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Oklahoma womens basketball blog 2010-11

Discussion in 'Sooner Basketball' started by badger, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. NMSooner'80

    NMSooner'80 Member

    Please, A&M - just punk the Skeletor and make us all happy, now that the Sooners are done....
  2. Monster Zero

    Monster Zero Member

    What did Skeletor say about DRob?
  3. NMSooner'80

    NMSooner'80 Member

  4. silverwheels

    silverwheels SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    LMAO. Mulkey is like school in summertime.
  5. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Apologies again. Still ill. I really tried to get started on this last night... but then decided to take Benadryl instead :(

    BRGGGGGGHHHH! (blowing nose into tissue) That's still what I think of Notre Dame!

    Especially after the way they took out Rocky Top... (sigh) we had a real chance of doing another Final Four, if only we didn't have our worst shooting night on the day Domer had their best. :(
  6. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

  7. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Oh crap, Stacy stepped down?!?!


    She's been with our program almost as long as Coale! :eek:

    Hope nothing weird is going on :(
  8. NMSooner'80

    NMSooner'80 Member

    Now that Skeletor is out, who do we root for now? I'd have rooted for UConn against Baylor, and I can't stand them either.

    I do imagine that one can count the number of OU women's basketball fans who rooted for Baylor, on one hand. The D-Rob thing was just the latest, but most emphatic, reason for that.

    (the only two Mulkey fans on any OU board I've ever seen are on the same board - one invokes the name of Billy Tubbs and his alleged misdeeds in the mid-80's, and the other just thinks Kimmy walks on water and defends her to the hilt)
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  9. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Even though Kruger is the savior of Sooner men's basketball I promise I haven't forgotten about season-end grades. My throat's cleared, I worked out this morning, I'm fine, no more excuses, it'll be up before the end of the week... so long as NP is not addicted to Civ5 every evening :)
  10. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Wow, what a year.
    Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally time for...


    Previous season grades can be seen here (2008-09) or here (2009-10). There is absolutely no curve. Stats are only for this season, as are awards. I don't peek at previous season's grades before issuing this year's grade. There's nothing official or scientific about these grades - they're just a tribute to our Sweet 16 year and the players that got us there.

    And in case you're wondering how it started - someone gave the men's team grades after the Elite Eight a few years ago, so I posted some grades for the women's team :)

    In jersey score order!

    #3 Aaryn "Vegas" Ellenberg
    (5-7 freshman guard from Las Vegas, NV)
    Grade: A-

    Achievements unlocked: OU record 94 three's in a single season, All-Big 12 freshman team, All-Big 12 honorable mention, four-time Big 12 player of the week, froshie in starting lineup (33 games)
    Stats: 16.2 PPG (35 games played), 3.3 RPG, 39% 3PT, 81% FT, 39% FG
    Overall: This is how Sherri probably hopes all of her recruits start their OU careers. She is like D-Rob with a three-point shot, but must improve her ball handling and driving ability to replace D-Rob at the point next season. However, there is very little doubt that "Vegas" will continue to be a starter next season.

    #4 Nicole Griffin (6-6 freshman center from Milwaukee, WI)
    Grade: B

    Achievements unlocked: Froshie in starting lineup (12 games), double-double (March 5)
    Stats: 5.7 PPG (30 games played), 3.7 RPG, 67% FG, 57% FT
    Overall: A very promising start to a freshman that broke into the starting lineup late in the season. Alas, she will need to get stronger to compete with some of the Big 12's elite post teams. Barring an injury or sophomore slump, definitely a starter next year with a lot of room - and time - to improve before her OU career is over.

    #10 Carlee "ROFL" Roethlisberger (6-1 senior forward from, Findlay, Ohio)
    Grade: B+ (Previous seasons: C+ in 09-10, C in 08-09)

    Achievements unlocked: Starter (all 35 games), double-double (Dec. 5, Feb. 27 and March 22), academic All-Big 12
    Stats: 6.9 PPG, 5.2 RPG, 31% 3PT, 38% FG, 72% FT
    Overall: After wondering for a few seasons if she was only recruited to our high tier program for her name, Carlee showed what a workhorse she was her senior year, getting all three of her double-doubles against top tier opponents (tOSU, Baylor, Miami). We'll miss her, but not ESPN endlessly reminding us who her brother is.

    #12 Jelina Cerina (6-5 junior center from Serbia)
    Grade: C-

    Stats: 2.2 PPG (20 games played), 2.3 RPG, 52% FT, 46% FG
    Overall: Rarely saw time her first season after transferring in from nearby juco North Oklahoma A&M, but showed promise during foul-trouble games with her post presence as far as rebounding and getting quick, short shots up.

