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Monday poll: Best of Stoops era

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by badger, Apr 11, 2011.


Other than the 2000 national championship, what was the best of the Stoops era?

Poll closed Apr 18, 2011.
  1. Two Heisman winners (Jason and Sam)

    5 vote(s)
  2. Beating Texas 5 times in a row 2000-2004

    41 vote(s)
  3. Making it to four national championship games

    34 vote(s)
  4. Winning the Big 12 seven times

    56 vote(s)
  5. Four NFL first round draft picks in 2010.

    2 vote(s)
  6. Write-in (say what it is below)

    3 vote(s)
  1. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    I will try to get one of these up every Monday. Topics and nominees can be picked out and scrutinized here.

    Votes are anonymous, you cannot change your vote, you may only vote for one (write-in a better suggestion if you must!), voting is for one week, then a new poll starts, hopefully bringing some life into this lifeless, offseason board just in time for the Red/White game.

    Boomer! :)
  2. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    :( They're all such great accomplishments. I can't decide which one to vote for. Maybe I should have included the 2000 title just to end the poll. HELP! :(
  3. JLEW1818

    JLEW1818 SoonerFans.com Elite Member


    good thread.

    I'm really not sure.... I'm gonna have to think about this one

    my heart loved 2000-04


    I went with beating texas 5 times in a row.
  4. htownsooner7

    htownsooner7 New Member

    Beating Texas 5 times in row for me. And in such dominating fashion.
    JLEW1818 likes this.
  5. Mississippi Sooner

    Mississippi Sooner New Member

    Gotta go with beating the cows five in a row. No matter how a season turns out, beating * is always first priority. Five times in a row, and twice hanging more that 60 on them, is just epic.
  6. salth2o

    salth2o New Member

    My heart loved 2000-04 as well, but as a team you play for championships. Dominating the league as his teams have and winning conference titles is my choice.
  7. rekamrettuB

    rekamrettuB New Member

    I put 4 NC games. Even tho 3 didn't end well it's stilll a tremendous accomplishment that reflects more on the entire season over 1 game. Beating Texas 5 in a row was pretty awesome but I bet the players and coaches (any team's for that matter) would agree that making the NC game 4 times in 9 years was a greater accomplishment than beating a rival 5 times in a row.
  8. JLEW1818

    JLEW1818 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    the draft picks were very cool as well.
    3 of the first 4 overall picks
    4 first rounders
  9. jersey sooner

    jersey sooner New Member

    What rekamrettubutt said. Making it to that game so frequently, despite the letdowns, shows that not only do we consistently compete at a high level, but we consistently compete at an elite level. And bitch slapping texas was pretty cool, too :D
  10. Mike Stoops

    Mike Stoops New Member

    Those were some good Longhorn teams that we beat too. It was especially nice shutting out the 04 team that went on to a 20-game winning streak all the way to the national title.
  11. cccasooner2

    cccasooner2 New Member

    I voted for making it to 4 national championship games since this was a secret ballot.
  12. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    No love for Jason or Sammie yet? I'll pick them if nobody else will :)

    The Heisman is such a rare commodity for most places. We should really cherish our Heismans even if it seems like we have top candidates every year! Think of how many Sooners were runners-up or just getting invited to New York for the ceremony. Big effing deal to win!
  13. Mad Dog Madsen

    Mad Dog Madsen New Member

    I went with the 7-time Big XII Champs. It's also nice to beat Texas (especially 5 in a row), the 4 first rounders is also pretty cool, but dominating the conference takes great team effort and coaching. I jus had to go with that one.
  14. SbOrOiNaEnR

    SbOrOiNaEnR New Member

    This, and the logic behind my vote.
  15. Mad Dog Madsen

    Mad Dog Madsen New Member

    The 2 Heisman winners is a great achievement as well. Only USC has more in the past decade with 3 (or are we tied now since the Bush scandal?). If you think about it OU should have 3 and possibly 4. That's pretty impressive.
  16. MiccoMacey

    MiccoMacey Well-Known Member

    Why I voted for four NC game appearances (which includes the one win from 2000).
  17. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    It is an NCAA violation to acknowledge the Reggie Bush Heisman.

    Stop cheating, Mad Dog! :p
  18. deweydw

    deweydw Well-Known Member

    I was split between the NC games and the 7 Big 12 wins. The 4 NC games are a great feat. But the 7 Big 12 titles is domination. So I vote the Big 12. Looking forward to some more domination.
  19. Leroy Lizard

    Leroy Lizard SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I think our defeat of the Pokes in 2008 ranks above everything else. Beating a top team like Oklahoma State really established the credibility of our program.
  20. NormanPride

    NormanPride SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I was in the Pride for every one of the five wins over Texas. They were all delicious in their own way, from the shellackings of 63-14 and 65-13 to the demoralization of 12-0. I will never forget after Trent Smith scored in 2002 to bring us within striking distance just before the half, he immediately jumped up on the bench right in front of where I was waiting to go on for halftime and screamed as loud as he could at the fans. I knew then that we were going to win, and absolutely nothing would stop us. Great days!

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