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son might get chance to play past high school...

Discussion in 'Sooner Baseball, Softball, etc.' started by Soonerjeepman, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    not a big deal to most....

    He's a Sr on a HS team that has not had a lot of success. Gone from a catcher to he'll be the top returning pitcher (again, taken with a grain of salt!).

    We went to Independence CC in Ks this past weekend for a showcase. The coach talked to him after his first game, only pitched 2 innings, but played 1st, caught and outfield as well.

    Asked him at what level would he like to play..the highest...he said D2. Coach told him he can have a very successful college career if he wants. Guess they see potential, he's 6'3 170....needs some muscle.

    This is all great news, considering, he never even thought about playing after HS til his Junior season...is not one of those rah rah baseball guys, hell prob can't name more than 1 or 2 guys for the Royals.

    Hopefully he can have a good senior yr and get to play next yr. Course MY dream would be for him to play 2 yrs at JUCO then go to OU! LOL...not happening...but I can dream~
  2. mojorisen2014

    mojorisen2014 New Member

    Who can name 2 players off the Royals squad?
  3. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    lol...my GF's 8 yr old son...

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