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Possible Classlessness by UT

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by SicEmBaylor, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. SicEmBaylor

    SicEmBaylor Baylor Ambassador

    If this has been mentioned elsewhere on the board then I apologize, but I looked around and didn't find any mention of it.

    Last night I managed at least a grunt of approval at seeing VY's final TD run, however this morning I watched reruns of the ABC/ESPN post-game show on ESPN. Well, during the post game celebration by UT fans unless I was totally hearing things I believe they were chanting "Worse than Baylor."

    Now if that wasn't bad enough they changed their chant and it took me a few moments to tune into what they were saying, but I'm 99% sure they were chanting "Just like White!" Which the only thing I could guess that to mean is a reference to Jason's Heisman win followed by a National Championship defeat directed at Reggie Bush.

    Both were relatively classless comments by fans from a program who should act like they've been there before...only of course they haven't.

    Again if this has been mentioned already then I apologize.
    Or if I somehow misheard their chants (which I doubt) then I apologize for that as well. =)
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  2. Big Red Ron

    Big Red Ron SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    We all know how "classy" ut fans are, right?
  3. FirstandGoal

    FirstandGoal New Member

    This news does not surprise me
  4. NormanPride

    NormanPride SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I was listening in, but I don't think that's what they were saying... I thought it was something along the lines of "One more year" for Vince...

    EDIT: Do we really care what that Rick-Racked and Fringed freak show thinks/says?
  5. XingTheRubicon

    XingTheRubicon SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Maybe they were chanting "Just like White" when SC was up 12?
  6. AzianSooner

    AzianSooner Well-Known Member

    It sounds to me like they say "Love all Sooners".. but hey, don't blame me who learn ESL at the age 22.
  7. sooneron

    sooneron Soonerfans.com Elitist

    I didn't hear that. Then again, I didn't understand much more than the one more year. Vince is their leader now. The follow his lead. Their speaking skillz seem to have followed....
  8. RooseveltRoughRider

    RooseveltRoughRider New Member

    People should differentiate between TEAMS and FANS. There is a big difference. I doubt that is what was being said. If it was a player that;s one thing. But UT is the largest school in the country with over 50,000 students. Half of them are bound to be jackasses.

    And what would a "Worse Than Baylor" comment be referring to? It makes no sense. Just like a comment on Jason White would'nt either. He is in the history books and will be forever lodged in College Football lore..again a senseless comment. Who would heckle someone they never beat ?
    I doubt it happened.

    And just for the record...I couldnt help but notice your "Act like they have been there" comment. Has Baylor?
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  9. Thesifer

    Thesifer New Member

    Yeah I could care less what Texas fans are chanting, It's really not anymore classless then us Sooners chanting "Overrated" at the Holiday Bowl as we were beating them.
  10. King Crimson

    King Crimson SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    no one on this board has ever made fun of Baylor. morons=morons.

    there's no orthodoxy about school alignment or rooting interest.
  11. caphorns

    caphorns New Member

    Actually, they were chanting "SicEm Baylor Has a Small E-Penis". I swear.
  12. MITSooner

    MITSooner New Member

    I heard that too. Totally classless
  13. Crimson_Balls

    Crimson_Balls 1st team All-American

    We all know Texas fans have no couth. Especially this year at the red river shootout.
  14. TexasLidig8r

    TexasLidig8r SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Sic.. I've read a number of your posts on here... and this has got to be the biggest reach you've ever tried to exhibit.

    Not only was Baylor not even remotely in the mind set of any Texas fan last night (or quite frankly, ever)... but there was no reference to J. White (whom, most Texas fans respect for his tenacity and courage in overcoming two severe knee injuries)....

    Not a good post at all Sic.. very aggy like. You're better than that.
  15. jreed13

    jreed13 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    The funniest thing was when someone shouted "where is mark may" really loudly at the espn crew right after the game. lol
  16. SicEmBaylor

    SicEmBaylor Baylor Ambassador

    You're right it's totally aggy if I were making it up. But I listened to that segment twice with the ABC Pre-Game crew (the one with Craig James) most of the field was empty except for some UT cheerleaders and in the background you could clearly hear (what sounded like to me) chants of "Worse than Baylor" followed by "Just like White."

    I think it's a totally absurd to me that UT fans would ever chant either of those things, and if I heard it 2nd hand I wouldn't believe it. Yet after listening to it twice it sounded like what it sounded like...
  17. Soonrboy

    Soonrboy Always Right

    Maybe it was "over-rated"...chant both of them out, sound similar.
  18. caphorns

    caphorns New Member

    Actually they were chanting "Vanna White" not "Just Like White". Dude I've never heard a second of a chant from a UT fan about Jason White. If someone was doing that near me, I know for certain we'd all be wondering WTF.

    I know that Baylor didn't come up AT ALL. No f'n way. Maybe it was "Ramonce Taylor" and "Lendell White" Duh.
  19. OKC-SLC

    OKC-SLC SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    cap and lid, congratulations.

    i hate your school, but they were the best.
  20. RedstickSooner

    RedstickSooner New Member

    Ever since I found out they *weren't* singing "I been working on the railroad", I make no attempt to understand what the Longhorn fanbase is saying/doing in the stands.

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