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Zona Watch: Stoops the Sequel

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by badger, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Everyone, if you went to bed like I did, you missed a wonderful game for Mike 'Mikey' Stoops:

    Arizona: 42, No. 25 Cal: 27

    Zona scored 28 points in the 3rd quarter and held the 4th quarter scoreless to come away with this signature win for Bob's brother Mike.

    This makes Arizona 5-2... yes, one win from bowl eligibility. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Mikey could earn this eligibility and save his on-the-line job this coming week?

    The opponent? Well's it's at home in Tucson, but it's against No. 6 USC.

    The icing on the cake is this: With a win over USC, Arizona would lead the Pac 10 and be in line for the Rose Bowl.

    We gotta send good vibes all week to Arizona. This is exactly what Mike needs for his hopes of turning Arizona around (and our own hopes of the title game) and it really can happen.

    I'll include news wire updates when they come. BEAR DOWN!

    (that's something they cheer at UA for some reason)
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  2. OU-HSV

    OU-HSV SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Good job Mike. Keep winning and the hot seat will cool off
  3. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

  4. BigBoomerInBigD

    BigBoomerInBigD New Member

  5. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    I watched the end of it , when I got home from the Game last night.

    The Cats fans On thier Board are still bitching .
    Ive got a 10 buck bet with the Skull here that the cats win against u suucs . :D
  6. OUstud

    OUstud New Member

    I thought we wanted them to lose so we could have Mike back... :confused:

    :D Bear down!
  7. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    I thought we decided that Mikey wouldn't come back even if he was fired from Zona, thus we were once again wishing him the best of luck in his successful coaching career elsewhere :confused:

    :les: BEAR DOWN! [hairGel]

    whatever the eff that means...
  8. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    Ive wished Him Luck there since he went .
    Ive also said, No matter what He wont be back .
  9. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

  10. Whet

    Whet Well-Known Member

    They looked pretty good last night! The defense was good and the offense was productive!

    They shut down the Cal and really got after their qb.
  11. the_ouskull

    the_ouskull Well-Known Member

    See? This is why you have to remind me about these things. I forgot about that already. You're going to have to PM me so I can give you the address to send the check to,' cause I'll forget it.

    'Zona wins against a USC team potentially back in the championship hunt the day that a Bob Stoops-coached team can't play a lick of run defense and gives up big plays in the passing ga...


  12. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    :D Ill either Peem ya my Addy or ask fer urs :D
    I aint gonna quit on the bet yet .:p
  13. OUsooner1

    OUsooner1 Active Member

    "Bear Down" is the official motto of the University of Arizona (UA), located in Tucson, Arizona. It is the inspiration for "Bear Down, Arizona!," the unofficial fight song of the school's Arizona Wildcats. The official fight song is "Fight! Wildcats! Fight!" written by Douglas Holsclaw.

    The battle cry was created in 1926 by a popular student athlete, John "Button" Salmon. Salmon was the student body president, as well as the starting quarterback for the Wildcat football team and the catcher for the Wildcat baseball team, and member of Sigma Nu Fraternity.
    The day after the first game of the 1926 football season, Salmon and two others were involved in an automobile accident, in which their vehicle flipped over in a ravine. Although Salmon's friends were not injured, Salmon suffered a severe spinal cord injury. In the aftermath of the accident, football coach Pop McKale visited him in the hospital every day. During McKale's last visit, Salmon's last message to his teammates was, "Closer...come closer...Tell them… tell the team to bear down." John Salmon died on October 18, 1926. Following Salmon's funeral, McKale reportedy told the team what he had said in a Las Cruces, N.M., locker room before a football game against the Aggies of New Mexico State, and UA won a hard-fought victory, 7-0.

    The following year, the University of Arizona student body approved that "Bear Down" would be the new slogan for all Wildcat athletic teams.
  14. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Cute as that story is, I would like to think that it is a tribute to their 28 point facial to da California Bears.

    Cal Bear is No. 25? No, no, BEAR DOWN. :D
  15. StoopTroup

    StoopTroup New Member

    Lets hope Mike gets a trojan for his new bear rug.

    GO MIKE!

    GO ZONA !
  16. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    :les: Go, go, Wildcats Go! [hairGel]

    :mack: Arizona, Bear Down!
    Let's cheer for Arizona
    Let's lift our voices high
    Let's cheer for Arizona
    The Bear Down battle cry
    Let's cheer our team to victory
    Let's cheer our team to fame
    Let's cheer for Arizona
    For spirit wins the game! :rcmad:

    :eddie:Bear Down Arizona
    Bear Down Red and Blue
    Bear Down Arizona
    Hit 'em hard.
    Let 'em know who's who
    Bear Down Arizona
    Bear Down Red and Blue
    Go! Go! Wildcats go!
    Arizona Bear Down :kelvin:

    Remember - Arizona in the Rose Bowl = USC in the Holiday Bowl! GOOOOO, STOOOOOOPS! (the sequel)
  17. C&CDean

    C&CDean Administrator

    Do you know how ****ing weird it is seeing "Bear Down Arizona" on an OU board?

    As many of you know, I was raised in Tucson and went to the UA and even held season tickets for a few years before moving to OK. I was an OU fan since 4th grade (the story is somewhere on this board), and my mom and dad are huge UA fans. Of course mom is from Kansas, and KU is still her all-time favorite, but they've lived in Tucson over 45 years now and it's rubbed off.

    I've heard Bear Down Arizona almost as many times as I've heard Boomer Sooner. I do not think UA has the horses to win against USC, but they're at home, and stranger things have happened. Go Cats!
  18. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    :) Oh yeah, I posted that just for you, Dean :)

    :D Nah, I thought your only other football allegiances were to Green Bay and the Packers :D But hey, glad you liked it (although I think it's a funny phrase - "BEAR DOWN") and hope you encourage everyone here (under threat of uber bannage) to BEAR DOWN this coming weekend!

    Cheer for the Wildcats!

    ...errrr, of course AFTER you do not cheer for the Wildcats! :O

    Here, let us clarify:
    :) There ya go :)
  19. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

  20. AZSoonerCat

    AZSoonerCat New Member

    I love seeing Arizona get so much love on this board. I'm a Sooner first but my cats are a close second.

    After being a grad student here for 5 years, it's great to see that we will probably go to a bowl game this season.

    Go Cats!
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