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2014 says it all about Mike Stoops

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Robert Patrick Robertson, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. 2014 was Mikes first year back at OU.

    We went 8-5 and fired Josh as offensive coordinator.

    Problem was in 11 of our 13 games we scored 30 points out more.

    Bob just couldn't bring himself to fire his brother, even though he was the problem.
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  2. tooslow

    tooslow Active Member

    TLDR is at the bottom... No arguments here. I posted last year that if Bob didn't fire Mike, then Bob should resign. I guess retirement was close enough. I was flamed left and right years ago when pointing out the flaws, although every team has them. OUrs just seemed to be way more obvious than most, which has been a mostly average defense with no consistency and constantly playing 10 yards off receivers because Mike is terrified the other team might hit a big play (even though it seems to happen alsmot every game.) The scary part is what if Mike is still here next year? Does this mean we beat a few good teams each year and shit the bed against 1 inferior opponent to ruin the season, with a few close shootout victories against lesser teams? I can't even remember the last season we beat all the teams on the schedule when we were favored by double digits. Then again, that means people still think highly of the program. Otherwise we wouldn't be favored so heavily. We keep this charade up year after year, sooner or later we won't drop games when we are double digit favorites. ;)

    TLDR: Mike needs to go.

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