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Shameless Self Promotion

Discussion in 'South Oval' started by Oldnslo, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Oldnslo

    Oldnslo Radioman

    Attorney Adam on Facebook

    I'll post the occasional tidbit on Oklahoma law here, such as the "If a tree falls in the forest" item.

    Plus, The Attorney Adam Store featuring all manner of stuff bearing my ever-so-cool logo! (some of the items aren't going to be offered as soon as I can get them deleted. I really don't think there needs to be Attorney Adam dog shirts, for instance. Or thong).

    ...and, while we're at it: A little love for Mix 96!

    If you're a Facebook person, can you do me a good turn and LIKE the Attorney Adam page? It never hurts to be able to show some numbers!
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    OUHOMER SoonerFans.com Elite Member

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  3. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    Yea I gave it a thumbs up also
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  4. Oldnslo

    Oldnslo Radioman

    Thanks! I'd hoped to get on the air with this, but I'll have to wait until next week for that.
  5. Oldnslo

    Oldnslo Radioman

    I've been told, again, that getting a "significant" number on facebook will be a Good Thing for Attorney Adam.

    If you're of a mind to, please check out the page and give it a "like" for me!

  6. C&CDean

    C&CDean Administrator

    Well at least you were honest about the shameless self promotion deal. Heh.
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  7. 3rdgensooner

    3rdgensooner What?

    What kind of law do you practice?
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  8. Turd_Ferguson

    Turd_Ferguson SoonerFans.com Elite Member

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  9. JDMT

    JDMT New Member

    I will for 5.00. I can be bought.
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  10. Oldnslo

    Oldnslo Radioman

    Most of what I do is insurance defense for AAA, representing insureds who have been sued for a car wreck or dog bite. I've also got some general counsel responsibilities for AAA of Oklahoma. About 10% of my practice is on the Plaintiff side, again, car wrecks and dog bites, with the occasional bad faith case thrown in.

    I've got law partners who do pretty much anything someone might need. Taxes, business start-ups, adoptions, divorce, estate planning and wills, employment issues...

    and from 7-8 a.m. every Wednesday on Tulsa's Mix 96, I'm Attorney Adam, fielding phone calls from folks who need a little advice.
  11. 3rdgensooner

    3rdgensooner What?

    Thanks for the rundown. I've not caught you on Mix 96 but I will try to.
  12. Oldnslo

    Oldnslo Radioman

    Thanks! It's the Best Hour of Radio in Tulsa!
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  13. The Maestro

    The Maestro SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I charge a retainer of $250 for every "like" on facebook.

    Damn, I am a NATURAL at being a lawyer!

    Ah, hell...done.
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  14. DRLSooner

    DRLSooner New Member

    I "liked" it
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  15. Bourbon St Sooner

    Bourbon St Sooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    If I "like" you, do I get crappy insurance law updates?
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  16. AlboSooner

    AlboSooner New Member

    do you help people with snake bites?
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  17. Oldnslo

    Oldnslo Radioman

    I put out a book every year. If you want a copy, PM your address.
  18. Wishboned

    Wishboned New Member

    Honestly I wish they would just let you field calls the entire hour instead of having the music breaks. Much more entertaining.
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  19. SunnySooner

    SunnySooner Wild West Wench

    You are officially liked by one SunnySooner,esq. Not really, but I always thought that was cool. ;)
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  20. Oldnslo

    Oldnslo Radioman

    There's a few meetings to be held. Everything has taken years longer than I hoped, but there might be some movement to get a "long format" show going.

    ...and thanks. I really appreciate it!

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