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Roll Tide!!!! tonight.

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by bc2573, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. bc2573

    bc2573 New Member

    Who's with me?!?
  2. Partial Qualifier

    Partial Qualifier SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    bamma jamma crimson hamma
  3. Boomer.....

    Boomer..... .....Sooner!

    I think everyone on here besides Lid is pulling for Bama.
  4. Partial Qualifier

    Partial Qualifier SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    But I'm not getting my hopes up too high. Texas has a strong defense and a QB who can pull a 3rd down conversion out of a chigger's ***. They definitely have a good chance to win.
  5. budbarrybob

    budbarrybob New Member

    3-2 tide win
  6. CaliBornSoonerBred

    CaliBornSoonerBred New Member

  7. walkoffsooner

    walkoffsooner New Member

  8. KantoSooner

    KantoSooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    A great win for Texas would be better for us in terms of B12 rep; but I really don't see it happening.
    Ignoring the players for a moment, just mentally picture Nicky Satan on one side of your screen and Clappie Mack on the other. When it comes down to knife fight time, is there really any comparison?
  9. OUmillenium

    OUmillenium New Member

    Roll Tide! Crush the whorns.
  10. The Ghost of Mex

    The Ghost of Mex New Member

    Somebody cover Shipley...PLEASE!
  11. CaliBornSoonerBred

    CaliBornSoonerBred New Member

    I do belive that All American Javier Arenas will be the guy shutting down shipley
  12. soonerfan28

    soonerfan28 New Member

    33-31 Texas. Not really sure how I feel. We have to recruit against Texas so w/them winning that may sway a few recruits but I think we'll still get our share. I just don't wanna hear about how Bob may have more Big XII championships but Mack has more national.
  13. boomersooner28

    boomersooner28 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    ROLL TIDE!!!!
  14. S008NER

    S008NER New Member

    Roll Tide !!
  15. SunnySooner

    SunnySooner Wild West Wench


    Give 'Em Hell, Alabama!!!
  16. SoonerShark

    SoonerShark New Member

    Wouldn't you love to have played this year's Texas or Alabama team last year? No offense Bama and UT, but you generally have no offense. This years best is last year's seventh best at best. 2009 Texas would have been fourth last year...in the Big XII South. What would 2008's OSU team have done to UT or Tech if it got to play them at Boone's Farm? Although we fell short at the end in 2008, the OU wins over number two Tech by 40 and by 20 at OSU and by 40 over Missouri in frigid weather three straight weeks at night were the three most impressive games by anybody last year, and they were back to back. Had we scored on the goal line twice in the first half in Miami and not thrown that one interception in the second half against FU (UF) it would have been the most impressive four game stretch ever. Oh, well...we are three plays from immortality.
  17. SoonerShark

    SoonerShark New Member

    Roll Tide! Then hopefully, you are back to your earlier century form.
  18. SoonerShark

    SoonerShark New Member

    Think about this...if Gresham had not gotten hurt we probably would have beaten UT easily and TCU or Cincinnati would be in Pasadena playing Bama. And they both lost their bowl games. In 2007, had Sam not gotten hurt in Lubbock we would have beaten them and played Ohio State in New Orleans rather than LSU, and we lost our bowl game to the alternate opponent. Had there been a BCS in 1984, we would have played either undefeated BYU, a team that was lucky to beat a 6-6 Michigan team, or another team in the Championship game. And we lost our bowl game to the opponent we played in a bowl. Championships are sometimes the luck of the draw, aren't they? In 1978, if there had been a BCS and a conference championship game we would have played Nebraska a second time, not in the bowl game like the Orange Bowl rematch, but the conference championship game. Then we might have played Bama or USC for the championship.
  19. boomermagic

    boomermagic New Member

    ROLL TIDE !!!!
  20. 7Tech

    7Tech New Member

    which kinda upholds the theory of "Defense wins Championships"
    cause Florida shut down that "most impressive offense ever in the history of mankind" last year

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