?
  53. Let's get it started..........
  54. What is Boomer's job description at basketball games?
  55. Dear Joe C, et al.
  56. OU/Maryland women's game
  57. Random women's basketball chatter thread
  58. New Men's Coaches Poll Out!
  59. Any Sooners coming up to the Gahden for the tourney?
  60. *** Official Sooners / Alcorn State Thread ***
  61. Early signing is today...
  62. Them aggies care about basketball...
  63. One Computer Ranking
  64. Offeshal BASKETBALL OVERLOAD thread
  65. OFFISHUL (CP3)^2 thread
  66. Official Men's thread (for those who care)
  67. Blake Griffin is a bad guy
  68. OU gets Warren!
  69. ***OU VS. G. WEBB GAME THREAD***
  70. Pokes are Choking
  71. This Recruiting Class Looks Awesome
  72. Blevins says the Sonics and Hornets
  73. A must read from Coach Coale......
  74. ** Official Sooners get Morehead **
  75. OU wimmen vs Arizona St Game Thread
  76. Occasional men's basketball chatter thread
  77. one thing for the fans to like...
  78. Lavender leads Xavier Past Hoosiers
  79. Hollis Price: victim of a racist attack
  80. Whitney Hand vs. Jason Terry
  81. Bob Knight will bust a cap in your a$$
  82. In my mailbox today...
  83. Blake Griffin already projected as #4 NBA draft pick
  84. ***Official OU vs. Condoms Thread***
  85. Am I blind, or just a moron?
  87. Sooners vs. Tulsa
  88. OU @ Illinois (Womens)
  90. Grey Uniforms
  91. Wristbands Question
  92. OU-Steve Austin thread
  93. Now, time for a GOOD game. Offishul OU vs tulsa (wimmens)
  94. At West Virginia on 12/29/07
  95. Paryers with TJ Ford
  96. OU BEGGING People to go to Arkansas Game
  97. **OFFICIAL** Hillbilly's Who Love College Hoops Thread
  98. ** Official Sooners vs. Arky **
  99. Longar Longar
  100. **Offishul OU wimmens vs. 6'9" Mich St.**
  101. Guys and gals, please get out and support!
  102. **Official O'REILLY ALL-COLLEGE CLASSIC thread**
  103. Sean Sutton is a joke...
  104. ** Official Sooners vs. Zags **
  105. the wimmen score 121 points tonight
  106. Who is this man?
  107. OU Attendance
  108. OU Predictions so far.....
  109. Will OU Be in the Top 25 This Week?Should They Be?
  110. Eddie Sutton Coaching Again!?!?!?!
  111. Hell has frozen over
  112. ***Official*** OU vs WVU thread
  113. LIL!!!!!!!!
  114. Yes I know this is the fooball group but
  115. I though It Was Funny,Huggins Complaining About Physical Play
  116. Former OU assistant coach wins $19.1 million
  117. ***Offishul OU wimmens vs. S.C. Lady cocks thread***
  118. I loved the way...........
  119. With the way the team is playing:
  120. What if....
  121. Help for the Rice game...
  122. At Least We Beat West Virginia in B-Ball
  123. McGuinness junior prospect Daniel Orton
  124. Official Sooner men v. Rice thread...
  125. Ofishul OU Men vs Mt. St. Mary's thread
  126. Hey hey hey, we're projected a 7 seed and moving up!
  127. Hey Rhino....
  128. OU women vs. ISU on 1520 AM
  129. UNC Asheville Giant
  130. Non-Conference (12-3) Where did you have us?
  131. Cool college basketball website
  132. Sooners lose Keith Clark
  133. What the..?
  134. Oklahoma/Kansas Monday Night
  135. OU-KSU TV?
  136. *** Official OU / KSU game thread ***
  137. OU vs KSU Official Thread???
  138. OU Women vs. the Pokes
  139. No Shame in Losing to KSU-- Just Watch
  140. David Godbold
  141. Isn't it time to put Digger out to pasture...
  142. Blake Injury Update?
  143. Hollis Price December Game Recap
  144. Eddie still shut-out
  145. Reminder: OU women on TV at 7pm CH 16
  146. How Many Games Will OU Win Without Blake?
  147. Blake to return sooner than expected?
  148. Eddie Suttons Influence being felt
  149. OU To Honor Stacey King Saturday
  150. **Official Tech vs OU**
  151. OU Intro Song???
  152. Official OU wimmen vs Baylor thread (on ESPN2)
  153. Coach drunkytown
  154. RPI/Bracketology Updates
  155. OU Wimmen vs. Lady sand aggies
  156. question need help
