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Road Warrior Reports


  1. Sooner Football 110

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  1. The Road Warrior Report - Peach... Featured

    The Road Warrior Report - Peach Bowl Playoff Semifinal Review - December 29, 2019

    Photo Dec 28, 6 53 17 PM.jpg

    ATLANTA, GA – The Sooners came into Atlanta with hopes of finally getting over their College Football Playoff hump in the Peach Bowl against LSU. Instead, they were demolished by the Tigers, 63-28, falling to 0-4 all time in Playoff games, and 0-7 in BCS Championship and Playoff games dating back to the 2004 Sugar Bowl against LSU. No team that has played in the CFP more than once has failed to win a game . . ....
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  2. The Road Warrior Report - Big 12...

    The Road Warrior Report - Big 12 Championship Review - December 8, 2019

    Photo Dec 07, 2 45 13 PM.jpg Photo Dec 07, 11 03 59 AM (2).jpg

    ARLINGTON, TX – It was the toughest of the 10 Big 12 Championship Games the Sooners have won, but OU outlasted Baylor in overtime 30-23 in JerryWorld Saturday to secure their fifth straight Big 12 Championship. The win, coupled with Oregon’s rout of Utah Friday night and LSU’s rout of Georgia on Saturday afternoon, left the Sooners solidly in the College Football Playoff field for the third straight season....
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  3. The Road Warrior Report - OSU...

    The Road Warrior Report - OSU Review - December 1, 2019

    Photo Nov 30, 10 05 49 PM.jpg

    STILLWATER – The Sooners played their most complete game since the West Virginia game last night in Stillwater, pounding the Aggy into a fine paste in the second half in a 34-16 win that wasn’t as close as the score indicated. The Sooner defense held OSU to their fewest points in the series since shutting them out entirely in 2009.

    Parnell Motley was the defensive star, with a fumble recovery and an interception, and another interception that was...
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  4. The Road Warrior Report - TCU...

    The Road Warrior Report - TCU Review - November 24, 2019

    Photo Nov 23, 10 18 02 PM.jpg

    NORMAN – Prosperity is the enemy. I know that Lincoln Riley isn’t teaching that, but it sure seems like it. A game that started 21-0 and by all rights should have been a 42-17 rout of TCU turned, instead, into a 28-24 squeaker requiring an interception inside the last two minutes and a questionable spot to allow the Sooners to pull out the win. Still, a win it was, and a Big 12 Championship Game clincher, to boot.

    Jalen Hurts was solid again, but it was his...
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  5. The Road Warrior Report - Baylor...

    The Road Warrior Report - Baylor Review - November 17, 2019

    WACO, TEXAS – A few minutes into the second quarter of last night’s game against Baylor, I had this Report already written. I wrote it right after I Googled to see what day they are playing the Alamo Bowl this year. It was just going to be a poop emoji, and nothing else. And, at that point, that was about all the game had been. Until it was something else entirely.

    Photo Nov 16, 10 10 38 PM.jpg

    And so it came to be that the Sooners - who gifted the Bears three turnovers that...
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  6. The Road Warrior Report - Iowa...

    The Road Warrior Report - Iowa State Review - November 10, 2019

    Photo Nov 09, 11 45 25 PM.jpg

    – For a half last night against Iowa State, it looked like the Sooners had put Kansas State behind them. Then came the second half, when poor defense and stagnant offense, combined with an opponent that wouldn’t quit, very nearly saw the Sooners drop their second consecutive game in Norman to Iowa State, As it was, it took a failed two-point conversion inside the last thirty seconds of the game to preserve a 42-41 win.

    On top of everything else,...
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  7. The Road Warrior Report - Kansas...

    The Road Warror Report - Kansas State Review - October 27, 2019

    Photo Oct 26, 2 38 27 PM.jpg
    MANHATTAN, KANSAS – It happens every year, to many teams. It happened a couple of weeks ago to Georgia. Last week, it happened to Wisconsin. Yesterday, it happened to us. This year, it happened just when we thought this might be the year that it wouldn’t. A defensive regression to the worst days of Mike Stoops and an offense that went AWOL in the third quarter combined to lead to a 48-41 loss to Kansas State that could have been much worse, given that...
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  8. The Road Warrior Report - West...

    The Road Warrior Report - West Virginia Review - October 20, 2019

    Photo Oct 19, 2 15 04 PM.jpg

    – About the only thing that went wrong on a beautiful fall Saturday in Norman was a Sooner Schooner rollover, as the Sooners rolled West Virginia, 52-14. Fortunately, no persons or ponies were hurt, although the field got rutted up a bit, and the Schooner itself, despite having come apart in the crash, rolled out of the stadium later in one piece. A Schooner accident rate of one every 26 years isn’t bad, I suppose. The last time that happened,...
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  9. The Road Warrior Report - Texas...

    The Road Warrior Report - Texas Review - October 12, 2019

    Photo Oct 12, 2 44 13 PM.jpg

    – They said the Cotton Bowl would show whether Oklahoma’s defense was really improved or whether they had been feasting on inferior opponents. Nine sacks, 15 total tackles for loss, and a defensively dominating 34-27 win later, it can safely be said that the Sooner defense is much improved. The score doesn’t really reflect the domination the Sooners displayed in this game, particularly in the first half. If not for a pair of red zone...
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  10. The Road Warrior Report - Kansas...

    The Road Warrior Report - Kansas Review - October 5, 2019

    Photo Oct 05, 2 56 47 PM.jpg

    – On a weird day that started with a rain delay and included the Sooners trailing for the first time this season and a Sooner punt on fourth and goal, OU thumped Kansas 45-20 this afternoon in Lawrence. Strangeness in Lawrence is far from unheard of, as is strangeness anywhere against an inferior opponent the week before the Texas game.

    Jalen Hurts continued his stellar play, going 16-24 for 228 yards, two TDs, and a pick. No Sooner...
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