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The Most Iconic Picture......

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by SteelClip49, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. SteelClip49

    SteelClip49 New Member

    of the Bob Stoops era......

    The shot of when Roy Williams dives over to tackle Simms which leads to a Lehman TD? or....

    Sam Bradford touching the Play Like A Champion sign before he heads to the field? or...

    Sam Bradford sacrificing his body by trying to hurdle into the end zone in Stoolwater last season?

    Any others?
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  2. SoonerSinger3

    SoonerSinger3 New Member

    Quentin Griffin hopping/running into the end zone against FSU in our only national title win
  3. yermom

    yermom Stayatworkdad

    i don't see any pictures :mad:
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  4. CincySooner

    CincySooner Active Member

    yep... nothing said "Oklahoma is Back!!" quite like that photo.
  5. Jello Biafra

    Jello Biafra New Member

    the SI pic of tommie harris crapping a helmet.
  6. TMcGee86

    TMcGee86 Well-Known Member

    The pic with VY on his knees and Tommie looking like he's holding a shovel.

    Or the pic of Stoops hoisting the crystal ball.
  7. Crucifax Autumn

    Crucifax Autumn SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Stunned Aggie? lol
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  8. Boomer_Sooner_sax

    Boomer_Sooner_sax New Member

    Marshall taking back the INT against A&M with Calmus blocking the qb. Single most important play in the Stoops era.
  9. goingoneight

    goingoneight I said Biiiiiiiitch--

    Heupel being carried off the field by the offensive linemen after the MNC win holding up the No 1.
  10. yermom

    yermom Stayatworkdad

    Allen Patrick holding the ball next to a pile of Oregon players on the ground :mad:

    that seems to sum up the Stoops era post 2000...

    but that pic of Stoops holding the crystal ball seems like the best choice

    EDIT: the Heupel one sounds good too...
  11. SoonerSinger3

    SoonerSinger3 New Member

    Also, if you can find the image, OU's goal line stand on 4th and goal against OSU in 2003 at Norman. If I remember correctly, it seemed like half the defense stopped the running back on that play. Iconic of OU's usually dominant defense and intensity of the defense.
  12. goingoneight

    goingoneight I said Biiiiiiiitch--

    Nobody mentioned Bomar's spike? :confused:

  13. TheUnnamedSooner

    TheUnnamedSooner Well-Known Member

    The team photo at the cotton bowl with the scoreboard in the background that showed 63-14 was pretty awesome.

    CBUS_SOONER New Member

  15. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Bob Stoops iconic pictures throughout Bob Stoops in Oklahoma history, by badger:

    I think Stoops getting intro'd as coach would fit here. Tons of speculation on who would replace Boo, and in comes this hotshot coordinator from Florida with no head coaching experience :D

    Stoops says OU's No. 1, then raises the ball in the air. Picture perfect.

    Despite our troubles at home and on the road later that season, this is the play that allowed OU to kill its rival in a photographic fashion.

    Nate Hybl and Q are two players that you should never count out, even if there are better QB's and taller RB's out there. The Rose Bowl proved that.
    There was no better story in college football than a QB who simply would not quit, despite two ACL tears.

    Oranges flew all season long from the fans. After the Big 12 championship, the players got in on the act too. Fun times, despite what followed.
    It was funny that the season of so many problems and transition ended this way - with Bob Stoops scolding re-instated team captain Dusty D for dunking him before the game was officially over while Brett Romar spiked the ball for a flag. This pic reps that season quite well :D
    ENA is what OU athletics should be all about - putting team ahead of self. The fact that Texas screwed up late in the season to give PT his championship moment was pure greatness.

    After Gundy's rant, Lofton earned the nickname "The Man." at ESPN College Gameday the morning of this game. At the game itself, Lofton showed "Heisman candidate" Booger Daniel exactly why he was "The Man."
    No other. Sam will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means he has to turn into a helicopter.

    What do you think? How'd I do?
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2009
  16. soonervegas

    soonervegas New Member

    Mike Stoops shaking hands with the Arizona Athletic Director
  17. jumperstop

    jumperstop New Member

    This is the lammest picture thread ever...It's like it's missing something.

    Edit: Ok better now with pictures.
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  18. Pricetag

    Pricetag SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    There's one of him at the podium, and you can see Switzer in the background. That would be best.
  19. SunnySooner

    SunnySooner Wild West Wench

    I really like all of Badger's, this one has to be 2009.

    Gives me chills, thanks for EVERYTHING, Sam!! Sometimes I feel sorry for Landry, who looks like he will be an amazing QB that we would all have been freaking out about IF...he hadn't had such a tough act to follow.
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  20. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    I didn't choose 2009 yet, because I have a feeling that either our bowl game or perhaps our games with Nebraska or OSU will provide something too good to pass up.

    I must say, I was struggling between JW's Heisman and Bob Stoops "This ball into this ball" for 2003. That is what I remember about 2003 more than anything :D

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