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OU vs. Baylor .... in Womens Soccer

Discussion in 'Sooner Baseball, Softball, etc.' started by nighttrain12, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member


    The semi finals of the Big 12 postseason tournament in Kansas City. OU is 10-7-3 on the season and Baylor is 9-8-2. The OU women probably need to win this one and likely the Finals if they want to make the NCAA post season tournament. The match starts Friday around 7:45pm and you can watch it live on the Big 12 website.
  2. tycat947

    tycat947 New Member

    We owe Hypocrite U big time!

    If we win tonight that may be enough to get into tourney. We played a very tough schedule and also beat Top 10 ranked Florida and Texas Tech. Also, beat Top 25 KU twice. We had a rough stretch but seem to have shaken that off. With this young, young team I'm hoping this is the year we've turned the corner with the program. Looks very bright!
  3. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member

    Sooners win in a shootout 3-2 and make the finals! They tied Baylor 0-0 after 2OT but we won it in a shootout! Boomer!
  4. tycat947

    tycat947 New Member

  5. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member

    Well, at least we know how to beat Baylor in Womens soccer! :)

    Preview of the Big 12 championship:


  6. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member

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