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The Stoops Situation???

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by SOONER44EVER, Jan 2, 2006.


    SOONER44EVER SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I just walked in and caught the tail end of the local sports on tv and heard the guy say "We should know more about the Stoops situation later on tonight". He looked all serious and stuff. WTF???
  2. Boffingham

    Boffingham New Member

    I would like to know as well???
  3. He situation is weather to drive his pink caddy to the AA game or the porch.. If anything outside of the norm OU will still have a football team.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2006

    SOONER44EVER SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    What the heck is a porsh?
  5. sooner13f

    sooner13f New Member

    Kansas papers are talking about intrest in the KC job..
  6. Boffingham

    Boffingham New Member

    Maybe chuck long will change his mind and come back to hc the sooners
  7. Al Gore

    Al Gore New Member

    His picture was on the front of the sports page today in our paper.....

    BOOMERBRADLEY Well-Known Member

  9. Boffingham

    Boffingham New Member

    Quick, lets start a poll, start bashing him or something.
  10. sooner13f

    sooner13f New Member

    I wondered about his intrest last year when he pulled strings to get White a try out.
  11. Soonerpsycho

    Soonerpsycho Sofa King

    There's a thread on the OUInsider premium board stating that a Tulsa station reported that Stoops is negotiating with KC. Doesn't look good. :(
  12. Boffingham

    Boffingham New Member

    Are you serious, Clark?
  13. mrowl

    mrowl SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    No way, that is Herman Edwards new job.
  14. sooner13f

    sooner13f New Member

    I am a KC fan and I hope he doesnt leave. He can not win at KC. Peterson will not let him win.
  15. LifelongSooner

    LifelongSooner New Member

    That's why I hate this time of year. Sitting back, fat dumb and happy, after the bowl win, then get smacked with something like this.

    Maybe he's just working to get some more money for his coaching staff (like keeping Wyatt here)?

    He knows the turnover in NFL head coaching. He's got a young family and I can't think that he would subject them to that uncertainty.
  16. JLB

    JLB New Member

    If Stoops goes to KC,I still won't be a fan of KC football.Who will be OU next coach,Steve Kragthorpe.
  17. oumartin

    oumartin New Member

    steve would make a great choice
  18. Rocker

    Rocker New Member

    Well if they offer 35million guaranteed he might leave.
  19. LifelongSooner

    LifelongSooner New Member

    01.02.06 - 4:28 PM

    We’ve been holding off for a week now. We might as well jump out there and address things that have been on the NFL grapevine the past ten days or so. Of course it all centers once again on OU coach Bob Stoops.

    Radio reports are about to hit the air in KC speculating that Stoops was the guest of Kansas City General Manager Carl Peterson at Sunday’s season-ending 37-3 route of playoff-bound Cincinnati.

    A Chiefs insider just told me he believes, but cannot confirm, that Stoops was in Peterson’s suite Sunday. He also believes the two were together Sunday after the game and that Peterson had unofficial conversations about the Chiefs job when OU played CU in the Big XII title game last year.

    Informed sources tell me, “They’ve targeted three guys….in order they are Herm Edwards, Bob Stoops and Butch Davis.” He says the Chiefs have made a lot of money in the past....but right now they are set on doing everything they can to win a Super Bowl while the popular but unhealthy owner Lamar Hunt can see his beloved Chiefs play. “Mr. Hunt’s son Clark will make the decision but you can bet Peterson will sign off on it.” Before Sooner fans relax, keep in mind that I wouldn’t put too much stock in that order. Politics are involved in everything. And if I’m doing the hiring, I’d have a hard time choosing Edwards number one. Check with Jets fans on that one. This Chiefs source says that former OSU and Dallas assistant and Miami U and Cleveland head coach Davis is interviewing for the KC job right now.

    He said he expects OC Al Saunders to leave and that he is the leading candidate in Detroit.

    But first things first.

    Stoops is cautious about putting himself in situations that make him vulnerable. While it would surprise me if he and Peterson would be hanging out shooting the breeze in the GM's suite, it would surprise me more if there is not serious consideration on behalf of the Chiefs.

    Published reports have the OU coach as one of the leading candidates.

    Multiple sources say this is nowhere close to any slam-dunk-Stoops- to-KC story. However, one NFL source just told me that if the speculation is true about Stoops and Peterson being together, “there’s probably something there.” We’ve talked and written for a couple of years about the fact that Stoops respects Peterson. And that the sucessful Peterson has a tremendous amount of respect for Stoops-the former KSU DC who has proven himself in college and appears to have the potential to succeed in the NFL.

    Part of the transition could be easy if Stoops were to go to KC. One source told me that OC Al Saunders has been with Vermeil and has a good group of veteran assistants and would be a great fit if Stoops were hired. The Chiefs are good on offense. However, one of the KC Chiefs sources say that Saunders will not be in KC and that he is the leading candidate for the Detroit job.

    However, some sources say that Peterson does not want to start the final years of his tenure grooming a coach. And that’s what it would take. Even Stoops would need a little time. Heck, he didn’t win a national championship at OU until….oh, I guess it was the second season.

    Kansas City sources say strong candidates include Washington DC Gregg Williams, who floundered as head coach with the Bills and can’t be formally interviewed until after the NFL playoffs. But one source says following the charisma of Vermeil and with the magnetic Peterson, the Chiefs might want more than Williams-“not exactly Bobby Bowden when it comes to coming across to people.” Herm Edwards is connected to the Chiefs organization and key personnel including Vermeil and Peterson. But Edwards may be pushing for a pay raise from a loyal, strong and fair owner-a rarity in the pro ranks.

