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Poooor aggy

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Frozen Sooner, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Frozen Sooner

    Frozen Sooner Soon to be Memphibian


    Couldn't bear to watch game film from OU-OSU because it hurt so badly.

    And that's the difference between the two programs. At Oklahoma, you don't run from your mistakes, you try to overcome them. At OSU, you bury your hedgehog-like head in the sand and run away.
  2. SoonerBread

    SoonerBread New Member

    11 wins is best season ever. Wow. 11. That's a pretty pedestrian season by OU standards. Just shows the desparity between the two programs.
  3. AlboSooner

    AlboSooner New Member

    They implied that they were the better team if it weren't for Blackmon being hurt. That's fine and dandy, but the OU dominance over 8 years now, can't be explained by one player being hurt. We have had players hurt, and still have whipped aggy.
  4. agoo758

    agoo758 New Member

    See 2009. Our problems ran MUCH deeper than one reciever.
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  5. Frozen Sooner

    Frozen Sooner Soon to be Memphibian

    Then maybe they shouldn't have played him until his leg fell off in other games.

    Can you imagine the angst if we were playing a receiver who'd been tagged with a DUI?
  6. ouwasp

    ouwasp New Member

    Can you imagine the indignant crap the pokes would be spouting if a Sooner receiver pulled the stunt Blackmon did? Plus, Bob would prolly have a stroke...
  7. jumperstop

    jumperstop New Member

    Instead of being congratulated and high fived leaving the field he would have gotten chewed out. I also hope that after getting a DUI Stoops would have kept him out for at least one game. Right there is the difference in the Sooner coaching staff and an aggie coaching staff.
  8. BigJerm7

    BigJerm7 New Member

    Or one that got jail time for selling weed.
  9. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

    you're kidding, rite ???

    he was held out for a game.
  10. LakeRat

    LakeRat New Member

    I believe Mosis Madu fits this category. Held out for the first game of the season against Utah State.
  11. texaspokieokie

    texaspokieokie New Member

  12. w0lfe

    w0lfe New Member

    wannabees, sums up and explains everything that a poke says.
  13. Keller Sooner

    Keller Sooner New Member

    Aggies are strange creatures. If OU had only won 16 games in 105 years in this rivalry, I sure as hell wouldn't be over on their board posting. But, that's just me. :D
  14. 85sooners

    85sooners New Member

    Screw all pokes in the a
  15. picasso

    picasso SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Had nothing to do with Blackmon. They need to go back and watch how they couldn't run the ball on us and how Taylor Weeden whizzed his pants at the first sign of pressure.
  16. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    I wonder where Cowboy is... maybe he doesn't realize "aggy" refers to him and not A&M? :D

    And yeah... as they all lamented earlier, their best season in recent history and all they could get into was the Alamo Bowl... tee hee.

    As NP and I were watching the Baylor beatdown, we realized something - teams like Baylor, Mizzou, Aggie and Aggy are not improving --- the Big 12 was just spectacularly BAD this year. It was bad enough that Texas was not bowling. It was bad enough that once contended for the South. It was bad enough that even if one of our teams went undefeated this season, our conference champ would have been left out of the title game.

    So Aggy, you are indeed pooooor.
  17. jumperstop

    jumperstop New Member

    Ok I guess I was mistaken. But considering how hard the government is on DUI's one game seems a bit weak. I'm all for **** ups and second chances but that's a slap on the wrist
  18. StoopTroup

    StoopTroup New Member

    It's fine if they want to remind themselves of what could have been I guess. One thing that won't change is....what really happened. What happened is their best player was injured and their Team wasn't capable of wiining a game against the Sooners on their Home Field. The amount of money their Administration screws themselves out of over that game and next year's game is about the stupiest finanacial manuever I've ever witnessed in all my years of watching football. ESPN ought to do a show on this IMO. If it isn't one of the mosy hillbilly paranoid moves by a in-state Rival ever....I don't know what is.

    Anyway back to them boasting what could of been and wasn't.....

    Typical. Same **** as it is every damn year. Even if they'd won 9 games they'd still be saying this ****. They got a look at the edges of what it must be like to make it past 11 games and how good it would feel. Sooner Fans have expereinced a level of Agony, Defeat and Ultimate Accomplishment more than once and it's funny to watch lil brother get all lathered up again and be put back in the stable hoping that next year....their stable of thoroughbreds won't be sold off to the glue factory again.
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  19. Pricetag

    Pricetag SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    But Robinson was dinged up. If he hadn't been, it would have been different. . .
  20. Pricetag

    Pricetag SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    But they gave up on the run too early. If they hadn't, it would have been different. . .

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