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  1. OK, fine. Tongue is off "hold."
  2. that was Ray Lopes sooneron!
  3. Hows da brackets!
  4. Serious question.
  5. Its a good thing...
  6. Funny line about OU Ponies:
  7. nm
  8. i hate that bob barker
  9. Kevin Bookout
  10. Which senior will you miss most?
  11. I had to work all day
  12. NCAA Tourney Thread - All Games
  13. One of the Most Disappointing Years For OU Sports
  14. Up-and-Coming Coaches
  15. ESPN Hype on the women's team
  16. I'm in Korea and glad I don't give a **** about the NCAA because...
  17. YIKES!
  18. How do your brackets look after day one?
  19. I now have a new least favorite sports radio personality.
  20. Recruiting Question
  21. Northwesten State beats Iowa--
  22. Thank You!
  23. I want John Calipari @ OU Next season!
  24. Wayne Morgan gone
  25. So is the Meltdown overwith now?
  26. what school is tied with us...
  27. tournament automatic bids
  28. Silly, silly ags vol. 2
  29. Most Impressive Aspect of the NCAA Tourney
  30. Huggy Bear in the Big 12
  31. GO Great Danes!!!
  32. After about 30 hours of reflection...
  33. Anyone else ready to see Kelvin...
  34. I think we already knew this...
  35. Quakers/horns
  36. Braves/Hawks...
  37. Hey Vern Lundquist
  38. KU loses to Bradley!
  39. Big12 sucks...
  40. Ray Meyer Died
  41. After what happened in the tourney on Friday..........
  42. Just a general Oklahoma basketball question.
  43. Wheres the official game thread for today?
  44. ***Official OU vs Pepperdine game thread***
  45. After the way OU lost their 3 games...
  46. did a basketball thread vanish?
  47. UW-Milwaukee looking very human
  48. Impressive headline...
  49. We Need a Sherry Coal Icon Thingy
  50. Query...Why is the Big XII so...
  51. I supported OU basketball when we were "Under Dawgs"...
  52. OU gals to play BYU on Monday
  53. Oh, Our Men Are Finished? Well, Allow Me To Retort...
  54. I Hate the BYU Lady Cougars
  55. Oklahoma small college hoops
  56. For the 1st time ever, I no longer see ESPN...
  57. Sooner recruits inelgible?
  59. Everett...
  60. Have we hired the George Mason coach yet?
  61. Great coaching is hard to get for OU BBall
  62. Billy Tubbs retires as Lamar Basketball coach
  63. Official Game Thread: OU vs BYU (Ladies)
  64. Krista Sanchez or Stacey Dales-Schuman?
  65. Courtney Paris related to Bubba Paris?
  66. Sweet Sixteen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Has Kelvin shown an interest in the IU job?
  68. Meesh/Domers
  70. NAIA Tournament thread
  71. Speaking of the Tulsa/Depaul game
  72. Optimism for next year?
  73. Anyone see that Washington girl get flipped by LSU last night?
  74. OU to play Stanford on Saturday
  75. ISU to hire McDermott
  76. Mizzou interviewing Steve Alford
  77. Anyone notice that Ohio State went down(womens)
  78. Today's Tramel Article
  79. Shelden Williams from Duke
  80. Name That Former OU Men's Basketball Player
  81. James Hale interview??
  82. Paris One of Four Naismith Candidates
  83. Samspon throwing his team under the bus
  84. Izzo's sentiments after his first round loss
  85. Huggins to K-State?
  86. Huggy Bear to K-State?
  87. Courtney named one of four Naismith Award finalists
  88. The implosion is on at Tiger Board
  89. Stanford's Sh*tty tree suspended for OU game!
  90. Best NCAA basketball teams from the state of Oklahoma?
  91. ATTN: Sooners considering San Antone Regional attendance
  92. In case any of y'all are wondering...
  93. CP3's One-Liners
  94. Dear KFSM (CBS station out of Fort Smith),
  95. I'm ready to crank up some John Denver,
  96. The Shockers
  97. On Saturday all I got to say is........
  98. This is why March is my favorite month of the year.
  99. Texas had less tradition than OU coming into the 2000's
  101. You guys remember sooner recruit James Hall?
  102. Keith Clark (OU Recruit)
  103. Byron Scott / Kelvin Sampson / Arizona State
  104. Today's Ladies Game
  105. Official Game Thread - Sweet Sixteen: OU vs Stanford
  106. Official Sweet Sixteen Game Thread: Us versus Trees
  107. Who's coaching the ladies?
  108. Fire Sherri Coale!!!!
  109. I HATE STANFORD...............
  110. Great Season Ladies
  111. Does womens college basketball not have...
  112. I'm paying up, 'deek
  113. Just like Smarty Jones....
  114. Thank you LSU for ending the....
  115. I'm rooting for LSU from here on out.
  116. Missouri to hire UAB's Mike Anderson
  117. George Mason
  118. glad Uconn went down
  119. Indiana wants to interview Sampson!
  120. Well, apparantly everyone's FIRE THEM! Fairy is listening
  122. who are the candidates?
