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    The hills surrounding Bethlehem

    Thumbs up McCoy & Gresham Hints & Interpretation

    A few things this morning on rivals that were very encouraging - although I'll admit I could be stretching:

    - Ardmore coach, talking about Gresham, said that Gresham had made a decision and that Gresham, himself, and an assistant had reached it together.
    Translation: OU. What Oklahoma coach in his right mind says "we" if he knows it's Miami?

    - Dominque Franks said he's known for a while now where they are both going, and he put them together. Translation: how does a Sooner commit know something like this? Could it be spending some time together at OU basketball games? Why would they reveal to him if they were leaving the state? And why would Franks reveal his knowledge in such a tense situation if it wasn't OU? That's putting yourself out there, especially for a kid who's been very quiet for a long time. Conclusion: OU.

    I wouldn't bet the whole farm, just the back 40.

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    Re: McCoy & Gresham Hints & Interpretation

    Wee allready sold our back 40, so I can't bet that.

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    Re: McCoy & Gresham Hints & Interpretation

    Here's hoping you are correct!!!

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