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Zemek blog on unrealistic expectations

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by pweitkem, May 29, 2008.

  1. pweitkem

    pweitkem New Member

    Matt makes good sense in this article... any of the Sooner fans that were not around in the 90s and anyone calling for the heads of any of OU's coaches need to read this, then re-read it, go for a walk and then read it again. We've got it good.

  2. RedstickSooner

    RedstickSooner New Member

    Hockey is just now wrapping up? WTF?

    How does a sport played on frozen lakes run all the way 'til summer friggin' vacation? That's retarded.
  3. soonerfan28

    soonerfan28 New Member

    About the only thing I remember from the 90's is Jerald Moore and James Allen.
  4. cheezyq

    cheezyq Well-Known Member

    I remember Cale Gundy's guarantee to throw 50 passes in a game....which he did accomplish (for better or worse).
  5. Animal Mother

    Animal Mother New Member

    I think Jim Morrison put it best when he said "People are strange."
  6. soonermix

    soonermix New Member

    right now it feels good to be disappointed in a bcs bowl loss. to be expected to win every game is much better than the altenative.
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  7. Civicus_Sooner

    Civicus_Sooner New Member

    I had a sw style chicken sandwich for lunch.
  8. soonermix

    soonermix New Member

    and i just though of something else
    from that dudes article those aren't unreal expectations it is only natural to to expect to get better each year. OU getting better right now means winning bcs bowl games. or maybe a national championship.
    its not unreal to me at all.
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  9. Jack T.

    Jack T. Member

    Unrealistic expectations, in my opinion, can't really apply to Oklahoma football.

    We win a National Championship, on average, something like once every seven (7) years. We have more wins since anybody since either 1936, 1946, or 2000, we'll (baring a catastrophe) be the first club to 30,000 points, we've been ranked #1 in the AP more than anybody except ND (who we're tied with), we've been in the top 5 more than anybody, we win Conference Championships with an almost boring regularity. . .and the list goes on.

    Our *average* years represent unrealistic expectations for almost anybody else in the country. Our good year means we win a National Championship. Our really good years means we have a year like 2000 where we make top 10 teams look like High School teams week after week after week.

    Given that history, the only way we can have unrealistic expectations is to expect that we lose four (4) games this year, two (2) of which are at home. That's just crazy talk. . .and about 110 other teams in the country consider it a success to end up 8/9-4.
  10. Easting

    Easting New Member

    We are kind of like the Yankees of college football.
  11. goingoneight

    goingoneight I said Biiiiiiiitch--

    I think OUr coaching staff has doen a great job in recent years, especially when you consider what happened with the 2002-2004 recruiting classes. Various guys never made the cut, soem got kicked off, most ddn't live up to their billing, and a few great ones left early. We've improved from a disastrous-looking team in early 2005 to a team that scrapped an 11-win season and a BIG 12 Championship to a team that looked pretty damn good last year with a freshmen QB. We're developing okay, we just need to throw these critics a bone and win a bowl game soon. I'm honestly thinking some of the morons will hush up if we won a Holiday Bowl or something. Like winning a bowl that's name doesn't include National Championship really means anything anymore is the way I see it.

    Even with two 11-3 seasons that we crashed and burned in a glorified exhibition game, I can still see progress. We were a whole lot better in 2006 than 2005, and took the game to a higher level in 2007 than we did in 2006. Without Kelly and a few good question marks on defense, it will be awfully tricky to improve on 2007 in terms of offensive and defensive production; however, it won't be impossible to finish with a "better" season if "better" means winning a whoopty-do bowl game.

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