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Ticket Question for National Championship Game

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Chrisrokc, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Chrisrokc

    Chrisrokc New Member

    I have heard before that when you get down to these BCS games you can get tickets for cheaper than you can now. Any truth to that?
  2. RonMexico7

    RonMexico7 New Member

    This may have crossed your mind already, but keep in mind that this game is the MNC, in Florida, with Florida playing...tickets may be in higher demand than 'these BCS games'
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2008
  3. batonrougesooner

    batonrougesooner New Member

    Also be very careful of fakes. I saw several people get taken buying tickets on the street in New Orleans.
  4. OK2LA

    OK2LA New Member

    I have gone day of the game and picked up tickets for the Super Bowl, National Championship, World Series, and NBA Playoff games. Tickets = No Problem. FYI - In 2000 I couldn't get rid of 9 extra tickets I had. They were going for $20.00 a piece. Word of advice. If you go to Miami to pick up a ticket - wait until day of the game - around the stadium. You'll find something - but word to the wise - there is a perimeter gate around the stadium down there - once you pass INSIDE that - the cops are swarming looking for scalpers. It is apparently illegal to sell tickets for any amount inside this area. I almost went to the pokey for this in 2000. If you're going by yourself - you have a much better chance of getting a single for less than face value. Wait until day of the game - there will be plenty of tickets to choose from.
  5. douxpaysan

    douxpaysan New Member

    ^^^ what he said
  6. MarylandSooner

    MarylandSooner New Member

    I am already seeing ticket pairs in the upper bowls on ebay going unsold. And then you have the people buying two tickets for $1200, an emotional purchase I guess. The following are the face value of tickets to the game for anyone that is interested. I got this infor from actual pictures of tickets people have posted on Ebay.

    Upper bowls $295
    Lower bowls $400
  7. hlsooner

    hlsooner New Member

    As a Miami dweller and Dolphins season ticket holder, I will second that they patrol closely around the stadium for scalpers. With that said, I saw in 2000 and 2005 that you could get tickets for reasonable prices in the parking lot on game day.

    This year could be riskier. As others have said, the BCS game will be flooded with Gator fans, most of whom will not be paying outlandish airfare and hotel bills so they will have more $$$ to drop on tickets. Add to that the fact that face value on the BCS tickets are already very high: my Club seats are $325 face. Also, everyone who bought tickets directly had to buy Orange Bowl tickets to get the BCS tickets (another $210 apiece), and those OB tickets are proving worthless since Cincinnati will be lucky to fill a few thousand seats in that stinker of a game.
  8. Scalpers are some of the scummiest people on this earth. They rank right behind Rapists and right ahead of the Nigeria E-mail Scam folks. There will always be a greater supply then demand if you are looking for tickets very close to gametime.

    Wait until the very last minute to buy them. Its amazing how fast those prices will drop after the opening kick off, because at the end of the day $300 is a lot better then 2 unused tickets to them.... it kind of sucks missing the first few minutes of the game...but when you save $200-$300 per ticket doing that you quickly realize that you don't mind too much.

    Im summation: **** Scalpers, pay the least amount as possible.
  9. OUwinsagain

    OUwinsagain New Member

    Seats for this game will still be expensive in FL, but not what people are asking now. If everyone refuses to pay what people are asking the prices will come down. They already have come down some over the past week or so.
  10. batonrougesooner

    batonrougesooner New Member

    I thought face price through the university was $175
  11. OUMallen

    OUMallen New Member

    It's approx. that not including fees.

    The OUInsider board didn't have anything definitive: does anyone know when/how the tickets will ship from OU?
  12. humblesooner

    humblesooner New Member

    I talked to the University yesterday. They are supposed to go out today and/or Monday.
    We should see them early next week.
  13. Bruiser53

    Bruiser53 New Member

    Student tickets are 175, but those have to be will called with a student id.
  14. HiFiGator

    HiFiGator New Member

    FYI, I don't know for sure if OU handled it the same way, but Florida has implemented a voucher policy for games like this. It started with the SEC Title game and now the BCS game. Rumors are that they will stick with the format for all "big" road games, most specifically the Florida-Georgia game, which you could compare with your Texas-Oklahoma game in Dallas. Personally, those are the two most unique and awesome regular season games there are. Teams that don't have a 50/50 annual game at a neutral site against a hated rival just don't understand how special that game really is. But I digress ...

    Like I was saying, Florida implemented a voucher system and it works like this: At some specified time, you can start calling the ticket office or go online. The vouchers are issued at a first come first serve basis. Those who are lucky enough to get through and get vouchers then have to go to the student ticket office with valid identification. His/her record is then ckecked to make sure that he or she was a full-time student (minimum 12 hours in the current semester) and doesn't have any flags on their record -- parking tickets, library fines etc... If everything checks out, then a voucher is issued with the student's name on it. Married students can get a spouse voucher with Marriage license. Then the day of the game you still have to take the voucher, along with 2 forms of ID to the will call window at the venue. They verify your identity and you are given the actual ticket in exchange for the voucher. The kicker though, is that you then must go directly into the stadium. You can't go back and resell the ticket. I personally don't have a problem with that as it virtually eliminates student scalping. I have no problem with scalping and think it should be legal, but since students have built in advantages, cheaper tickets, access to tickets that the general public doesn't have, etc... then I think it's fair to prevent them from profiteering at the expense of someone who doesn't have those additional privileges. But this system does creat a problem. The tedious nature and individual attention necessary created a giant backlog in Atlanta. Some people were in line for 2 hours and still missed kickoff. They need to find a way to solve that problem. In any case, I just wanted to let you all know how student tickets are handled down here. But the bottom line to you and me is that there will be less secondary tickets available, as there won't be the resold student tickets.
  15. soonerboomer93

