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some idears

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by jkm the stolen pifwafwi, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. jkm  the stolen pifwafwi

    jkm the stolen pifwafwi SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    just some ideas for generating water cooler talk from the magazine...

    eligibility chart
    a recruiting class chart for the 5-6 years of the guys playing with a generic what happened to them. (color coded for transfer, starter, backup, etc.) and a generic summation under it (# all conference, # AA, #academic AA, # drafted, etc.)

    a map of the US with where the guys on the roster are from and where all of our current offers are from
  2. jk the sooner fan

    jk the sooner fan loved by all

    sounds like a cool thing, let us know when you're finished with it....my guess is that you have all that info within a few keystrokes.....
  3. oupride

    oupride New Member

    Sounds great, when's the next issue due out??? Can't wait!
  4. jk the sooner fan

    jk the sooner fan loved by all

    i nominate jkm to be allowed to have his own "guest" column in the spectator.....seriously
  5. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    I'll pass those on to our editor, JKM. Thanks.
  6. Sooner_Bob

    Sooner_Bob SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    very cool idea jkm.

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