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What I hope to see from this point forward.

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by TopDawg, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. TopDawg

    TopDawg SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I think 2006 might've been one of Stoops and friends' best years coaching-wise. We were 3-2 after the Texas game and had lost Adrian Peterson for the year one game later. It was a team with less-than-normal talent, hampered by injuries. Somewhat like this year.

    Through the Texas game, we had more passing yards than rushing yards (not counting the MTSU game where we ran a lot once the game was in hand). In those 4 games we had 655 rushing yards, 882 passing yards. We had at least 80 more passing yards than rushing yards against UAB, Washington and Texas, with Oregon being the only game with more rushing yards.

    But beginning with Iowa State, something changed. Here are our rushing and passing yard totals for the rest of the regular season:

    224/39 (only 12 pass attempts!)
    139/309 (v. Texas Tech)
    238/77 (only 11 pass attempts!)

    Nebraska committed to stopping the run in the Big XII title game...and succeeded, limiting us to 42 yards on 28 carries...but we had 265 yards on 35 pass attempts.

    Now the big difference between that year and this year is our schedule. Our 2006 schedule was pretty wimpy after that Texas game. Our opponents over that 8-game stretch were a combined 49-48 on the year. This year we still have #2 Texas, #15 OSU, #16 Kansas, #21 Nebraska, not to mention a road game in Lubbock where we've lost our last 2.

    So the results will surely be more difficult to replicate, but I really don't see a whole lot of other options. I hope I'm wrong, but at this point the only path to success I see calls for a strong commitment to the run game.
  2. kustang619

    kustang619 New Member

    Hopefully we have learned a lot in our two losses this season. Maybe the knowledge that we have gained and the experience of playing solid competition will help us out with the Texas, Kansas, Neb, and OSU...I sure hope so...
  3. stoopified

    stoopified SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    While I appreciate your point,I think this years o-line precludes us beingable to be run heavy.I think it is easier to pass sucessfully with an average line.The reason being that a heady QB(Sam) can take heat off his line with quick releases,roll-outs.We don't have great WRs but there is talent there.We tailor the passing game to fit what Caleb,Kenney,Madu,Mrray do best and run efficently like we DID in the U game,I think we can be serviveable on offense(around 28ppg).Personally I think that could be good enough to take out everyone BUT UT.At this point I think it will take Sooner Magic to beat the Horns,keep it close and make the KEY play.Unfortunately that is not Stoops' strength.While has nearly as many blowout wins(29-50+ point games) in 10 1/2 years as Barry did in 16(30-50+ point games),it is widely documented how bad the record is in close games.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2009
  4. ocsooner

    ocsooner Well-Known Member

    Difference between 2006 and this year is that we were leaning on AD for EVERYTHING, and once he was gone everyone said "Oh, I guess I should make some plays now". We have had that with Landry, but nobody has been there to catch the passes. Maybe since Broyles is out, the receivers will decide to start playing, but I haven't seen anything to convince me that it might happen.
  5. Gresho Murford

    Gresho Murford New Member

    I like how Caleb and Kenney have performed.
  6. rawlingsHOH

    rawlingsHOH New Member

    Totally opposite. We actually ran the ball more WITHOUT Peterson, than we did with him. Check the passing stats, they went way down after AD got hurt.
  7. Jello Biafra

    Jello Biafra New Member

    what I hope to see from this point forward is some players on this team trying to be a leader and not expecting the young gun to carry the offense. we saw it from Murray a little bit on that last drive. what did he get that last drive in between the 40? 20+ yards on 3 carries and got up pissed because he didnt score. this was at a pivotal time in the game when the line wasnt producing jack squat. we need EVERYONE giving just 1% extra effort to make things work. the young wrs to watch the ball into their hands before they make that turn up feild. the line making good judment calls and hold that block one extra second.

    the linebackers taking the extra time to make sure they had the back in the grasp and actually taking him to the ground instead of going for the strip. the dbacks making sure they put the facemask on the ball and make a tackle instead of trying to make a sport center highlight.
  8. Mississippi Sooner

    Mississippi Sooner New Member

    This 100%^^^
  9. ocsooner

    ocsooner Well-Known Member

    I think we were able to run the ball more without AD because the other teams were scared of the other players that we had. Everyone knew that AD was going to get the ball, and ran toward him (which was kind of fun to watch players bounce off and get dragged all over the place, but didn't get as many yards as we wanted because you can only carry 5 people on your back so far). Once he was gone, some of the attention shifted to the pass game, and opened up the run game in a big way.

    That was a few years ago, and the crimson glasses arent working yet this year. Maybe they will kick in soon!
  10. soonervegas

    soonervegas New Member

    2006 was a masterpiece of coaching by this staff.
  11. IronHorseSooner

    IronHorseSooner New Member

    And what's even more amazing is that they were one historically atrocious call from possibly playing for an MNC:mad:
  12. Hotrod3157

    Hotrod3157 New Member

    Yes it was a very surprising season. It will take a little magic for us to beat Texas in two weeks. If we can keep improving the rest of the year this team is capable of winning a lot of the games left on the schedule. They won't be easy by any means but it can happen.
  13. Jello Biafra

    Jello Biafra New Member

    i don't understand why everyone thinks we have to make a blood pact with the dark world to beat those punks? its not like they have been shooting out the lights in the 3rd quarter. several bad teams have punched them in the mouth. early in the game to boot.

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