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What would you do?

Discussion in 'South Oval' started by Shakadoodoo, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    I got cursed out yesterday by by a drunk/high grandmother for picking a kid up from Gilcrease Middle School and letting him practice with the high school. She told me the kid needs to be at home making money and not dealing with sports. The kid is tired of being in the streets and being forced to sell dope to help pay bills and is really looking for guidance. I was going to bring him to High School State Wrestling Championships in OKC but she told me the next time I picked him up she would call the police and say I kidnapped him. The kid is completely heart broken but I have no Idea what move to make next. If I could I would take him in, but I simply can not afford another child at my house - I have 5 of my own kids......

    What would you do?
  2. soonerchk

    soonerchk New Member

    I would cry. Hopefully you'll come up with a better solution because I have nothing. :(
  3. OULenexaman

    OULenexaman New Member

    give her an old Louis Armstrong CD and tell her to go inside and listen to it and STFU!! And throw in some 44 mags of the Colt 45
  4. mgsooner

    mgsooner New Member

    Call child welfare.
  5. soonerhubs

    soonerhubs SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I know DHS is rough, but wouldn't it be better than with that yainch?
  6. 2121Sooner

    2121Sooner New Member

    Call Joe Clark and have him be the principal at your school.

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  7. soonerinkaty

    soonerinkaty New Member

    Tell her to sell her own ****ing dope and stop mooching off of the kiddo. Then grab the kid and roll out.
  8. HBick

    HBick New Member

    DHS is rough, but I agree with soonerhubs
  9. The Profit

    The Profit New Member

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  10. C&CDean

    C&CDean Administrator

    Buy her a couple bottles of T-bird and hand her a $20. She'll probably let you take the young man.

    Seriously, if it's as you describe, I'd be calling DHS. Every kid deserves a chance.
  11. 2121Sooner

    2121Sooner New Member

    If he is white you should try to adopt him. Then have him keep selling drugs at school. MO MONEY!!!!

    Then when he gets busted, just walk into school, and yell......."What did my little white son do!!?!?!?!?!?!?"
  12. Jammin'

    Jammin' Well-Known Member

    Give me the kids number and price list.
  13. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    I thought about calling Child Welfare/DHS - but the last time we did that with a child - he became property of the state and I have not seen the child since. It was a different situation - the parents were beating the child, ect.... but once the state took him - they did not do the child any justice. Now the kid is serving a 10 year prison sentence - I do not want to repeat that. At least now I can go see and talk to him. But I am still lost.

    I have a couple of police friends - I was thinking of having them go scare her but if they see something they are obligated to take the correct actions - so I am not sure if that is a good idea either.
  14. mgsooner

    mgsooner New Member

    You are correct. If they actually see any drug activity going down you may as well have called DHS because that will be their first call.
  15. soonerchk

    soonerchk New Member

    You could probably buy her off, at least for a while.
  16. SoCaliSooner

    SoCaliSooner Well-Known Member

    If he's a good athlete, adopt him and that way he can be a good wrestler, then a pro wrestler, make millions of dollars and they can make a movie about you called "Going To The Mat".....

    Problem solved..
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  17. OUMallen

    OUMallen New Member

    Call DHS. Do not, under any circumstances, do anything illegal. LIke picking up children without consent.
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  18. 2121Sooner

    2121Sooner New Member

    Oh please let this kids name be Matt

    That would be allsome!!!!
  19. GKeeper316

    GKeeper316 New Member

    is she the kid's legal guardian?

    if so, it isn't your place to tell her how to raise her kids. if not, call DHS.
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  20. Shakadoodoo

    Shakadoodoo New Member

    The kid is an OK athlete - He could get better but Oklahoma is a wrestling state. Kids that start wrestling in middle school in this state - are 6 - 8 years behind when it comes to mat time. I am not going to pick him up without consent - I can't afford to get in trouble. I am leaning towards talking to his father and see what he can do. He has a life sentence doing his time in McAlester. I am not sure where his head is at but it is looking like the best option before we are forced to take it to the next level.

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