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This team is going to have to keep that chip on their shoulder...

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by SoCalBigRed, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. SoCalBigRed

    SoCalBigRed Well-Known Member

    Other than his off the field antics, I've never been real upset with Baker. On the field, I think he's the ultimate competitor. Perfect? No. But, he's one the best I've ever seen... at always believing he can will a team to victory. He does not back down from anything.

    And that bravado usually serves them well.

    Until Baker goes and reminds Baylor, who their daddy is. C'mon, Baker... still Div I talent, and I think that's a good coaching staff over there. Give those guys a few years, they're going to be good again. Don't just jerk their chain in the meantime.

    If we had a team of Bakers... he cOUld say that. Because they'd all be bringing it, every play. But, that's not reality. We saw that on the missed TD toss. Had the receiver just kept running, because Baker hadn't given up on it... that wOUld have been the easiest 6 of the night.

    But, they need at the minimum to develop the sense, that every team they play... is coming to punch them in the mOUth, and give it their all to play lights OUt football, for 4 quarters. OUr opponents have now certainly seen, OU has a tendency to relax.

    ThOUgh, if I see the freaking prevent defense when we're up by 3 scores again... I'm going to scream.

    There's no reason BU's QB shouldn't have been on his back all evening long, unless we were getting held like crazy (which if yOU watch the replay and pay particular attention to the ends, yOU'll see plenty)... or lackluster effort. I think a bit of both.

    Luckily Baker can back up his talk and we've got some amazing yOUng guys that can rise to the occasion. I know its REAL early, but someone brOUght it up on facebook, asking who Sermon reminds people of? I'm certainly not saying he's as good. However, he does run very similar to Billy Sims. There were comparisons to AD, but I think AD runs more upright, and has a longer stride. I think Sermon punishes defenders a little better. He's not a battering ram, but he runs with such force, and is a solid package... they have to wrap him up, and typically more than one. He runs thrOUgh tackles like AD.

    The way he handles the balls, shifting it, the way he cuts, his change of direction... reminds me of Billy. Billy had a slower deliberate plant... but Sims's shift of his momentum off that, was very abrupt and forcefull... leave guys grasping at his waist. AD would just burst through the hole, and good luck bringing him down. That was just an unstoppable force at times.

    On another yOUngster... I think CeeDee Lamb is the real deal. Kid appears to be the total package, at this point. Has the talent. I'm going to go OUt on a limb and mark him down as one of, if not the best receiver to come thrOUgh OU. He's got a lot of years, if he stays healthy. He is something special.

    I don't like the bye week for our standing. I think we're going to take it in the shorts, and drop at least a couple spots, before OUr next game. Unless someone loses. I was hoping Clemson would lay an egg... then they woke up. Same with USC.

    OU has to be blowing these other teams OUt, from here on. Baker must have another Heisman like season, probably his best yet. Its going to be hard. I think the odds are stacked against us, with the way the Big XII schedule is structured and that Title Game. I don't like playing someone twice.

    But, that'll just make a victory in the end, that much sweeter. I hope they learned a valuable lesson against Baylor.

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