    #13 Danielle "D-Rob" Robinson (5-9 senior guard from San Jose, CA)
    Grade: A (Previous seasons: A for 09-10, B+ for 09-08)

    Achievements unlocked: Starter (all 35 games), double-double (Nov. 13, March 20), Academic All-Big 12, Capital One Academic All-District First Team, Lowe's Senior CLASS Award Finalist, Capital One Academic All-America Second Team, All-Big 12 Championship Team, All-Big 12 Defensive Team, All-Big 12 First Team, Nancy Lieberman Award Finalist, Naismith Trophy Midseason Candidate, Wooden Award Ballot Candidate, AP All-America Second Team, State Farm Coaches' All-America Honorable Mention
    Stats: 18.3 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 88% FT, 46 % FG, 28% 3PT
    Overall: Her turnovers seemed to be more in check this season even surrounded by more freshmen and less seniors than previous seasons. Her speed and leadership will be incredibly missed.

    #14 Lauren Willis (5-11 senior guard from Overland Park, KS)
    Grade: B- (Previous years: C in 09-10, inc. in 09-08)

    Achievement unlocked: All-Big 12 academic first team
    Stats: 2.6 PPG (24 games played), 0.7 RPG, 33% 3PT, 80% FT, 34% FG
    Overall: I am not sure why Sherri didn't call on Lauren when teammate's three weren't falling more this season, but for whatever reason, Lauren just didn't play very much this year. It kind of disappointed me as a fan, since she's a senior and a player that had to walk-on to get to OU. In any event, we wish Lauren all the best.

    #22 Morgan "Le Tre" Hook (5-10 freshman guard from Lowell, AR)
    Grade: B

    Achievement unlocked: froshie in starting lineup (2 games)
    Stats: 6.6 PPG, 1.2 RPG, 38% 3PT, 60% FT, 39% FG
    Overall: After a very strong start to the season that earned her a few starts and the nickname "Le Tre" from me, her treys stopped falling as often when conference play started, but she still had very good dribble-drives for some easy deuces. I look for her to possibly break into the starting lineup next year if she has some strong shooting performances again next year, but her speed leads me to ask: Potential D-Rob replacement to lead the offense???

    #25 Whitney Hand (6-1 redshirt sophomore guard from Fort Worth, TX)
    Grade: inc (Previous years: A+ in 09-10 and 08-09)

    Achievements unlocked: Starter (22 games) Overcoming Jason White-itis, double-double (Jan. 2 return from injury game), All-Big 12 academic first team
    Stats: 12.6 PPG (in 23 games), 5.7 RPG, 34% 3PT, 40% FG, 82% FG
    Overall: I am giving her the "incomplete" grade that I should have given her last season, because she only played five games last season, yet I made some lame excuse for her getting an A+ still... something about being Sherri-in-training and keeping a positive attitude or something... ANYWAY, I have no idea how she is playing as well as she does after Jason White-itis (ACL tear) and hearing stories of how she's in too much pain to do shooting drills and running drills in practice. All I hope is that she gets 100 percent healed in time for her redshirt junior season, because this team falls apart when she's taking breathers on the bench. As such, definitely a starter next season, barring injury.

    #31 Kodi Morrison (5-8 sophomore guard from Seminole, OK)
    Grade: inc (Previous season: inc. 09-10)

    Stats: 1.4 PPG (in 13 games), 0.6 RPG
    Overall: The walk-on once came in during a flustered Sherri moment to show the team that her instructions weren't that complicated. I think it's just an Oklahoma girl thing that only Sherri and Kodi can understand :)

    #34 Jacqueline Jeffcoat (6-2 freshman forward-center from Plano, TX)
    Grade: inc.

    Achievement unlocked: Overcoming mono
    Stats: 0.7 PPG (in 13 games), 1.3 RPG
    Overall: After a reported case of mononucleosis (if you've ever had it, you know how much is sucks and how difficult it is to recover from), Jaq only showed OU fans glimpses of her athleticism and ability that she stole from untalented, overrated twin who now plays football in Whornland. Here's hoping she gets a medical redshirt for this season and turns into a speedier Amanda Thompson.

    #44 Lyndsey Cloman (6-3 sophomore forward-center from San Antonio, TX)
    Grade: C+ (Previous season: C)

    Achievement unlocked: Starter (2 games)
    Stats: 4.3 PPG (in 29 games), 3.0 RPG, 49% FG, 71% FT
    Overall: A back injury kept her out of the post season, but she might be our answer to our rebounding and mid-range shooting woes. I definitely expect great things out of Cloman next year, possibly a starter at a hybrid F/C toughness position against those pesky Big 12 foes.

