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    I'm ready for some Thunder Hoops

    Pre-season tonight in OKC Whooohooo!!!

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    Re: I'm ready for some Thunder Hoops

    Where did all the Thunder fans go?

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    Sooner All-Big XII-2-1+1-1+1

    Re: I'm ready for some Thunder Hoops

    Obviously I'm not one of the resident Thunder fans, but I'll give credit where credit is due, they have looked pretty good so far. Granted it was only 2 pre-season games against the Mavs who never had their full compliment of players in either game. the Thunder definitely look ready to jump out to a great start in what will be an absolute 200 meter dash of a season.

    Thunder's success or failure will hinge on Westbrook again though.

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    Re: I'm ready for some Thunder Hoops

    Looking forward to seeing KD and Co. against the Magic tonight. I hope OKC rips Orlando a new, sore one.
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    Re: I'm ready for some Thunder Hoops

    8-2 start and sitting atop the West is nice! Maynor's injury sucks though...

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