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Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs Florida State

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by ouflak, Sep 17, 2011.


    LVSOONER15 Getting it done

    What a great game. And a great win. BOOMER SOONER
  2. SoonerMom2

    SoonerMom2 New Member

    I had my vote to the hate that guy! Musburger drives me up a wall and why I put them on mute and watched the game with no sound!
  3. SoonerMom2

    SoonerMom2 New Member

    Hope we don't take Big 12 officials with us when we leave -- PAC 12 cleaned theirs up and have a lot of new crews after getting rid of a group of bad officials. Couldn't believe that TX took Chrystal's crew with them which is a homer for TX all the way to UCLA. Big 12 should be ashamed of our officials. Monday is going to be one happy day after this win today!
  4. mOUse

    mOUse New Member

    definitely, from the fist series to the fourth quater, lots of no calls for encroachment, the call on hurst was awfull..point of impact was shoulder first cause the guy was crouched coming up off the ground, the no call on stills...and im sorry that guy got hurt but he held the ball for three steps and was falling in...that equals a cath -fumble and no high hit...three bad calls in one play. Pathetic! and, Maybe its just me, but i trust landry jones in clutch situations as much as i do stevens. scary. I FULLY trusted in sam even as a freshman...accurate, good decisions...i know landry has more yards, im just sayin.

    thatll be the last of the complaints for me, to many positives tonight for me to be unhappy with the performance. Ezcellent win.
  5. cvsooner

    cvsooner New Member

  6. SoonerStud615

    SoonerStud615 New Member

    I agree, I couldn't believe that it kept happening over and over. The D-lineman's hand was even with the ball.
  7. dennis580

    dennis580 New Member

    I think Landry Jones is the most underrated player in OU history. I have never been able to understand the criticism or the totally ignornant calls to bench him that he has recieved through his career. He is clearly the 2nd best QB to ever play at OU.

    Many times the guy has been insanely dominate throwing for over 400 yards in many games, completing a ton of passes in a row in a putting up a totally ridiculous 4700 yards last year, and nobody says a word.

    He has also made huge clutch 4th quarter throws on the road against against top 10 teams in OSU, and FSU, and nobody gives credit. Yet when he makes a mistake everybody is all over him.

    Landry Jones is a dominate QB as good as Bradford except for all the head scratching interceptions. Yes Jones has head scratching interceptions, but other then that he is absolutely amazing QB.

    Some of those throws he made in the 4th quarter on that TD drive were beyond amazing. I remember 2 throws on that drive where there was NO window at all to throw the ball. The FSU defenders were attached to our receivers bodies, and he still completed the passes.
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  8. mOUse

    mOUse New Member

    Thats whats so unsettling, so brilliant, so much success,
    yet at any moment 'short circuit'! I overexagerate...he is very good and certainly makes less mistakes than most qb's. I am ashamed of myself. Thanks for the rebuttle
  9. C&CDean

    C&CDean Administrator

    Well it's good to see we've still got those POS "fans" who dog the players after every bad play, bitch about the coaching after anything that doesn't go for 6, and/or are just general ****tards. In a great way. Certainly.

    Sheesh. Some of y'all are flat out embarrassing.
  10. mightysooner

    mightysooner New Member

    I counted many more times than three where FSU's D-ends were jumping across the line of scrimmage before the ball was snapped and not once did it ever generate a call from the line judges.
  11. Widescreen

    Widescreen SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I don't really get it, either. There were 2 occasions where the camera was pointed right down the LOS and you could see the line judge on the other side of the field looking right where he was supposed to. The DE ran across the LOS before the ball was snapped and the line judge did nothing.

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