    #45 Jasmine Hartman (5-10 junior guard from Houston, TX)
    Grade: C+ (Previous years: B- in 09-10, C in 08-09)

    Achievement unlocked: Starter (12 games)
    Stats: 1.9 PPG, 2.2 RPG, 37% FG, 52% FT
    Overall: I'll just admit it -- ever since she arrived in 2008, I expected her to become a dual threat at the point with D-Rob, kind of like a wishbone for basketball or something. Instead, what I've seen is some glaring timeout sessions from Sherri and a lot of benching during her career thus far. Like Ny and Abi discovered upon turning seniors, I hope Jaz no longer is held back by whatever is preventing her from becoming a start on BOTH SIDES (not just defense!) for Oklahoma. You're a senior now, Jaz. Please, PLEASE make it a year to remember.

    #53 Joanna "Run JMc" McFarland
    (6-3 sophomore forward-center from Derby, KS)
    Grade: B+ (Previous year: B+)

    Achievements unlocked: Genius (4.0 GPA), Capital One Academic All-District Second Team, Academic All-Big 12 First Team, Starter (21 games), double-double (four times)
    Stats: 5.3 PPG (in 35 games), 5.2 RPG, 47% FG, 71% FT
    Overall: After a frustrating start to her sophomore season, "Four Foul" turned into "Run JMc" by postseason, making us wonder what "ah ha!" moment she had during a mad scientist biochemistry lab session. I think she has the potential to get into the starting lineup, but it really remains to be seen who steps up in the offseason training, injuries, or heaven forbid, a few sophomore slumps in teammates???

    Honorable mention for Player of the Year:

    Whitney (3 player of game honors), Morgan (3), Joanna (3), Vegas (2), Jaz (2), Carlee (1), Nicole (1), Lauren (1)

    With five "Player of the Game" honors this season, an honor bestowed following each win for the greatest performance, the unquestioned leader and player most likely to be missed next season is by far, without question...

    I will be back once more with season highlights and then finally sign off for the summer onto either more Lon Kruger talk, spring football or perhaps even a bit of WNBA bits here and there (but likely not).

  11. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Seasonal recap:

    After the usual individual player grades, let's look at the season as a whole:

    Best win: NCAA Round 2 vs. Miami, March 22, 88-83.
    What made it great: After a lackluster Big 12 tourney, not much was expected out of OU in the tournament. Killer performances by Whitney Hand (scoring) and Joanna McFarland (rebounding) got us past a very talented Miami team.

    Worst loss: 86-45 at UConn, Feb. 14
    In a year when almightly UConn looks incredibly vulnerable, we make them look like the team before the huge winning streak ended. The Maya Cam.. the national television... the embarrassed Sherri in postgame... it was all-around loss that completely humbled the team and fans.

    Heartwarming performance: Whitney Hand returns from injury (at TCU, Jan. 2)
    The only thing that would have put this over the top for Whitney Hand bcak in her hometown coming off injury would have been to win the game. 24 points and 11 boards? Well, that's one way to show that you're recovered from an ACL injury.

    Heartbreaking news: Player kicked off the team, another suspended
    Nothing was publicly divulged as to why, but you hate to see Sherri get pushed to the point to dismiss players, especially ones that just arrived on campus like Alexann Yancey just had. And Christmas scholly recipient Lauren Willis gets suspended on top of that too. It really made you wonder if this season would fall apart before it started.

    Reason for optimism: Freshmen contributions, returns from injury/sickness.
    Sure, we lose D-Rob, Carlee and Lauren, but in the process of sending off our seniors, we also saw the beginning of Aaryn Ellenberg, Morgan Hook and Nicole Griffin's OU careers, all three of which had some starts as freshmen. Then, we also saw Jacqueline Jeffcoat get over mono and Whitney Hand get over her ACL issues. Next year is going to be great.

    Reason for pessimism: At the same time we are getting better, other teams are getting better too. Texas and Tech have older national titles, but now, both Texas A&M and Baylor have recent national titles to recruit against and to be constantly reminded of. These Big 12 rivals aren't going to be getting any weaker anytime soon... unless they are in the defunct north or are named "Oklahoma State" ;)

    Player to have breakout season: Jasmine Hartman
    We've seen it with Ashley Paris, Abi Olajuwon and Nyeshia Stevenson -- players can go from moderate contributors off the bench to starting stars in their final season at OU. Hartman is due for a breakout year before graduation!

    Player to show most offseason improvement: Nicole Griffin
    If she could improve that much during a season, imagine how much she'll improve with offseason conditioning, drills and less away game and classwork stress this summer.

