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Time to let this board go...

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by echo101, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. the_ouskull

    the_ouskull Well-Known Member

    The f*ck are you on about?

    In case you're THAT new, "Hi, I'm the_ouskull." If it gets more liberal than (admittedly, some) of my ideologies, I'd like to see it, 'cause I'm sure the neckbeard on it could use a shave.

    The idea that Dean could have "runt" me off is even worth a description like "laughable." If he is a raging anti-liberal, I'd like to know where to go to throw up all of the food and drink he helped stuff down my gullet over the years so I can donate it back.

    No. No, I wouldn't like that. Best I could discern over 10-15ish years of getting to know the man... he didn't give a sh*t WHO you were or WHAT you believed as long as you were a solid person with your head out in the open and peering around you, taking in new information, instead of scoping out the darker areas of your southbound exit in an informational echo chamber. My best guess is that Dean, a skilled, knowledgeable, experienced poster, grew tired of seeing a bunch of young, inexperienced posters with wet noses and dirty butts running around here after their first couple of weeks on campus, actin' like now they KNOW sh*t. Kids that age don't know a f*ckin' thing, and - in fact - would ONLY know to blame "mean ol' Dean" for punkin' them. God knows what sh*t reasons they gave. Lol. (He locked my threat about XYZ, even though six other people had already posted it, and the only people in the thread were my friends, talking about where we're going to lunch...)

    What picked up me and moved me off of this board was a combination of factors, just like I'm sure that's the case with the vast majority of people that joined the exodus. Mainly, it was growing up that did it. I just started getting to the point where I didn't have the time to maintain the proverbial internet presence I once did. There was also an explosion of new posters that joined after the team's success in the early 'oughts, and frankly, the majority of them were hard to read. I tend to stop visiting a board after a while if I'm worried about stepping in another sh*t take in every thread I open. And, to make those matters worse, most of the younger posters all seemed to know one another IRL, too, which means that on top of the writing and the rampant ignorance/immaturity, we had to deal with board being the precursor for what would become texting chat threads about five years later.

    If there was an issue with the mods, it's that they didn't let people like myself, and yes, even Olevet (sup, pimp?) and the posse run off MORE of those sh*t posters. They were the inflation of this board... lots of posts, lower quality. They were printing more money, but not backing it with gold. It devalued the hell out of this place.

    Then, of course, was the advent of new social technology that has made people less social. If I'm sitting around, staring at the top of someone's head all night, I at LEAST want it bobbing. Once people became glued to their phones, they stopped needing to be glued to their teams' message boards. That, and the fact that, to MY (rather limited) knowledge, there STILL hasn't been a message board that has translated well to the "smart" phone, in the entire history of EITHER invention

    And, of course, if people want to blame the mods, that's great too. Knock yourself out. My thoughts on that, though... considering I was one of the bigger d*ckheads to float around this board from about 1999 until around 2008ish, going after anybody who caught my periphery - foe OR friend - trying to fertilize the place with some new unfounded opinion that wasn't even original on top of being a pile...

    ...I never ran into any problems with the mods. Not on this board, at least.

    TIME killed Soonerfans... more than any one person or event or whatever... TIME is the culprit. The Clue-style mystery has been cracked. TIME did it in THE PARKING LOT with A CELL PHONE.

    ...or maybe it WAS LandThieves. I know I made the switch before this board put up the white flag. Only, I didn't wind up posting much over there, either... and for the initial reason I gave: Time.

    Or maybe I'm completely full of sh*t. It's not like I'VE been paying attention in the intervening years either.

    Regardless, good luck weeding through the tumbleweeds and cobwebs to find out what killed the dead. I hope it brings you the satisfaction that Mick Jagger could never get no.

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  2. NicKZepp

    NicKZepp New Member

    I do agree it's sad we don't have alternate good OU fan boards anymore. When I started in the early 2000s there was usually 2-3 good ones. boomersooner.net was the first I ever visted and then it became OUFans which was the Rivals board eventually. I can't remember what Rivals was called back then but it was something else. There was also OUInsider around this time. Landthieves is basically where we get any real OU discussion now. I guess OUhoops is good during basketball season but I remember reading stuff on OUInsider, OUFans and here and all of them did fairly well with different people. There was also about 3 or 4 other decent smaller OU forums too. OUInsider falling apart and calling it's posters garbage was pretty hilarious though.
  3. NicKZepp

    NicKZepp New Member

    This is probably the closest thing to being true. But I also think bad interface killed the other OU boards. I remember making an account with ou247 when it started and I couldn't even get a name longer than like 8 letters. And any post by a paid member on the free board was on a pay wall so I was like no thanks after that. And then the scout board was a terrible interface that was full of ads also. I believe we've seen all of those go to the same message board now but I've not visited any of those in years. But I was also a student for most of the 2000s. Basically since the 2010s I've been working, video games, and youtube stuff. Message boards aren't even that fun or interesting anymore.
  4. severs64

    severs64 New Member

    Oh no, CCDean has returned and is using his vestigial mod powers to hack old user names. NICE TO KNOW YOUR ACCOUNT ISN'T SAFE!
  5. echo101

    echo101 Member

    What I'd like to see is more posting on topic and more chat going on. LT seems to be the best option right now when it comes to discussing football and lots of us have lost interest in OUinsider/Rivals/Scout/etc...
  6. SouthFortySooner

    SouthFortySooner Well-Known Member

    This place became a rookery full of literary vultures who would sit on their HIGH perch analyzing EVERY post to swoop down and pick apart. Only then to take their tiny shred of meat and strut around as though they held the prize.
    Only football could ever revive it.
  7. OUDoc

    OUDoc ..............

    I haven't been here in a years. I came by to check up on SF.com and saw this thread. I posted this on June 12, 2013, I still feel the same way.


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