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Official Game Thread: OU versus Iowa State

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by soon3rfan, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. soon3rfan

    soon3rfan Member

    Thats ridiculous thomas needs to take a seat
  2. SoCalBigRed

    SoCalBigRed Well-Known Member

    So we're hoping for OT against ISU?
  3. SoCalBigRed

    SoCalBigRed Well-Known Member

    Hoping we can score and PREVENT them from scoring before the clock runs out. They've shown they can chew up clock, or score fast.

    Five straight possessions. Riley needs to find new blood for the defensive coordinator position. Mike needs to go.
  4. soon3rfan

    soon3rfan Member

    Cant deal with this gonna go beat someone up now. Preferably an OSU fan.
    SoCalBigRed likes this.
  5. Okie35

    Okie35 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    If stoops was coaching we’d win.
  6. steve simmons

    steve simmons New Member

    if bob stoops was still head coach; we would get a good bowl like we have under his tenure. listen nobody can overcome the poor preparation of mike stoops defensive teams. the only remedy for sooners tradition of Bud Wilkerson, chuck Fairbanks, barry swister and bob stoops all great coaches is to get rid of mike stoops, then and only then will the sooners return to those glory days of the past. I hope the administration do what's best for sooner tradition than for mike stoops. Mike stoops must go! Go sooners..............!

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