    Most likely to be captains: Whitney Hand, Jasmine Hartman.
    Jaz will be a senior and Whitney already is a captain. If the team votes a third in, I'd have to go with junior f/c Joanna McFarland... if for no other reason than to get her teammates hitting the books more :)

    Way too early MVP prediction: Aaryn Ellenberg
    No sophomore slumps allowed. Score 30 every night AND run our offense :p

    Projected starters: Aaryn, Whitney, Nicole, Jaz, McFarland
    I'd say the first three have pretty solid footing. The other two could get replaced by more hotshot incoming froshies or perhaps be switched out depending on opponents.

    Today: Is the WNBA draft at 2 p.m. Read more on SS.com's tracking D-Rob's first round status here.

    Alas, the WNBA has not been kind to OU. My last entry here for the season will be on that.

  12. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    The incoming frosh from St Thomas here in KC is pretty good...very quick, very good ball control..and a pass first type of PG...does a lot of driving and no-looks to the 3 land...

    This is all at the HS level, she was def the best on the floor most nights. How that translates to Big 12 play we'll see.

    She might be a headcase...switched schools for awhile...but her team won state. I know a dad of a player from last yr. He says she was told she'd start...FWIW..
  13. Salt City Sooner

    Salt City Sooner New Member

    DRob to San Antonio w/ pick # 6. Congrats to a very deserving young lady & great representative of The Guys.
  14. JLEW1818

    JLEW1818 SoonerFans.com Elite Member


    6. Danielle Robinson [+] San Antonio Silver Stars

    nice work!
  15. Salt City Sooner

    Salt City Sooner New Member

    & from the A Little Ironic file, her new teammate is Danielle Adams from A&M, who SA picked in round 2.
  16. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    All right, my last entry of the season, before switching to 100 percent spring football, baseball and Lon hugging. Hail, Lon, the savior of OU men's basketball!

    I will also attempt a "Sooners in WNBA" thread on the general sports forum again, which alas, is the topic of this final, sad but optimistic entry:

    Draft daze

    The WNBA is where my beloved Sooners go to vanish, hardly ever to be heard from again, sadly. With D-Rob's San Antonio drafting at #6, she is the highest Sooner drafted into the WNBA since Stacey Dales-Schumann (now sans Schumann) in 2002.

    And every season, the Sooner contingent at the pro level stateside is gone.

    Phylesha Whaley (2000 third round, Minny Linx)
    Epilogue: Proudly serving our country in the U.S. Army as a nurse. God Bless Plylesha and the USA!

    Stacey Dales (2002 first round, Wash Mystics)
    Epilogue: After some injury issues, dumped those dopes at ESPN who refused to give her equal treatment of her male colleagues and now graces the airwaves of the NFL Network, meaning another Sooner will be in New York on draft day :)

    LaNeishea Caufield (2002 first round, Utah Starzz)
    Epilogue: Waived by San Antonio Silver Stars in 2003 after the Utah Starzz folded in 2002.

    Rosalind Ross (2002 first round, LA Sparks)
    Epilogue: The saddest ending of all, was about to return to the OU program when killed by her girlfriend during this past offseason in her hometown, Milwaukee.

    Maria Villaroel (2004 third round, Phoenix Mercury)
    Epilogue: Waived by Phoenix in 2005.

    Dionna Jackson (2005 first round, Detroit Shock)
    Epilogue: Waived by Chicago Sky in 2007.

    Leah Rush (2007 third round, Phoenix Mercury)
    Epilogue: Waived by Chicago in 2008.

    Ashley Paris (2009 second round, LA Sparks)
    Reason for optimism: Signed this offseason by the Atlanta Dream

    Courtney Paris (2009 first round, Sacramento Monarchs)
    Reason for optimism: Signed this offseason by the LA Sparks

    Nyeshia Stevenson (2010 third round, Phoenix Mercury)
    Epilogue: Waived by Phoenix in 2010.

    Abi Olajuwon (2010 third round, Chicago Sky)

    Reason for optimism: While she was cut by Chicago in 2010, her twitter page still lists her with the Sky. She might have signed an offseason deal?

    Amanda Thompson (2010 second round, Tulsa Shock)
    Epilogue: Cut from Tulsa midseason last year, have not heard anything since.

    And so, I end this year's blog reminding and begging you all --- support this program. Cheer hard for these players, because after they're out of OU, they're likely entering the real world like most OU grads. Their time in Sherri's program, nothing will compare afterward.

    So anyway, we love you, Sooners. Good luck in your future endeavors after graduation, please visit often. :)

    One final time: Boomer!

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