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Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs BYU

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by ouflak, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. TMcGee86

    TMcGee86 Well-Known Member

    BYU somehow managed it. And that was against "the greatest Dline" in college football.

    We were out coached and underprepared. It's becoming a broken record.
  2. OULenexaman

    OULenexaman New Member

    wonderful...1st and goal from the 5 and the QB has to look backwards about 40 yards for a play call.....so we only get 3....that is retarded!!!!! COMPLETELY RETARDED!!!!!! It's EMBARRRASIN!!!!!
  3. UTsucks

    UTsucks New Member

    I smell the Holiday Bowl :pop:
  4. kingsby

    kingsby New Member

    at least we won't get stomped in a bcs game this year !!

    Time to evaluate how good our coaching staff is ... out coached again.

    Big Game Bob - $4M / year. Give me a break stop the insanity
  5. StoopTroup

    StoopTroup New Member

    You don't know that either.
  6. wishbonesooner

    wishbonesooner New Member

    I'm no fair weather fan my friend, and I don't believe I will blow you. You tell me when was the last time our D made a stop with the game on the line? Seriously. How many times in the last 5 or 6 years have we seen exactly what we saw tonight?
  7. Crucifax Autumn

    Crucifax Autumn SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Doomsayers killed the game...

    We're gonna win out and win big. I have to give it to the bYU team and fans, but we WILL win out and we will be in A BCS game if not THE BCS game. Losing early teaches us and also lets the voters forget...like last year,

    **** it...we lost. And I don't blame injuries. We just blew it early and blew it late.
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  8. kingsby

    kingsby New Member

    all you folks who stick up for Venables just stop it.

    Did you at any time feel like our defense was going to shut them down. It was just a matter of time before the punched it in.

    We have not had a good defense in a long time. No one fears our defense, no one fears our coaches. Our defense has not made a game winning stop since Roy Williams in the Cotton Bowl

    OU is becoming a team that makes other programs.

    We put Boise State on the Map and we have put BYU back on the stage.

    I bet you a dollar we also put Miami back on the stage, after we lose to them in a few weeks
  9. mehip

    mehip New Member

    Why the hell can't we get off the field on 3rd downs against good competition who are not coached by former OU coordinators when it counts? Is our talent just deficient or is it the scheme? I'm no coach but how many more years before we see a change in how we approach 3rd and 5?
  10. redhawk49

    redhawk49 New Member

    Dayum! Im starting to enjoy all of this new leg room on the wagon!
  11. sooner13f

    sooner13f New Member

    I agree 100% except with maybe the way you said it.

    If I known BYU was going to be held to soo few points I would of bet my paycheck on a win.

    Ohhhh college football year after year will break your heart.
  12. soonerfaninfla

    soonerfaninfla New Member

    its time for changes, dont know what, but they need to be made
  13. Crucifax Autumn

    Crucifax Autumn SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    and yeah...Venables shoulda made better calls, but at least this year he made **** calls early. That's a good sign.
  14. soonermagic14

    soonermagic14 New Member

  15. worst 3.5 hours of my life, including being in labor.... The only thing that would have made it worse is if i would have paid the $300 bucks for a hotel room in arlington tonight.....

    disgusting. sloppy. from the play calling all the way down. the o line can't block, can't stop the d from getting to the qb, and yet, we persist with the brilliant wilson "run up the middle". really?!

    the one i feel sorry for is bradford. i hate to say it, but kid should have taken the money and run. i don't see these guys getting it together any time soon. that o line was just about the worst i've ever seen.

    silver lining? i was a little sad, as i've just got a new kindle and was really enjoying spending my saturdays catching up on reading. i was thinking that now that football season was here i'd loose that reading day. looks like i can now rejoice, because if THIS is what stoops is going to give us, i'd rather get lost in a good book, rather than a horrific train wreck on the field!
  16. East Coast Bias

    East Coast Bias Active Member

    I don't normally blast the coaches, but this is all on them. The team wasn't ready and the play-calling was bad at the critical time. Think about how we started with the wildcat-even calhoun running the ball. Obviously the coaches thought we were better than we are. Murray fumbles, we don't go to him anymore until late in the game. Hats off to Tress Way and Landry they gave it everything. Getting beat by teams with less skill and talent points to poor coaching, effort by the players was there.
  17. Crucifax Autumn

    Crucifax Autumn SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Silver lning...

    We lost early. We will improve. We'll have good nd experienced backups. Sam will come back next year. Sam will lead us to an MNC with an experienced backup.

    BYU is good and will help out SOS. We WILL win out and we WILL make the MNC game.
  18. Bosley

    Bosley New Member

    How about not letting two all americans go down before and in the game. It's alright.
  19. Bosley

    Bosley New Member

    So we lost, eff it.

    I spent the best four years of my life on that campus and you lose one every once and a while. They were the better team. Whatever, season isn't over.

    I still love me some Oklahoma. Glad to be a part of the magic win or lose.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2009
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  20. Crucifax Autumn

    Crucifax Autumn SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    We lost a game last year and made the MNC...

    We're not done. and Sam will recover.

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