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Official Game Thread: OU vs Texas A&M

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by ouflak, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. recemp

    recemp Member

    I asked for Torrance Marshall and they gave me Chuck Long
  2. OU_Sooners75

    OU_Sooners75 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    After our last 11 games away from Norman, I think I am wanting Chuck Long back...I hear Mangino is looking for a Job...so is Mike Leach!

    Why the **** are we putting our future in this Kevin Wilson guy?

    he caused us a NC against Florida. He caused us a game against Missouri. He caused us a game against a terrible A&M team. He looks amazing at home. Take him away from norman, it seems our entire coaching staff has a massive ****ing brain fart!
  3. OU_Sooners75

    OU_Sooners75 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Can we leave Kevin Wilson off the travel team instead?
  4. recemp

    recemp Member

    Think we can match last year's 8-5?
  5. wishbonesooner

    wishbonesooner New Member

    Thinking about getting lit up in Stillwater makes me ill.
  6. OUthunder

    OUthunder Angry Bird

    Count on it. It's gonna make this game look like a hard fought contest. They will destroy us. However, there is always the Gundy factor.
  7. jcvsooner

    jcvsooner New Member

    Bizarre. Really, really bizarre.
  8. cccasooner2

    cccasooner2 New Member

    Damn, I knew it wasn't Wilson.
  9. IronHorseSooner

    IronHorseSooner New Member

    Once again, I am a 38-yr. old former kicker, and even I can call what we are going to do. HOW ABOUT A PLAY-ACTION PASS IN THE RED ZONE????? How many games now are we going to have to see this? FLA, BYU, thUg, and now here! Why not also try running wide?

    We need to recruit a kicker this year, and there is no darn excuse for it! Paddy miss the kick because his foot went straight into the ground. That's it. It's kicking 101.

    Screw leaving 21 points on the field, we left about 38! Count the two botched TD passes and Paddy's shank, and we should have won this going away. Same thing happened at Mizzou: 17 left on the field.
  10. OUthunder

    OUthunder Angry Bird

    Good nite all, sorry we lost but I'll see some of you at the tailgate on Saturday. I better go before I say something I'll regret, lol.

  11. lifespalette

    lifespalette New Member

    I maybe new to the forum, but surely, Wilson must have gone on a **** break and got lost on the way back and some intern was making the calls........Wilson can't be that stupid can he.......

    Bob.....you need a new OC.
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  12. I haven't posted in a loooong time..... and this could just be the copious amounts of beer I have to drink to make it through an entire OU game talking.........

    BUT, I have to say, I await the sunshine pumpers, the ones who call us, "bandwagon fans" or worse :texan: fans, when we DARE to criticize the coaching staff. The coaches who, if were to produce the same results in my job as they do, I'd be fired. The coaches who make 20 times more in a year, than I'll see in 10. Or, god forbid we criticize the players, who are paid with a FREE college education, the same college education I'll be repaying student loans for, for the rest of my life it seems.

    Yes, sunshine pumpers, I await your witty posts on how we suck, and how YOU are loyal and smart enough to see improvement, because at least they scored in the second half this week! :pop:
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  13. oumom2many

    oumom2many New Member

    YES!!!! After Mizzou, I prayed that we would fix this. Someone, anyone, please help us find a kicker. No more excuses. Is a kicker that hard to find????
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  14. SoonerCLF

    SoonerCLF New Member

    I just got home from the bar, I thought soonerfans was completely dead with the load time. Is soonerfans.com in complete meltdown mode? Everyone at the bar that wasn't numb/drunk was in complete shock, unbelievable game.

  15. lifespalette

    lifespalette New Member

    Maybe they'll visit the girls soccer practice field this week.
  16. BoozingAg

    BoozingAg New Member

    Yall got beat by the better team. Stop acting like you didn't. Gig Em.
  17. BetterSoonerThanLater

    BetterSoonerThanLater SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    nice first post asshat.

    to take the high road here, good game and good win. congrats.
  18. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    First and last post.
  19. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer Well-Known Member

    I find all the "we're 7-2, clean house with the staff" talk a bit amusing. You could be 4-5 instead....

    Surprised it only took 200,000 to outbid you guys for him. :D :p
  20. Rocko

    Rocko New Member

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