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Oklahoma/Ohio State Preview

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by soonerrhea, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. soonerrhea

    soonerrhea New Member

  2. Jacie

    Jacie SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    It was 40 years ago in The Shoe and Oklahoma came in with a young coach (Barry was only 39 years old that day) and a group of players everyone knew were good but had yet to prove themselves as a team. Names like Cumby, Hunt, Ray and Kinlaw on defense, Lott (who would start but not finish the game), King, Overstreet, Peacock, Simms (on his way to a Heisman), even one of the Shepherds on offense, all Sooner legends. But there were others, Blevins, who led the offense on that final drive for points, von Schamann, whose kicks forced the Buckeyes to start drives from the 20 during that crucial 1st quarter and ultimately won the game (kicking 2 fields goals, the first in the 2nd quarter).

    Oh yeah, I was there too. Sitting on the top row under the overhang right in the crux of the U, so I had a perfect view of all the scoring, save one of those von Schamann field goals, that were the only points scored at the other end of the stadium by either team. The wind was definitely a factor that day.

    Similarities to the present? Once more, Oklahoma has the younger of the two coaches (though at 53, Meyer is not so old as head coaches go). Like the Sooners running the wishbone in '77, the Oklahoma offense of 2017 is considered more prolific in terms of production than the Buckeye's O. Both teams are ranked in the Top 5 as they were that windy day. And OUr roster is dotted with names, some of which are already legends in Sooner lore.

    One game won't make or break OUr season, but it might go down in history as one for the ages.

    Go Sooners!
  3. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    We are strong on both lines but so they are they. We have a great QB but so do they. We are young at WR and DB and so are they. Almost mirror images of each other except we throw it better they probably run it better. I cannot see us losing by 20 again but hot damn is this a tough game for us!!
  4. echo101

    echo101 Member

    And 40 years later we win at the Horseshoe again! Boomer Sooner!

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