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  1. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    Phil posted a new article:

    The Road Warrior Report - KSU Review - October 15, 2016

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  2. King Crimson

    King Crimson SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    i still don't know why Snyder punted on 4th and 9. it's 31-17, ok, two score game.....and he's seen us blow leads against TCU and Texas the last two weeks. maybe that's the reason....waiting for us to implode. instead we go 88 to Dede.....?

    regardless, i'll take it.

    have fun on the trip, Phil. thanks for the report.
  3. BoulderSooner79

    BoulderSooner79 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    He must have thought the odds of us muffing the punt or going 3 and out while pinned deep was higher than getting a first down.

    I loved the call to go deep regardless of whether it worked. KSU had to gamble to stuff the run and sometimes it takes bold call to put a team away. Trusting Baker and Dede paid off. And no, I wouldn't have b*tched if we went 3 and out after an incompletion.

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