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Official Big XII Championship Thread: Oklahoma vs Missouri

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by ouflak, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. SteelCitySooner

    SteelCitySooner Well-Known Member

    Good run brown
  2. Fiatil

    Fiatil New Member

    Yeah that sucks a whole lot. Running up the score or losing our edge; I think I prefer running up the score.
  3. OUinFLA

    OUinFLA Older Clique Member


    Ok, lets run it up then, I haven't heard from Luspika all year.
  4. SteelCitySooner

    SteelCitySooner Well-Known Member

    First down bitches!
  5. Judge Smails

    Judge Smails Well-Known Member

    When you're losing your azz you can afford to air it out. Fuggers.
  6. SteelCitySooner

    SteelCitySooner Well-Known Member

    and another! Lets get that TD
  7. Cam

    Cam Uber Dad

    No middle ground, is there?
  8. SoonerGOP

    SoonerGOP New Member

    How many different receivers now?
  9. SoonerMom2

    SoonerMom2 New Member

    Ready to score another touchdown!
  10. i was thinking the same thing. when they've shown him on the sideline tonight, he's looked kinda pissy all night....... don't think i've seen him smile at all tonight.....
  11. Judge Smails

    Judge Smails Well-Known Member

    We need some passing TD's for SAM dammit.
  12. soonersam

    soonersam Well-Known Member

    If Kirk needs excitment in the second half to think we're good,, I can call my aunt in sec 109 to run across the field naked... would that bore you kirk???
  13. Fiatil

    Fiatil New Member

    Haha wow, now Musberger wants us to run up the score so we can prove ourselves? This is b a n a n a s.
  14. OUinFLA

    OUinFLA Older Clique Member

    did the crowd go home?
  15. Sabanball

    Sabanball Well-Known Member

    Pull your starters, Bob. It's over and you are in the title game. Show some class.
  16. ArkanSooner

    ArkanSooner New Member

    Touchdown Brown!
  17. Cam

    Cam Uber Dad

    TD Brown.
  18. SteelCitySooner

    SteelCitySooner Well-Known Member

    TD Oklahoma!
  19. SoonerGOP

    SoonerGOP New Member

    OK. Just checked - nine different receivers.

    377 yards.

    Not to mention the Rushing yards.

  20. mhackl

    mhackl New Member

    TD Baby!!!

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