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two step verification

Discussion in 'Trouble Reports/Suggestions' started by UberSooner, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. UberSooner

    UberSooner Active Member

    absolute royal pain to deal with. I don't post often so no big deal but it's gonna kill this board. Can it be turned off?
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  2. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    I will see what I can do.
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  3. soonerfan69

    soonerfan69 Well-Known Member

    Way to ruin the forum
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  4. UberSooner

    UberSooner Active Member

    Yeah, its a block out every 30 days until you paste a confirmation code from email. Just don't see many people bothering.
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  5. SoCalBigRed

    SoCalBigRed Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it was related, but as long as that two-step verification was in use, I could log in, and I used the Android Google authenticator. However, then I couldn't post anything to the forum.

    No text field was available. All I could do, was quote a post, I couldn't edit, nor add to it. Just quote, and repost. Didn't matter what browser, or operating, device I was using.

    Then suddenly, it worked for like a day, or two. Then back to unable to post.

    It's been like that, ever since the upgrade, to within the last month, maybe.

    I've noticed, the board, especially things like the game thread... are far less active. I suspect others experienced the same, and might have just given up. Hope they check back.
  6. UberSooner

    UberSooner Active Member

    Yeah, it was already pretty slow but this has been a killer.
  7. hornswaggled2

    hornswaggled2 New Member

    You have killed the only Sooner Fans board that I ever read or posted to. I created this new account on this board, because I could not log into my original account in order to say, "Congratulations, Phil. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish."

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