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Monday poll: Bob Stoops' next national championship

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by badger, Jun 24, 2013.


When will Bob Stoops win another national title at OU?

Poll closed Jun 27, 2013.
  1. This season is the season!

    11 vote(s)
  2. In the next 5 seasons, but not this season.

    22 vote(s)
  3. Before he retires, but not the next 5 seasons.

    0 vote(s)
  4. Bob's not going to win another at OU, sadly

    20 vote(s)
  1. thecrimsoncrusader

    thecrimsoncrusader New Member

    I most certainly did watch the game live and in person. You're obviously too old to have a good memory as ATM was up 17-10 at half-time and Oklahoma outscored ATM 25-14 in the 2nd half. There wasn't an owning from a mathematical standpoint or reality standpoint. All they can beat their chest on that day is when Rocky and co. were trying to strip the ball on Jamaar Toombs' 27 yard touchdown run instead of just making the tackle.

    And you apparently don't realize what can happen in just a few minutes in the game of football. There is no evidence at all that Oklahoma loses that game if Marshall doesn't get that pick six. There was plenty of time left and OU was gaining the momentum with the two TDs scored by Q in the 4th quarter and generally outplaying ATM in the second half.
  2. C&CDean

    C&CDean Administrator

    yeah, ok. We had them licked all game. Laugher in fact.
  3. NormanPride

    NormanPride SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I notice dean didn't fight the "old" moniker...

    And I was there, too. We flipped the momentum on that play. Yeah we were doing well in the second half, but we were in a hole to start it and needed a spark.
  4. C&CDean

    C&CDean Administrator

    Why fight it? It is what it is.

    Alls I remember about that day was thinking "oh crap, oh crap, here we go, we're gonna **** up a perfect season against these maroon ****wads" Then after TM scores I'm thinking "oh crap, oh crap, we're gonna **** up a perfect interception return against these maroon ****wads" It was as nervous as I had been that entire season - except for the first 3/4 of the 63-14 game against whorn. Alls I kept thinking was "we were up by a couple scores last year and they came back and beat us. Don't let up, please dear lord don't let up" Q is one of my all-time favorite Sooners because of his performance that wonderful day in October.
  5. thecrimsoncrusader

    thecrimsoncrusader New Member

    Glad you got it sorted out. :)
  6. XingTheRubicon

    XingTheRubicon SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Torrance Marshall stretching up to pull that low trajectory pass out of the sky and Q highstepping over the goal line from 12 out in the NC game makes my balls tingle. Even now, typing this, my ball are tingling.
  7. BoomerJack

    BoomerJack New Member

    I voted that Stoops won't win one in next five years because I think he's gonna move on before then.
  8. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    Move on to what?
  9. BoomerJack

    BoomerJack New Member

    To just about anything at which he won't have to rely on a bunch of 19-21 year-old kids' success at blocking/passing/catching to insure his getting a paycheck. It could very well be a pro job but I doubt another college job.

    After five years will be about 20 years as a head coach. I just think he'll will have a belly full of it and with a bunch of $$$$ in the bank, the kids grown and hopefully gone, he and his lovely wife will want to do something else.
  10. 8timechamps

    8timechamps Administrator

    That time is long gone. If Stoops ever wanted to go to the NFL, he'd have done that already. If he'd ever wanted to coach at another school, he'd have done that already, he's pretty much had his pick of all of them.

    At this point, he's not leaving OU to coach another school, and I don't think he ever has a desire to coach in the NFL (and when was the last time an NFL team hired a rookie coach over 50?). Stoops has earned something at OU, that coaches at every level of the game strive to achieve, the right to coach at one place until you're ready to retire. Bob will be at OU until he's ready to leave coaching, and not a minute earlier.
  11. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    Sorry , I disagree. I believe Bob will Be with us for a LONG dayum time. He may not Be Head Football Coach, But HE will be involved.
  12. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    heh, Shoulda read yer response before posting. But Like I said if Bob aint coach here He may just replace JC.

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