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The Stoops Situation???

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by SOONER44EVER, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. OklahomaTuba

    OklahomaTuba SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Don't have a nervous breakdown yet JLB. Relax, cause more than likely its just the same BS we hear every year.
  2. oumartin

    oumartin New Member

    well, cept this year he has been hangin' with Peterson..

  3. JLB

    JLB New Member

    I just needed a beer.AHHHHH,thats better.No more on this subject.
  4. oumartin

    oumartin New Member

    no more? just know this..

  5. OU-HSV

    OU-HSV SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I'm not believing anything until there's something officially announced. We've heard this sh*t before...the Gators..the Browns...we'll just have to wait and see and quit listening to the rumors until there's something official.
  6. oumartin

    oumartin New Member

    I'll believe it when I hear it from Dean Blevins.
  7. bcgvh

    bcgvh New Member

    Are you being sarcastic? ;)
  8. BASSooner

    BASSooner New Member

    Guys guys guys I doubt stoops is leaving. He's havin too much fun at OU. He's a legend here.

    TXBOOMER New Member

    Bob isn't going anywhere. I must say the Mike Stoops lick fest is getting old. One Mike does not equal one Bob. If and when Bob leaves we need to go find another young, personable, successful Coordinator from a big time program.

    I think Bob is going to be here for the long term.
  10. bcgvh

    bcgvh New Member

    Well, hopefully he won't leave, but if he does......how sweet would it be to get Mike Leach back? I would imagine we'd get a great coach, I don't see another Blake coming in and screwing things up.
  11. shavedmarmoset

    shavedmarmoset New Member

    He said earlier this year that this was the most fun he has had coaching since he took the job at OU so we'll see.
  12. oumartin

    oumartin New Member

    one coach i don't want back is Leach

    TXBOOMER New Member

    He didn't want Cleveland or Jacksonville

    He didn't want Ohio State, Notre Dame or Florida.

    He damn sure doesn't want the Chiefs.
  14. OUGreg723

    OUGreg723 New Member

    Its not gonna happen guys. Don't buy into all this bologna!!
    BASSooner likes this.
  15. bigdsooner

    bigdsooner New Member

    dude is money in the bank, if Dean says it, it'll happen ;)
  16. bigdsooner

    bigdsooner New Member

    i like coach kragthorpe personally, done a hell of a jorb at TU
  17. OU-HSV

    OU-HSV SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Norm Chow??;)
  18. handcrafted

    handcrafted New Member

    Tx Boomer beat me to it. Coach had his chance to hit the NFL, and he turned it down. I honestly don't think he wants to do it. Money isn't the issue, at least as I read him. If the family is supportive and he thinks he'd like the NFL, he'll go. Otherwise, he won't. But you'd think he'd have taken the Cleveland job if anything, seeing as how he's from there (Ohio I mean).

    However, if we do need another coach (argh!), I'd take Kragthorpe. Guy did an un-freakin-believable job this season. Tulsa was supposed to be nothing and they won their conference first year in plus a bowl game. Crazy, man.
  19. 4everasooner

    4everasooner New Member

    If he leaves lets go get Price from UTEP. The man wins no matter where he goes, and he wins fast, not after a couple of years. Hopefully Stoops will stay,but if not so be it.
  20. ruf/nekdad

    ruf/nekdad New Member

    ain't gonna happen. nope. I will not allow it.

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