    Sources say even though Edwards played for Vermeil at Philly, and is widely regarded as a terrific guy and coach, that it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone feels that way…“there are mixed reports out there on everyone?” The Stoops name has consistently been speculated at or near the top of the list to succeed Vermeil. We’ve noted it for a couple of years, and have had conversations with some of the KC payroll about Stoopsand have had conversations with some of the KC payroll about Stoops/Peterson and KC. Kansas City’s Len Stiles will have a big say. He’d coached with Vermiel at UCLA and the Eagles and has the ear of people who want his input.

    Kansas City is not the only team that has had Stoops connected with potentially becoming the head coach. Ten days ago, we were told by insiders of interest in Dallas and Houston. Each is intriguing.

    In Dallas, Bill Parcells could be repeating history and just posturing for a pay raise. Or could be that the recent death of his brother could really have led him to give up the whistle. NFL sources say he’s interested in and has already drawn interest from potential network TV suitors.

    Or, the unpredictable, daring, and Oklahoma connected Jerry Jones might be ready to give Bill a chance to jump ship before he would pull the trigger himself and bring in a guy who might not always be available for the plucking.

    But as good and as confident as Stoops is, some wonder how he would step in and do a better job than Parcells-a guy who is a sure fire Hall-of-Fame coach and on a very short list of the best to ever coach in the league? In Houston, we were told last week that Don Capers was out and that Stoops might be the preferred choice. On the surface, the Texans don’t sound so good. But it could be appealing.

    There are plenty of pros and cons to the Stoops and the NFL. Stay or leave? REASONS TO STAY: 1/ Job security. 2/ Championship caliber team returning. 3/ Failure of mentor Steve Spurrier in Washington. 4/ He’s a college coach. 5/ Family settled and wife successful Mary Kay business. 6/ Biggest figure in state. 7/ Pursue standards of Wilkinson and Switzer. 8/ Desire to see Peterson and Bomar finish college careers. 9/ Security of remaining staff and their families. 10. Increased time at work meaning less family time.

    REASONS STOOPS WOULD REJECT THOSE REASONS: 1/ Not concerned about job security and all three jobs have quality ownership/management-Jones in Dallas, McNair in Houston and Peterson in KC. 2/ Albeit improved, the 2006 Sooners will not win the national title and if Vince Young returns, will be up to a ten-point underdog against Texas.

    3/Would be going into much better situations in Dallas and KC. Spurrier jumped into bed with Washington owner Daniel Snyder-a guy one NFL source described as a “clueless jackass knuckleheaded squirrel). Houston’s owner is a respected man and is committed to seeing the Texans become a winner. The winning ingredients are in place with QB David Carr and Reggie Bush.

    Stoops is used to calling his own shots and the NFL flow chart is not like it is in college. But the work hours “are what you make them…it depends on the quality of your work…you’ll spend more time at night because your stuff has to be ready by 8AM.” 4/ Yes, Stoops is a college coach. But just looking in Dallas you find a couple of guys from this state-Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer- who won SB rings early after making the switch. 5/ Better to move young kids than wait till they are 16. And can’t you sell make-up in Kansas City? Probably would expand her business. But they won’t be in food lines wherever they live.

    6/ Who cares? Vermeil’s pretty big in Kansas. 7/ Stoops could leave an absolute hero right now. He doesn’t need to match or better the records of Bud and Barry. Maybe the pursuit of that tandem is not so hot anyway.

    8/ Good point, but leaving those guys and other stars would be a nice way to go out. 9/ Another good point. But those guys won’t have trouble finding work. It would be surprising if the new coach would come from within, but a couple could possibly go to KC. A KC source says he was told Brent Venables would join Stoops in KC. And the bottom line is that the coaching business is a transient business. It is not the responsibility of a head coach to be totally responsible for a staff forever.

    10/ Another good point. But this guy is in his prime. Work ethic and energy are not a problem. Some things would need to be adjusted, but it’s probably not something that would be a deal-breaker.

    At the end of the day, you might ask why he wouldn’t take the large green and find out. If it doesn’t work, he shouldn’t have any more trouble finding good work than his pal Spurrier. Win-win for Stoops. Of so it seems.

    But, don’t discount his current gig. Not easy to find a Joe Castiglione, President Boren, tradition, facilities, administrative commitment, money, Peterson, Bomar, and other talent.

    A lot of mountain climbers like to go back after being there before and getting zapped halfway down the cliffs.

    So, ready, set, go. Let the emails, denials, scoffs and badgering begin. Lots of cynics out there who consider this darn near blasphemous.

    But we view it as irresponsible to not pass along facts, opinions and comments from insiders, when it pertains to a figure as big as Bob Stoops in Oklahoma.

    And trust me. Whether anything comes of it or not, the NFL grapevine and now the KC media are again talking Stoops.

    Does Stoops feel the urge to get to the big show? Or is he the coaching equivalent of the mountain climber who got knocked off the summit and is determined to see the view from the top again?


    BOOMERBRADLEY Well-Known Member

    Okay, all hate for the horns aside. How about Chizik ? Or maybe Mike might come back, how could he say no to the money ?

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