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Charlie Strong out at the end of the season

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by deweydw, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. deweydw

    deweydw Well-Known Member

    Maybe Sooner if he doesn't turn things around. LINK So says SI.

  2. bmjlr

    bmjlr Active Member

    Let's hope OU doesn't save his job this Saturday.
  3. westcoast_sooner

    westcoast_sooner Well-Known Member

    Like Darth Vadar toward the end of "The Return of the Jedi", when Darth is dying, he says, "Nothing can stop this now."

    Even if UT wins Saturday, I think Texas loses to Baylor, TCU and maybe others. If they aren't bowl eligible, UT won't retain him.
  4. deweydw

    deweydw Well-Known Member

    With the rumor mill saying Herman is the next coach at UT, Strong's days are numbered. If he loses two more games, I think he's out before the end of the season. That way UT can lock up Tom Herman as the next HC. Or so Bruce Feldman thinks.

    Bruce Feldman: If Charlie Strong is fired, Texas landing Tom Herman is ‘close to a guarantee’

  5. lexsooner

    lexsooner Well-Known Member

    Really, after just two seasons and two games? This all seems like bad form, leaking their intentions to oust Strong once LSU came open in order to get Herman. This sounds like the work of Red and the other big boosters. The season is young. Texas may not be "back," but they appear to be improved on offense, and Charlie is taking over defensive calls. What if UT goes something like 9-4 and looks much improved? Will they still fire Charlie?
  6. TheHumanAlphabet

    TheHumanAlphabet SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    My guess is if the powers that be wish him gone, he will be, regardless of record. I don't think Strong is as Booster friendly as ole yellerteef. That goes a long way in that cesspool called Austin. I mean, more season pass people spend more time in the tents outside of the stadium watching the game on TVs under the tents than in the stadium watching the game.
  7. lexsooner

    lexsooner Well-Known Member

    As much as I hate Texas, part of me actually feels for Strong. He is probably a good Xs and Os coach, but you are right - he is no politician and is not one to kiss up to the boosters. It makes one wonder how Bob Stoops would do at UT. He would win but he is not exactly a people person and with his prickly personality he would likely piss off some boosters.
  8. Jacie

    Jacie SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Is Strong playing for his job this Saturday? IDK, but I think Stoops should be playing for his.
  9. BoulderSooner79

    BoulderSooner79 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Strong got the dreaded tweet of support from the UT president yesterday. DOOMED !
  10. VA Sooner

    VA Sooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I was thinking the same thing!
  11. AKmillenium

    AKmillenium New Member

  12. Flying Scotsman

    Flying Scotsman "Love me two times, baby. Love me twice today..."

    I think to-day sealed his doom....Herman to LSU or Texas? Maybe Herman is Over-Rated?
  13. AKmillenium

    AKmillenium New Member

    Hotseat getting hotter

    Nice move taking over the "defense" last week Charles

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