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Your Sooner story?

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by mightysooner, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. mightysooner

    mightysooner New Member

    So what's your Sooner story? How old were you when you became a Sooner and what was the defining moment in which you took your oath?

    I was a little kid. Barely old enough to even know what football was. 6 or 7 I'd say. My defining moment was when my mother (rabid Sooner fan) switched on a game and I saw something incredible; something.....special. It was Billy Sims...running all over people and those Sooners were flipping the ball all over the field making people look like fools. I knew right then and there my mother was raising me right.
  2. MyT Oklahoma

    MyT Oklahoma New Member

    Try the Run of '71.

    Nobody ran the wishbone better before or after. An NCAA record 472.4 rushing yards per game average.

    Those were the days. :cool:
  3. GDC

    GDC New Member

    I was already a fan but as a youngster I remember sitting in the car trying to find an AM station late at night announcing OU had won the 1975 national championship after beating Michigan. I barely remember watching the OU-NU 71 game, or at least I have convinced myself I remember it since I was only five years old.
  4. FirstAndGoalOU

    FirstAndGoalOU New Member

    This was the game I remember the most, as to be the one that LOCKED me in.
    Had watched with my dad and uncles for a few years before, But this is when I was SOLD.9/24/77
    I remember standing in the kitchen [snacking on all of the game foods] looking into the den, watching from a distance my dad and his brothers glued to the tv, hearing the uproar and excitement. Walked closer to the room, glued to the tv screen and witnessing the kick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbjD8QWlKtU&feature=related All hell broke loose the celebration was to be ever burned in my memory.
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  5. yankee

    yankee New Member

    I won't claim to have followed or even rooted for the Sooners for very long. I took a visit up to OU during Spring Break of my Junior year in high school to see what all the fuss was about at this school in okieland. I heard nothing but great things about OU, but I couldn't believe it since it was in Oklahoma. Knew it was the place for me 10 minutes into the tour. I've been religiously following OU sports since then. :pop:
  6. SOFSooner

    SOFSooner New Member

    I can't remember when I wasn't a Sooner fan, I remember listening on the radio with my dad as the commentator described Steve Owens running over people, and celebrating when he won the Heisman.
  7. OUstud

    OUstud New Member

    Since my dad would say "O...S...U..." and I would run by and yell, "SUCKS!" I was 3. :D
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  8. AlbqSooner

    AlbqSooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Six years old and my family got our first TV. That fall my parents would take over the TV during the College Game of the Week. OU was on and I watched with them. The Sooners were in the process of winning 47 in a row. Never wavered in my fandom since.
  9. BFS

    BFS New Member

    Don't want to be a downer here peeps, but it was Bedlam 76. At the ripe ole age of 12, I had just moved to Oklahoma and fell head over heels in love with "THE KING" in a manly kind of way. Little brother won that year and I knew at that moment I would always be one of "US" because some of the aggy love fests I witnessed after that game skeeered me and I wanted no part of it, plus it really pissed me off!
  10. MyT Oklahoma

    MyT Oklahoma New Member

    And what a great ride it's been over the years.
  11. cleller

    cleller SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    It was about 1969, I would have been 7; Steve Owens won the Heisman. It was a big deal, of course, which must have gotten my attention. It seemed everyone was talking about Owens and Chuck Fairbanks. It was the main source of pride in the state at the time.
  12. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

    sometime in the very early 50s.
    was about 15.
  13. swardboy

    swardboy SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    1963...just moved to Sapulpa from Missouri, and this 9 yr. old was thumbing through a LIFE magazine that had an article about Bud Wilkinson and his Sooners, including Joe Don Looney. Love affair forever....
  14. NMSooner'80

    NMSooner'80 Member

    My folks were OU grads, Class of '56, and I came along during the 47-game streak about 16 months later. But, we lived in NoCal for a time, when my dad wanted to try life with a big bank out west. We lived in Palo Alto, and my first live game was a Stanford Indians game in 1965 (that was before they switched mascots to the tree).

    But, my dad had an OU-NU game on the tube back in '67 and I finally got to see an OU game when I really understood the game. We watched that '68 Orange Bowl win over Tennessee, then we wised up and moved back that spring. We became die-hards, although I didn't get to my first live OU game until 1970, an OU-Mizzou game for my 13th birthday. OU won that one, which was also a payback game, and the rest is history.
  15. sooner518

    sooner518 New Member

    I cant remember a time when I wasnt an OU fan. My parents went there in the late 60s. My grandfather and grandmother both earned their masters degrees from OU and my great-grandfather finished his PhD at OU. My parents went to the game of the century and numerous other games over the years. My dad had season tickets when I was really young, but my parents had 3 boys, all of whom played soccer and other sports, so they didnt have alot of time to go to games so they gave them up in the early 90s.

    My first memory of OU games is from when they werent on TV all the time. My dad would have some other college football game on, and would turn the sound down on the TV and turn the radio on and listen to Bob Barry while watching another game. haha

    My first game was the 1989 home opener against New Mexico State. We won 73-3.
  16. Mississippi Sooner

    Mississippi Sooner New Member

    For me, I guess it would be Bennie Owen's undefeated 1915 squad. Man, you should have seen the way we lit up Kingfisher College.

    Yeah, I'm really, really old. :D
  17. the-rover

    the-rover New Member

    I don't remember the first games I attended, since my dad says he was taking me to games before I could walk, but the first game I actually remember paying attention was 1975 vs Pitt. I was 8.

    My dad kept saying "keep an eye on that #33 for Pitt, we gotta stop him." But I remember being amazed in watching #24 for OU run wild through that Pitt secondary.

    I wish I could actually remember seeing "the hit by Hill"... I've seen it on video so many times I've nearly convinced myself I did.
  18. BillyBall

    BillyBall Well-Known Member

    1985 season, I was 6 and my parents had season tickets. Went to every home game that year including the beat down on then #2 Nebraska. Been rabid ever since.
  19. MeMyself&Me

    MeMyself&Me New Member

    Defining moment? I don't know there was one single moment but it seems there should have been. No one in my family are big sports fan. My dad and my uncle would watch a game of just about any sport but it was very casual, as in they didn't care if they missed it, and there was no fan affiliation for them to any team. I remember when I was under 7 in the early '80s someone asked me if I want OU or OSU to win an upcoming game. I told them OSU because since I thought that the STATE in OSU meant they represented the state of Oklahoma and that OU must only be for Oklahoma City and we didn't live in Oklahoma City. LOL. I remember my dad got a good laugh out of that reasoning. By the time I was in high school, I was living and dieing with the Sooners though.

    Some things that steered me in that direction might have been:

    When I started playing little league at 7, all the adults around me would call me Marcus Dupree because my name is Mark. It was in jest of course, I was not a running back or particularly fast for that matter but it made me pay more attention to OU.

    The first college football game I got my dad to take me too was an OU game against Tulsa in Norman where Tulsa was so scared of the OU return man that they kicked it out of bounds 7 times in a row... Switzer just had them back up and re-kick it each time.

    1985 NC sure was fun but I was in awe of the history of the program as well.
  20. kbsooner21

    kbsooner21 New Member

    Been a fan my entire life as my dad went to medical school there and I'd watch the games with both he and my mom as a youngster. My first Sooner memory was the 89' season, I was 7 years old and remember watching Mike Gaddis run up and down the field all day long against the Sheep Humpers. Haven't hardly missed a game since :D
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