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THis guys is the worst in sports....I am sure glad he was on this morning...

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by DrZaius, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. DrZaius

    DrZaius Well-Known Member

  2. BoulderSooner79

    BoulderSooner79 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    For all those that bitch about ESPN, you should be giving them props for this one. Actually replaying this guys prediction of an OU implosion to his face and making him respond.
  3. jkm  the stolen pifwafwi

    jkm the stolen pifwafwi SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    And I thought our fans were bad. His view of Nick Saban went downhill in a hurry.
  4. Mac94

    Mac94 New Member

    His show comes on at 2pm ... should be epic
  5. Snrinhouston

    Snrinhouston Active Member

    Well. Credit to him for saying he was wrong.

    These guys in the media have to fill time. And part of filling time is making game predictions. It's the job. Before anyone mocks these people, they should see what it's like to do the job…post all of your predictions for the world to see.
  6. okiewaker

    okiewaker New Member

    Many on Espin will have to eat their words,,many!
  7. cherokeebrewer

    cherokeebrewer New Member

    It was not so much the predictions for our game but the condescending nature and insulting commentary that ensued...besides, the guy is a self proclaimed idiot.
  8. DrZaius

    DrZaius Well-Known Member

    The SEC gets that dood every Saturday next season. He is gonna anchor the SEC Gameday show.....hahahaha
  9. DrZaius

    DrZaius Well-Known Member

    I still hate espn. And do not overestimate their 'props' for anything other than covering their butt and making the smallest attempt to not seem as transparent to their coverage of the sec. But with that being said. I was pleased their enjoyment of the bama loss.
  10. aurorasooner

    aurorasooner Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I switched over to Fox some last night and watched a little of those 2 goobers (along that good looking gal) who does their "sports betting" show, just to see if that one hilljack who constantly dogs on HCBS would eat crow, and of course like most of the "fly-by-night" supposed sports gurus, there was no mention of his failure.
    I too was surprised with ESPN's complete coverage.
  11. soonertravis

    soonertravis New Member

    Look, that ESPN even gives the guy time on their college Gameday/Sportscenter stuff is beyond absurd. He isn't a journalist and doesn't even try to hide his homeristic view of college football. It would be like ESPN giving a segment or show to Eschback.
  12. SouthFortySooner

    SouthFortySooner Well-Known Member

    After saying he had to eat crow he placed Bama's loss strictly on their desire to have been in Pasadena. He's a punk.
  13. IronHorseSooner

    IronHorseSooner New Member

    What is funny, he said before the game that he knew that Saban had them up for this game...on XM College Sports Radio, I would turn it off when it was time for him.
  14. stoopified

    stoopified SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Everyone from national media to The Oklahoman staff to all the local radio and TV people picked Alabama to win big and Finebaum is the only one I know who has publicly eaten crow.
  15. oupride

    oupride New Member

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