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Big XII Championship in SA

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Crimson Blonde, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. I feel really good about the season, so good in fact I just made reservations on the Riverwalk for the Big XII Chaptionship game.
  2. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    think np would let us go for an early christmas?
  3. TexasLidig8r

    TexasLidig8r SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    lol.... Cascades of blonde jokes are swirling in my head right now. :D
  4. setem

    setem DTF

    I cascaded your mom last night!!!:twinkies:
  5. SoonerStormchaser

    SoonerStormchaser Emma's Daddy!

    I'm really hoping we make it...then I can finally attend another freaking game!
  6. Seamus

    Seamus New Member

    You should have seen the swirl I followed that up with ... :texan:
  7. illinisooner

    illinisooner New Member

    I need an excuse to visit San Antonio (never been) so I'm looking forward to taking on Nebraska there in December!
  8. snp

    snp New Member

    Watching a game in San Antonio in December >>>>>> watching a game in Kansas City in December

    San Antonio >>>>> Kansas City

    I really never want to go back to KC ever again for a CCG.
  9. Snrfn4ever08

    Snrfn4ever08 New Member

    Oh come on, after 4 hours of standing in the snow they didn't bother to clear out and sitting on ice-covered seats, you went so numb that you didn't know you were cold. It was the initial shock that sucked...and the thawing out afterwards:D
  10. goingoneight

    goingoneight I said Biiiiiiiitch--

    Yeah, I totally switched to All-State insurance because I have a good feeling about OUr game their MNC next January. :D
  11. #1 SOONER FAN

    #1 SOONER FAN New Member

    Is the game date, 12/1 or 12/8 in San Antonio?
  12. StuIsTheMan

    StuIsTheMan New Member

    That would be sweet to have the game in SA..I haven't been there since Basic Training...That place is Humid as all get out though.
  13. yukonsooner

    yukonsooner New Member

    The game is 12-1. I've made reservations also. A good majority of the hotels on the riverwalk are already booked for that weekend.
  14. colleyvillesooner

    colleyvillesooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    You sat down? :D
  15. goingoneight

    goingoneight I said Biiiiiiiitch--

    BOOOOOOO Sitters! :D
  16. Sooner51

    Sooner51 New Member

    If history dictates itself in SanAntone, Nebraska would not be my team of choice. Especially if I was a team from the state of Texas. :texan:
  17. Salt City Sooner

    Salt City Sooner New Member

    Heck, if history dictates itself, this would not be my year of choice. OU has yet to win the B12 conference in an odd numbered year.
  18. StuIsTheMan

    StuIsTheMan New Member

  19. bluedogok

    bluedogok SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Hopefully they will be there, from South Austin it will be a local trip....kinda like the Whorns bowl game last year :D
  20. royalfan5

    royalfan5 Superbia in Proelio

    We do seem to play well there.

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