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Tx high school football coaching salary....

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Shakadoodoo, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    I was kicking it with Garrick McGee last night (he coaches at Univ of Arkansas now) and he was telling me that some of those Texas high school football coaches make more than $100,000.00 a year - (we were talking about Highland Park specifically) I think that is Ridiculous! If the English teacher is not getting paid that much a year than why should the football coach get paid that much - in high school. I think that sends the wrong message to our kids. Do you all think high school football coaches should get paid that much?
  2. SoonerBacker

    SoonerBacker New Member

    Agree with you. The only way they should get that much is if the regular classroom teachers are getting paid something close. I would not say that the other teachers' should get the same exact salary, but it should be close. I understand that the coaches put in a lot of extra time away from home & family. They should be compensated. However, I doubt that the salary of classroom teachers is anywhere near that.

    I would also like to know how that compares to the salaries of other coaches and teachers who sponsor extracurricular activities. After all, the coaches and spnsors spend just as much extra time away from home - if not more.
  3. meoveryouxinfinity

    meoveryouxinfinity New Member

    My AP calculus teacher worked WAY harder than any football coach. She was there first thing in the morning, usually when only the janitors were there. Usually the last one to leave. She also taught probably the most advanced subject offered and had her degrees to prove it (Putnam City Schools does pay more--and a lot more--based on teacher's amount and level of degrees).

    So I agree. No HS football coach should be brining in $100,000. Unless the AP Calc teacher is making ~$85,000.

    PS Sam Bradford dropped out of her class the first week. She's fiesty.
  4. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

    that's definitely apples to oranges.
  5. Breadburner

    Breadburner Well-Known Member

    What do you think the head coach at Union makes.....
  6. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    Are you sure? Good teachers work hard! If it were not for those teachers doing all the extra things to make sure our kids make the grade - they would never have the opportunity to play for the football coach in the first place. Especially if you are at a school with a lot of "at-risk" students. Some of the things that teachers are expected to do - compared to how much they get paid.... is crazy. Plus - I love sports so don't get me wrong - but math, science, ect...... is much more important than any football game.
  7. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

    yep, i'm sure.
  8. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    I have no idea. But I am sure he makes much more than the coach at McLain.
  9. SoonerBacker

    SoonerBacker New Member

    What's apples to oranges? Anyone who thinks that classroom teachers just spend 6 to 7 hours a day at work and gets 2 1/2 months off every summer knows little about what a good teacher does. A regular classroom teacher takes a lot of work home in the evenings/weekends and spends a lot of time in the summer months preparing for the next school year. At least they do if they are a GOOD classroom teacher. And just like coaches, there are good ones and bad ones out there.

    As I said before, I know that the coaches spend a little more of their time at work than the classroom teacher does, but not THAT much. They should be compensated appropriately for that extra time. However, they do not spend more time at work than a teacher who directs a band or sponsors any number of extracurricular activities.

    I've been on both sides of this particular topic. I've coached and I have "just" been a classroom teacher. There's not that much difference in the amount of time spent working.
  10. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

    that's like saying a ditch digger should make as much as the ceo of ford
    because he puts in the same hours.

    i'm not bad mouthin teacher, (i couldn't put up with the crap that they do, from all these PERFECT children) but they know goin in about (approx)
    how much they're make in their lifetime. they know they're not gonna get rich,
    no matter how much the coaches make.

    when i was young, teaches were grossly underpaid,but @ least they had security.taxpayers can't afford to pay everyone 100k.

    my nephew just got promoted to full professor & he told me that would be the last pay raise he ever gets. he's a phd, & i'd be surprised if he makes 100k.
  11. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    True indeed, that is the reality of it. But it should not be that way - That money should be at least dispersed throughout all the extra curricular programs. When I coached wrestling at McLain - We had to get parents to help - just to get new warm ups. But the Basketball team looked like the University of McLain. Thats not right - and I know those sports make more money - but in high school that money should go back to help all kids - not just the football coach.
  12. SoonerBacker

    SoonerBacker New Member

    So you are comparing the coaches to the CEO of Ford and the classroom teacher to a ditch digger? Talk about apples and oranges!!! As I said, I have been a "regular" classroom teacher AND a coach. There is NOT that much difference in the 2 posititons.

    Yes, I knew going in to the profession that I would never get rich. I am not complaining about my salary. Never have and never will. Nor am I saying that the taxpayers should pay everyone 100k. I am saying that a freakin high school football coach should not get that kind of a salary from the taxpayers, either. The coaches do not deserve that much more than a classroom teacher. Their salaries should be within a few thousand of each other. Not tens of thousands.
  13. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

    so that's your opinion, backed up by nothing.

    my comparison was only to make a point, not comparing teachers to ditch diggers. (which, according to your logic ?? should make the same if the hours are the same) if a school wants to upgrade their team, they may have to pay more to hire what they think is a better coach. a better football team may raise the morale of the whole school & even the whole town.

    should a calculus teacher @ OU make the same as Bob Stoops if they put in about the same hours ???
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  14. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    Success raises the Moral of schools and towns and that can be accomplished in many more things than football. and...
    Comparing college teachers to high school teachers is apples and oranges. Many teachers become college teachers when they retire. Much, much, much less stress. You don't have to deal with the parents in college.
  15. BajaOklahoma

    BajaOklahoma SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    There are a couple of databases out that list the salaries of all Texas employees. Apparently I didn't save the link for the one I liked.
    I did happen to look up the salarues for the football coaches in our district - around 70,000 if I am remembering correctly.
  16. most coaches in TX HS football make 80K+ and when you get to the big schools South Lake Carroll, Highland Park they do get into the 120K+ range. Much like college coaches make so much more than the English or History teacher.. I have yet to see 10K people come listen to them teach.. Additionally, a lot of high schools here in tx have indoor facilities. Must be nice.
  17. PLaw

    PLaw Well-Known Member

    Link to the 2005 Texas HS 4A and 5A HC salaries:


    You will need to open the pdf file through the "salaries for 4A and 5A coaches". You can probably add a 3-4% per year COLA inflation increase.

  18. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

    do you mean moral or morale, or maybe both ??

    you're using my "apples to oranges" point.

    i don't see what teachers becoming college teachers has to do with coaching salaries.

    it just takes more money to hire (or keep) a successful coach. as opposed to teachers who are being laid off, due to the economy.

    it's kinda "supply & demand".

    if really good coaches were everywhere, their salaries would probably go down.
  19. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    I never had a college teacher knocking at my door asking why I was not in class, like Coach Abel did when we missed practice. College coaching is a full time 24/7 job. It is different in college than in High school. But even in high school, it is true that 10K will not come to see them teach - but if the kids are not passing those classes - they "should" not be on the field for 10K people to watch.
  20. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

    not for me to say how much anyone should make.
    for them all to be about the same, sounds kinda socialistic.

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