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TRAVIS LEWIS - safety prospect, wow

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by melbitoast, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. melbitoast

    melbitoast New Member

  2. melbitoast

    melbitoast New Member

    tried to paste pic but can't.

    anyway, 6'1", 213 lbs, 4.34 sec 40; not bad

    it's between us and nebraska

    BOOMERBRADLEY Well-Known Member

    Plese pick us
  4. KYHonorarySooner

    KYHonorarySooner New Member

    i've been looking at this kid... any idea why he is still at 3 star status? are they waiting for his "break out" year? this dude should be a 4 star based soley on his measures. they are off the charts. any inside info about him or how his season is going (grand prarie, tx i think)
  5. he is favoring OU and Nebbish. We are still trying to get him, but it seemed like early on he was ready to commit and when we started looking at guys like Kirkendoll and Brooks, he went on to name Nebbish as a possible leader. It's an OU/Nebb race as we speak...I'm sure Blakey will be down there giving back rubs and telling him what a great person and football player he is...
  6. LiL10(s)ArEaJoKe

    LiL10(s)ArEaJoKe New Member

    He goes to San Antonio Lee and from the looks of the school roster he is only at RB for his SR year. Kid has size and speed....sounds like a kid we have right now :D
  7. LiL10(s)ArEaJoKe

    LiL10(s)ArEaJoKe New Member

    Dam watched some video of this kid he looks GOOD. And he wears number 28 to boot. Cant find the website where I found video of him(had toooo many windows open at once and closed the wrong one), but I did see where he broke a long run. He looks alot more like a pure runner/sprinter than AD, he has very little to zero head wobble/movement when he is at full speed(as a true sprinter would), similar to the way Dickerson looked at full speed. But if you do some yahoo searches there is plenty of info on him. Almost 1000 yards in 5 games sounds good to me :)
  8. Eielson

    Eielson SoonerFans.com Elite Member

  9. melbitoast

    melbitoast New Member

    hey snowman, any updates on this kid?
  10. RedStripe

    RedStripe New Member

    he visited this weekend and had a really good visit.
  11. tommie15

    tommie15 New Member

    committed to Nebraska

    BOOMERBRADLEY Well-Known Member


    Bill must be paying good ;)
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2006
  13. tommie15

    tommie15 New Member

    whatever works ;)
  14. chbrew09

    chbrew09 New Member

    word is...he decommitted from Nebraska and will be signing with us on Wednesday. This would be a huge pickup/surprise for our class to finish it all off!
  15. Hunyock

    Hunyock New Member

    That is what is being reported up here in Nub.


    This kid is a good one. :(
  16. StoneyBurk

    StoneyBurk New Member

    Yes Yes yes !!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. SwitzerBlitzer

    SwitzerBlitzer New Member

    Based on what I read on scout Lewis is a Sooner! Sounds like one of Callahans hillbilly rants helped him decide! Thanks Billy!:D
  18. Boomer.....

    Boomer..... .....Sooner!

  19. fwsooner22

    fwsooner22 New Member

    That is good news.....Welcome to the family Mr. Lewis
  20. cb4ou

    cb4ou New Member

    How accurate is this really? Rivals does not show him as a commit. They do not even show Taylor as a commit. I will believe when the kid signs.

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