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Paris attacks

Discussion in 'TrumpFest 2016' started by Soonerjeepman, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    couple of things...

    #1 AGAIN, the "faith of peace" really shows well. chirp chirp from any Islam folks denouncing this? Don't see any "Christians" murdering folks because they make fun of Jesus...

    #2 Ya think the "tolerant" attitude in Europe towards the Islamic religion will change?

    #3 Bet the police start carrying weapons....crap,3 showed up on bikes but took off when they realized these terrorists were armed.
  2. jkjsooner

    jkjsooner New Member

    I'm not sure Europe is so tolerant. There are a lot of internal conflicts between the groups in both France and Germany. We're lucky enough to have most of our migrants coming from latin America. They happen to have them coming from north Africa and Turkey.

    My emotional side wants to use an alternative form of the Bush Doctrine against these groups. Either you take an active role to help fix the problem or you will be considered part of the problem. The reasoning side realizes that that attitude could be just as bad or worse than what you are trying to prevent. (I mean, what exactly could you do against the groups that wouldn't be considered a crime against humanity.)

    Glad I don't have to make the decisions. I might just make a really bad one.

    REDREX New Member

    Is this also the 'B' team?
  4. The Remnant

    The Remnant New Member

    Or workplace violence?
  5. TAFBSooner

    TAFBSooner Well-Known Member

    This was just the Islamists' way of saying that "Muhommad is never funny." :-(
  6. FaninAma

    FaninAma SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Multiculturalism is wonderful thing....don't ya' think?
  7. jkjsooner

    jkjsooner New Member

    Note that today is a day of mourning in France. When they have something happen in Palestine they have a day of rage.

    Simply different mindsets.
  8. SoonerProphet

    SoonerProphet Well-Known Member

    Yeah, those radical Muslims hate that sh!t.
  9. FaninAma

    FaninAma SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I don't get the use of violence as one of their tools to address their grievances toward the political and social systems of their adopted countries. If I didn't like what was going on in the country in which I lived and felt there was no hope for change I would seriously examine the option of immigrating to another country with a political and social system more intune with by beliefs.
  10. SoonerProphet

    SoonerProphet Well-Known Member

    They don't give a **** about a hijab, hadiths, or culture. Hell, most of the French Muslim is like our Muslim population, willing to live in peace with your neighbors and practice your faith as you please. What AQ types want is the reaction to their violence. If they can get Euros to act just as beastly as they do, then maybe they can get past the indifference of many in the Islamic communities.
  11. dwarthog

    dwarthog Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing this takes some of the allure off taking that no longer useful vehicle over to "that" side of Paris for a fire and an insurance claim.
  12. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    On Hannity (yeah not a huge fan, but he does have guests on there) a practicing Islam Dr (not medical) said yesterday on radio, as I was driving home, that TRUE Quran believers support the idea that if you do not practice Islam you should be killed.

    So, my take is, kind of like Christians and the bible....we really don't do the eye for an eye type thing...so maybe these "moderate" Islam folks the ones that live in other countries and "tolerate" our religions handle the Quran like we handle the Bible...who knows.

    I do believe that there is a majority of Islamic believers that feel if you are not practicing Islam you should die.
  13. dwarthog

    dwarthog Well-Known Member

    There certainly seems to be a preponderance of evidence pointing to Islam as being highly intolerant to other religions and practices.

    If "TRUE" Quran believers support the idea of killing non-believers, then there is a problem here which would best be solved by hanging with your own kind of folks.

    If they think they are going to move in and then we'll roll over, well I'm betting that won't play out too well.
  14. Turd_Ferguson

    Turd_Ferguson SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Sorry, but you're making no ****ing sense.
  15. SoonerProphet

    SoonerProphet Well-Known Member

    Really? Launching an attack to further inflame the nationalists sentiments and to get a reaction is a hard concept to wrap your brain around.
  16. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Islamic extremists are stepping up the creation of "no-go" areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims.

    Many of the "no-go" zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law. Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.

    The "no-go" areas are the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated rather than become integrated into their European host nations.


    Looks like Europe is a little more tolerant than some think. At least the muslims are trying to create that...

  17. jkjsooner

    jkjsooner New Member

    I think you're thinking too much. These guys didn't have such wide ranging goals. They were mad about the cartoons, believe it is their job to take revenge on those responsible, and believe that Allah will reward them for doing so.

    If you think they had some grand plan to incite nationalistic sentiments and cause polarization between Muslims and non-Muslims then I think you are giving them way too much credit.
  18. SoonerProphet

    SoonerProphet Well-Known Member

    Don't know man, sharpening the contradictions just isn't relegated to Bolsheviks, pretty standard revolution 101. Them frogs love their rights of man too.
  19. REDREX

    REDREX New Member

    When they find the two brothers I am going to bet that they will not give up----I just hope no one else gets hurt
  20. rock on sooner

    rock on sooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    "except the two brothers....

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