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Official Big XII Championship Thread: Oklahoma vs Missouri

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by ouflak, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. mhackl

    mhackl New Member

    Only one time out left. We might need it for the photo finish.
  2. SteelCitySooner

    SteelCitySooner Well-Known Member

    Lets just go score again. You think sammy is going to stay in the game?
  3. Cam

    Cam Uber Dad

    I probably would've given it to him too, but I'm not 100% sure on the wording/interpretation of the rule either.
  4. ArkanSooner

    ArkanSooner New Member


    Jackson just stood up to The Stoops.
  5. SteelCitySooner

    SteelCitySooner Well-Known Member

    What was that?
  6. SoonerDood

    SoonerDood New Member

    omg we're not impressive! Give it to Texas!:rolleyes:
  7. Cam

    Cam Uber Dad

    It doesn't need to be an impressive half Brent.

    They're bored, and so are you.
  8. Blues1

    Blues1 New Member

    OOOO Crap we here go ....We Don't Belong in Champ game....!!
  9. soonersam

    soonersam Well-Known Member

    sorry brent and kirk that that we're not exciting when leading by a million
  10. SteelCitySooner

    SteelCitySooner Well-Known Member

  11. in a moment of weakness, i dated a guy from long beach who was a BIG usc fan. in 2000, we went to catalina island, and when we were waiting to check into our hotel, the people in front of us were all wearing ou stuff! i was sooo happy to see them! then he says, "i just can't get away from you people!" i had to explain to them that i was an ou fan and he was a pissy usc fan and we all laughed at him together..... THEN as we're walking around downtown catalina, we saw a store window which was decorated all over with ou stuff and he just couldn't believe it!!! i LOVED it!
  12. Rogue

    Rogue Answers - 25 Cents

    We're either running it up or "lost our edge"
  13. Boomer.....

    Boomer..... .....Sooner!

    Iggy pop!
  14. NASASooner

    NASASooner New Member

    So now the announcers think we aren't winning by enough. We're snake bitten here.
  15. SoonerGOP

    SoonerGOP New Member

    "Not an impressive second half."

    How about that little reception there, Brent?

    Bite me, Musberger.
  16. nutinbutdust

    nutinbutdust Member

    wtg iggy givem that stiff arm
  17. SteelCitySooner

    SteelCitySooner Well-Known Member

    Iggy again!
  18. hgarmorer

    hgarmorer New Member

    HELL OF RUN AFTER THE CATCH!!! Great job of not giving up
  19. mhackl

    mhackl New Member

    Jackson, shut you're effing mouth and listen to coach!
  20. OUinFLA

    OUinFLA Older Clique Member

    ya think Sams a bit pizzed at the score?

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