  123. So who is the next coach....
  124. Massive fork in the road for the program
  125. Who cares about who the new coach is.....
  126. recruits or not, he ****ed over
  127. Stupid question from an IU fan
  128. thsi is a great year to be hiring a
  129. Sherri Coale as men's coach?
  130. BREAKING NEWS: Boomer and Sooner to follow Sampson to Indiana
  131. Hey TopDawg and 04
  132. who are the ridiculous candidates?
  133. can we send our phone bill to IU
  134. I hope that all of you Sampson bashers are happy...
  135. CONSPIRACY: So thatís how Indiana beat us in 2002
  136. Gimme Two Names
  137. Anybody go over to the IU boards yet?
  138. In better news...CP becomes first freshman All-American!
  139. Are we better now than we were in 1995?
  140. Even Trade?
  141. Relieved. Sad. Hopeful.
  142. an ill-timed & totally irrelevant question
  143. Dave Bliss Named New Sooner Coach
  144. This is the best business....
  145. Is Kellen Sampson leaving?
  146. Why all the angst?
  147. oh, and a message for you bob stoops!
  148. So what are the expectations on the next coach's shoulders?
  149. mark turgeon's connection to OU
  150. what about Jamie Dixon?
  151. I'm surprised.................
  152. What about Al Skinner from BC????
  153. what about the mizzu state coach--
  154. What about an NBA Coach?
  155. Sampson ESPN Poll
  156. Kelvin, Thanks for the good times...
  157. Should be an interesting state of the program hire.
  159. Mark Few, Billy Gillespie, and Jeff Bzdelik are my top three
  160. OK, So What Happens Now?
  161. I wonder what first words from Bobby Knight was?
  162. Kellen Sampson
  163. Even though I'll Miss Sampson..
  164. I have the same feeling I had..............
  165. Candidates a la Oklahoman
  166. Will Bookout now apply for medical redshirt?
  167. No more Kelvin Droughts...
  168. Is it just me......
  170. Gimme three steps
  171. I think it is Awesome that the Sports Animal...
  172. firekelvinsampson.com
  174. What about Terry Evans?
  175. Press conference at 3:30
  176. From the P.O.V.of a KS supporter(for what its worth)
  177. Former Indiana Player Comments on Sampson
  178. Road Warrior on Sampson
  179. OU committ Dameion James reconsidering..
  180. Note to Kelvin:
  181. Would OU fans?
  182. I have complete confidence
  183. Sampson's All-Ganja Team?
  184. Sampson Press release interesting quote
  185. Systemic Failures as they relate to the status of the men's basketball program
  186. Why Sampson/IU won't be sanctioned
  187. HIRE JEFF BZDELIK!!!!!!!!!!
  188. HIRE DANA ALTMAN!!!!!!!
  189. OFFICAIL McDonald's All-American Game Thread
  190. Theory on why Kelvin left OU...
  191. Adam Morrison's 5 Stages of Grief
  192. New Head Coach hired ... ... for Texas Tech Women's team
  193. If you wonder how IU feels about their new coach.....
  194. what did sampson say
  195. Majerus has withdrawn his name from the ASU job.
  196. Joe C. is awesome!
  197. I vote for a no Kelvin thread Thursday
  198. 2006-2007 Starting Lineup
  199. Future Sooners shine in McDonald's Game
  200. Is Billy Tubbs available
  201. More Honors for Courtney Paris
  202. Rumors.....
  203. Kelvin was just on the sports animal.
  204. OU granted permission to speak with Turgeon.....
  205. college slam dunk
  206. OU granted permission to talk to Brandon Martin
  207. OU granted permission to talk to John Candy
  208. Seltzer to not join IU staff
  210. Kelvin's got a lot of baggage
  211. You think we'll make the announcement this weekend?
  212. OU granted permission to talk to JohnnyMack
  213. Hot Rumor - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar next OU Coach
  214. Dean Blevins has a huge man-crush on...
  215. Beano granted permission to merge all 53 identical threads in this forum.
  216. Howland pulls a Sampson
  217. Robert Allen granted permission to put the lotion in the basket
  218. Rank these potential candidates (or add your own)
  219. Mark Turgeon to be announced as Head Coach
  220. Tulsa World sayin' Calipari very interested
  222. Capilari's Website
  223. Please someone stop this man...............
  224. Who is NickZepp and why is he here?
  225. Nebraska might be losing their basketball coach to an Indiana school too..
  226. Coale for Coach adin the DO
  227. Gaylord Family candidate?
  228. dang it. Wheres all the new coach chatter?
  230. New Interim head coach
  231. Jay Wright
  232. Basketball recruit remains committed
  233. HOT COACHING RUMOR - Don Nelson Next Coach
  234. ever wonder how Neuheisel did on his bracket?
  235. I wonder if Kelvin noticed...
  236. NC Predictions
  237. ****The Official Florida vs UCLA Game Thread****
  238. What happened to run-n-gun basketball?
  240. Breaking news just in!!!
  241. Considering that was one of the most exciting tournaments I can remember...
  242. What is going on in this picture?
  243. New Coach to be announced!
  244. Frank Haith???
  245. I kid you not!
  246. Berry Tramel on KREF
  247. Women's NC Game getting good.
  248. BBJ on newschannel 4 last night
  249. More Jay Wright
  250. Would now be a bad time to mention...