  157. Baylor 90, A&M 90 going to 4th OT
  158. DO Article on Willie Warren
  159. March Madness video feed
  160. Big OOC Game for the women
  161. My Big 12 Breakdown 01/25
  162. Ed Hightower as you've never seen him......
  163. Hornets should be in OKC...
  164. **Official Sooners vs. Bears
  165. Blake G
  166. Big Monday
  167. Who's the Bball all-world HS kid from OKC or Putnam that's not considering OU?
  168. OU/OSU
  169. ***OFFISHUL OU Wimmin vs Georgia dogs Thread***
  170. Huh?
  171. Prayers needed for Mizzou player...
  172. OSU and their vah jay jay fans!
  173. *** Official OU/OSU Thread ***
  174. Meanwhile, Ugly Eddie going for #800*
  175. Boy, the game of basketball has changed...
  176. interesting tournament field breakdown
  177. Dissapointed by our fans
  178. pokie lite fans hit a new low..
  179. Early Big XII Stats
  180. OU women's radio broadcast
  181. Coach K says Sherri CAN Coach Men's Basketball
  182. OU wimmens vs. Chickenhawks
  183. K-State the only undefeated Big XII Men's Team..
  184. Big East Conference Call Pranked
  185. Griffin fighting through pain
  186. Blake Griffin = NBA Prospect
  187. Baylor and the Big 12 (Shocking Numbers)
  188. Blast from the past!
  189. Ofishul Sooners-Dog Worshippers Thread
  190. OU Wimmens vs. texass
  191. any one got a youtube link or video of Blake's monster dunk
  192. Bobby Knight stepping down? per-News 9 Okla. City
  193. Sad news.
  194. Longar Out
  195. ***Official Whorns vs. Sooners***
  196. Women OU vs Mizzou
  197. Where are all the fans?
  198. So How Do Capel and The Boys Finish Up?
  199. Anyone going to Boulder tomorrow?
  200. Ofisher Sooners-Buffs thread
  201. Do you ever
  202. I'm feeling kinda "chippy" today, so let's discuss...
  203. Two FREE Tickets for Wed. against ISU!
  204. Godbold dribbles out the clock?
  205. Coach of the nappy headed hos crying cause she thinks they got ducked!
  206. Great quote by Bobby Knight on The Tonight Show...
  207. OU/A&M womens
  208. Thanks A Bunch, Pink Shirt Stealers!
  209. Sampson still at it!
  210. Who wants to give Capel a big hug?
  211. Speaking of needing a hug
  212. "Bloggin with Blake"
  213. OfficeAl OU-Iowa State thread
  214. Pokes/Bears
  215. Sean Sutton and Cowboys do something very cool
  216. Another perspective on Capel and the team
  217. ** Official OU vs. Tech Thread **
  218. Dick Vitale Shut the F**k Up!
  219. I almost feel sorry for Kelvin
  220. Stern says Sonics likely to leave Seattle
  221. Longar Blowing Kisses to Tech Fans
  222. ** Official OU / Baylor Chick Basketball Thread **
  223. Ron Burgundy interviews Tom Izzo
  224. Kelvin Sampson / Indiana / The NCAA
  225. Gonna be seeing a former Sooner Friday/Saturday night
  226. Win Tonight and We're Tied for 4th
  227. ** Official OU vs. Baylor Thread **
  228. The OU Basketball Experience
  229. 5 games left All Big 12 Team
  230. For Those That Missed It...
  231. One of our fans after the Tech victory....
  232. How many games do the Sooners need to win to make the tournament?
  233. The Sooners "cheated" to win the game last night
  234. ***SOONER MAGIC***
  235. Blake Griffin plans to return for sophomore season
  236. Anyone watching the OU women tonight?
  237. From here on out...............
  238. Having Some Fun With Baylor Fans....
  239. Sources Say, Sampson Fired.
  240. Kelvin is so money ... but he doesn't even know it
  241. REPORT: If Kelvin Out Indiana Players Walk
  242. Has OU MBB played a solid complete game yet?
  243. CBS reporting Sampson sSuspended til end of season then to be fired.
  244. Bob Knight is a hero in Indiana and Kelvin is a bum...
  245. Report: OU has a big game against Texas today
  246. Best College Basketball In America...
  247. College Gameday and Coach Capel
  248. Anybody watching the OU women vs. the aggots?
  249. ** Official OU / Texass Thread **
  250. *** OFFISHUL *** OU v. Taco Beef?