    soonerboomer93 Dirty bastard

    that sucks

    at home OU games, I can buy a student ticket, take it to the window, pay an upcharge and get into the game without student ID.
  16. batonrougesooner

    batonrougesooner New Member

    I just got an email from UPS via OU with my tracking number. 2nd day air with expected delivery Monday.
  17. Flsunman

    Flsunman New Member

    Yes, this is true... At least in my experience. I attended the UF/Ohio State game in Glendale and got tix for 125 bucks a piece, lower level 10 yd line.
  18. HiFiGator

    HiFiGator New Member

    Flsunman, you were very, very lucky. We had a total group of 34 including friends of friends. Our immediate group that went together was about 15. When we got there, we had a a total of 3 tickets between us. To my knowledge, only 3 more people bought tickets. My best friend got one for $500 about 2 hours before kickoff and another couple that I know bought 2 single tickets for $400 each, thinking they were together. But, we ALL got in somehow. Several of us snuck in, (me included). Another group pulled the famous sneaking into the smoking section and then from there into the game. That is a great one at any venue that is enclosed as they almost never allow smoking inside and therefore have an outside smoking section. It is far easier to sneak past 2 "soft" gates, than one "hard" gate. The vast majority of our group used the "hundred dollar handshake." Once the appropriate "ticket taker" was identified, those who weren't in yet, took that route. In any case, there certainly wasn't a glut of cheap tickets at all. In fairness, I was in the game 10 minutes before kickoff, so it's very possible that prices did drop dramatically after kickoff.

    Two quick stories I hope you enjoy:

    While my friend was over with his finger in the air hoping to stumble into a reasonable ticket, he saw what was obviously a scalper walk by with a couple of tickets. He didn't even bother asking him how much, preferring to hope for a friendly Gator fan recognizing a fellow fan in need. An Ohio St. fan bought the pair of tickets from the scalper. As he walked towards the stadium, my friend asked him how much he paid and he said $1500. To this day, we don't know if that was each or for the pair. In any case, after my friend got his ticket, he returned to the tailgate and told me his story. First about how the Ohio State fan paid $1500 and then how he got his ticket. Like I mentioned, he had a finger in the air, and was clearly not a scalper. He had slacks and a nice collared Gator shirt on. As it worked out, two couples had purchased 4 tickets the night before for $2000, but one of the wives wasn't feeling good and wasn't going to the game. Seeing my friend as a Gator in need, they let him have it for the $500 they had in the ticket, but not before asking him some questions.
    "So your a Gator fan are you?"

    "Yes I am."

    "Where are you from??

    "Well, I live in Nashville, but I was grew up in Gainesville."

    "What high school did you go to?"

    "Oak Hall," he replied.

    "What year did you graduate?"

    "1984," he answered.

    "Who was our coach then?"

    "Galen Hall, we went 9-1-1 but couldn't go to a bowl because of probation."

    They sold him the ticket. I thought it was pretty cool. They just wanted to make sure that they were selling the ticket to a real fan for his own use.

    In any case, a little while later we went back to that corner to see if I could find a reasonable ticket. An Ohio State fan was walking quickly away from the stadium with 2 tickets in his hand. I asked him how much? As he kept walking rather quickly he said "they're fake!" Sure enough he went across the street from my friend and stood there looking around. I went over and told my buddy what the guy had said and pointed him out. Sure enough, that was the same Ohio State fan that had paid $1500 just a few minutes earlier. Needless to say, the scalper was nowhere to be seen.

    I felt bad for him, but at least he wouldn't have enjoyed the game anyway.

    Sorry about such a long story, but I hope at least some of you enjoyed it.

    Moral of the story: there are counterfeit proof indicators on the tickets. Check for them when buying tickets on the street. Find out what they are and look for them. In Glendale, there was a hologram on the front and a very faint yellowish image on the back. I am sure that they will do something similar this time. I don't wish that outcome on anyone ... even a sooner.

    Go Gators!
  19. Flsunman

    Flsunman New Member

    Nice story. Yeah in Glendale, I got my tix several minutes after kickoff. I still got in with 8 min to go in the 1st quarter. Are you attending the game this year? I will be there loud and proud! Go Gators!
  20. HiFiGator

    HiFiGator New Member

    Flsun wrote: Nice story. Yeah in Glendale, I got my tix several minutes after kickoff. I still got in with 8 min to go in the 1st quarter. Are you attending the game this year? I will be there loud and proud! Go Gators!

    Yeah, I will be there with or without ticket. Money is really tight this Christmas and I just can't afford a ticket for several hundred dollars. I will go down with friends and do everything I can to get in. I have been to tons and tons of games and have never been left outside the gate yet, but I understand there's a first time for everything. The $100 handshake is the most likely "ticket" but I can always hope for the good fortune I had 2 years ago.

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