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Hi rickety whoop-te-do, Boomer Sooner, Okla-U!

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by TopDawg, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. John Kochtoston

    John Kochtoston CEO, Devastation, Inc.

    This was attempted in the mid-90s. It's awful long. If brought back, it should be done half-and-half.
  2. GottaHavePride

    GottaHavePride Brewmaster

    I'm in favor of bringing vuvuzelas into the stadium.
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  3. StoopTroup

    StoopTroup New Member

    As fun as it is to try to be different from the Class before you and I think it's honorable to recall and try to honor an old yell....I also think this is more effective considering what Bob Stoops has built on since coming to OU....

    Just saying....


  4. SoonerJack

    SoonerJack New Member

    Harold Lloyd approves this message.
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  5. Mississippi Sooner

    Mississippi Sooner New Member

    I still think that sounds like a part of the female anatomy.
  6. GottaHavePride

    GottaHavePride Brewmaster

    True, but first, every stadium everywhere uses that. Or did 15 years ago.

    And second, the only reason that happened at all is because it was end of the 2nd quarter, which means he Pride had already bailed out of the stands for halftime. They don't play tunes over the PA while the Pride is ready to play.
  7. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    I am down for whatever gets the fans and players hyped!
  8. Mississippi Sooner

    Mississippi Sooner New Member

    That's a pretty cool screencap of Harold Lloyd from The Freshman. You can't even see the prosthesis on his right hand.

    Yes, I'm a silent movie geek. :O
  9. Leroy Lizard

    Leroy Lizard SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Yeah, but he cut off the part of the photo showing Jobyna Ralston's ankles.
  10. KantoSooner

    KantoSooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    ankles or cankles?
  11. Mississippi Sooner

    Mississippi Sooner New Member

    I don't think anyone ever accused Jobyna of having cankles. She was kinda skinny like a twig.
  12. SoonerJack

    SoonerJack New Member

    Mississippi Sooner, my brother recommended that we show The Freshman to our oldest son before he headed off to college. He loved it.
  13. Mississippi Sooner

    Mississippi Sooner New Member

    Harold Lloyd was an amazing talent. He could pull off all those amazing stunts with, in effect, only a hand and a half. Also, he, like Chaplin, was one of the fortunate few to retain the rights to most of his movies. That's why there are still so many good copies of the movies those two men made.
  14. ouduckhunter

    ouduckhunter New Member

    Right on!!
  15. ouduckhunter

    ouduckhunter New Member

    That's good!!!
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  16. C&CDean

    C&CDean Administrator

    Let's bring back the SHOCKWAVE!!
  17. SoonerKnight

    SoonerKnight Well-Known Member

    In the mid nineties they tried to resserect the yell! That is funny!! LOL :D and a bit :O
  18. TopDawg

    TopDawg SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    By speaking to the people who are familiar with it, my estimation is that you would've had to have been attending games in the early-to-mid 60's (or before) to remember it. That would've been right around the time you became a fan, right?
  19. Fraggle145

    Fraggle145 Drunky Town Limnologist

    Red Swarm.
  20. Fraggle145

    Fraggle145 Drunky Town Limnologist


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