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The Stoops Situation???

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by SOONER44EVER, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Texas Golfer

    Texas Golfer SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Bob probably just called his buddy Peterson up and said, "I want to squeeze another million out of OU so invite me up there for the weekend."

    Whether Bob goes or not, this talking about him leaving EVERY year has to be hurting our recruiting efforts.
  2. BASSooner

    BASSooner New Member

    yeah it has been said that they are good friends so I hope it is at that.
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  3. Egeo

    Egeo New Member

    well i wouldnt if i was him - tons of good reasons does not equal enough good reasons
    at tech he could be "the bear"
    here, he will never be better than 3rd best at best
    point is, he's already invested 5 years at tech and is making large strides in all the things you mentioned - why would he want to start over when the potential there is getting bigger constantly

    did he tell you this? kragthorpe is not bill self
    tulsa to OU is a huge upgrade but it just seems that such a move would alienate a portion of the state that he would be coaching in
    it just doesnt seem that smart for a coach who will be able to go most anywhere he wants within a few seasons (really, almost now)

    venables, you knew who i was talking about
    sorry i didnt spell his name right while i was posting and watching uga vs wvu
  4. jdsooner

    jdsooner New Member

    Believe or not, I heard Robert Allen speculate on this just the other day. He says that Peterson and Stoops are good friends. Allen thought that Kragthorpe would be the number 1 candidate at OU.

    SOONER44EVER SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    OK, I feel a little better now. Bob Barry Jr. reported that several KC area reporters said that Stoops was at best #6 on the list behind Herm Edwards, Butch Davis and others. He also reported that James Hale said reports of Stoops being Peterson's special guest at the game Sunday and Stoops being in KC on Monday for an interview were entirely false. Also Stoops is going on a recruiting trip Tuesday morning. :)
  6. starclassic tama

    starclassic tama New Member

    haha yeah you have a point, why in the world would kragthorpe leave the great football traditional powerhouse at tulsa for a demotion like head football coach at ou? that would be a very stupid thing for him to do. i can't think of one reason why he would ever want to do that. not a single one.
  7. Crimson Kid

    Crimson Kid Active Member

    I would believe bob barry before dean.
  8. Egeo

    Egeo New Member

    as i said an amazing 3 posts up -
    why would he go instate when he can pretty much go anywhere else in the country very soon?
    that would be like price leaving utep for tehas...

    i wouldnt be arguing with you guys if he had any ties whatsoever to oklahoma university
    but he has more ties to tulsa than OU through his father
    and i think he was raised in utah and has coached many places already including texas a&m

    *but i forgot he said OU was his dreamjob [/sarcasm]
  9. starclassic tama

    starclassic tama New Member

    bob stoops doesn't have very many ties to oklahoma, but he still loves it here. i think of it more like why wouldn't kragthorpe pick ou over other top programs? it's already in the state that he has a lot of recruiting ties to, and knows like the back of his hand, and it's one of the top jobs in america. why not?
  10. Egeo

    Egeo New Member

    stoops wasnt a head coach when he came here
    im not saying kragthorpe wouldnt, i just dont think its that clear cut for him
  11. mrowl

    mrowl SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Hello? I said this is on the first page....

    KC is Herm Edwards job.
  12. achiro

    achiro SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Did Dean say it? I saw the BB jr. report where he said a lot of the info was flat out wrong but I didn't watch Dean. If Dean did leak that info its very ironic since just the night before on the sport show they where doing new years resolutions and he said he wouldn't speculate about coaches leaving without proof.:O
  13. jthomasou78

    jthomasou78 New Member

    We could never pay Bob Stoops enough money to make up for the amount of money he has brought into the Athletic Department, the University, the City of Norman, and the State of Oklahoma. I have a good friend at the Budget department at OU. She said in 2000, there was a 100 million dollar swell in the local economy tied to Oklahoma gamedays (I think this also included bowl and BCS game payouts).

    Do you think we would have as many stadium expansions ongoing if Blake were the coach?

    I think Bob Stoops makes more then enough money, but he is worth 20 times what we pay him.
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  14. Boffingham

    Boffingham New Member

    This sort of thing boosts ratings for the news, so don't believe everything you hear from the BB Jr or Deano
  15. Boffingham

    Boffingham New Member

    Do we even want to keep this has-been. He won a championship, like, 6 years ago. What has he done since. I want rings. I want them now. Fire Bobby.

    Just Kidding, I love you Bobby, mean it.
  16. OU-HSV

    OU-HSV SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Bad thing about the Blake years....we sucked.
  17. GDC

    GDC New Member

  18. crimson&cream

    crimson&cream New Member

    To tell you the truth Sittler isn't but a quarter of a step up from Dean.
  19. oumartin

    oumartin New Member

    I only mentioned Deans name cuz he is wrong. its like 70/40 wrong.
    Mark Rodgers is just as bad.
  20. Texas Golfer

    Texas Golfer SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Kragthorpe would be a fool if he were offered the OU job and turned it down if going out of state was his only reason.

    He'd also be a fool to turn down OU next year (should Stoops decide to leave) to wait for a job offer from another school out of state that may never come.

    Also, your posts would be easier to read if you'd use the shift key and punctuation marks.

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