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Mayfield hired Manziel's lawyer...

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by deweydw, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. deweydw

    deweydw Well-Known Member

    To try and get his year of eligibility back by sitting out 2014.

  2. SoonerMarkVA

    SoonerMarkVA New Member

    If the NCAA effs this up, they deserve to collapse as an organization. This is as clear-cut a travesty of enforcement of a rule that violates the spirit of the rule as you can get.
  3. Flagstaffsooner

    Flagstaffsooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    The title of this thread scared the hell out of me. I thought Baker might have pulled a Johnny Maniac screw up.
  4. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    I think we all know that Johnny was guilty of signing his name hundreds of times for money. The NCAA just decided to not press the matter and suspend him longer than two quarters of the cupcake (Rice) opener due to this lawyer.

    Funny thing is, Baker will have a tougher legal battle with the NCAA when the only thing he's guilty of is hurting Texas Tech's feelings by not continuing to play for free -- literally for free! None of this "pay college athletes" bullshizzle, he wasn't even getting tuition!

    Considering it is Texas Tech, are we really surprised?
  5. cherokeebrewer

    cherokeebrewer New Member

    The national sports media seems to have picked up on injustice done to Baker Mayfield. So, at least we got that going...
  6. BigTip

    BigTip Well-Known Member

    First, I wish he didn't use the same lawyer. It's a terrible headline, tying him with Manziel, in any way. But I guess that is a very narrow field of law and there's only so many guys you can call.

    Second, if he does get another season back, will he play it? Is he NFL desirable and go? Or will he stay and win us three National Championships? Dang, when I just wrote that I was kidding, but as soon as I typed it, I thought, "why not?"
  7. swardboy

    swardboy SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I'd settle for two! Boy howdy, that would chafe Kliffy's butt.
  8. rock on sooner

    rock on sooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I can't imagine Baker not staying and playing the extra year if he gets it
    from the NCAA. Wonder how long this will get dragged out? Might hurt
    in recruiting future QB's.....
  9. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    So it's the Big 12's fault, eh NCAA?


    So we should leave the Big 12, should we Texas Tech. We should go to a different conference where Baker Mayfield will be eligible to play his final year of eligibility, you're saying? I bet you'd love that. Maybe you can replace OU with a half dozen Texas state schools and reform the SWC
  10. SoonerMarkVA

    SoonerMarkVA New Member

    We should leave the XII, for this and dozens of other reasons. Problem is, we won't.
  11. BigTip

    BigTip Well-Known Member

    Riiiight. Who would want us?

    Oops. I forgot.
    Everybody would!
  12. Serenity Now

    Serenity Now Well-Known Member

    If he wasn't a non-scholarship player, I'd understand. This appears to be the Big 12's responsibility to fix. I have a feeling that after next year (when his eligibility is up) that he can submit a new request and maybe the powers that be can right the wrong. Stoops has disallowed transfers to in conference schools. That was for a 5 star recruit though.

    Even if he knew a scholarship was coming, he still wasn't "on scholarship" so that is irrelevant.
    SoonerMarkVA likes this.
  13. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Since there are no Texas Tech residential fans here to my knowledge, I thought you'd all enjoy the Lubbock retort:

    :D poor them.
  14. Serenity Now

    Serenity Now Well-Known Member

    I've surfed through their forums for the last month or so. Their anger over this and how Mahomes is not considered a heisman favorite or all American or all big 12 is fun to watch.
  15. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Texas Tech football, a recent history:

    First, Red Raider rash forced its way into the Big 12. Then, it could never win the conference football title, let alone be invited to the BCS.

    First Red Raider rash hired Mike Leach who took them bowling every season. Then, it fired him right before a big money bonus was due because CJK5H derp derp.

    First, Red Raider rash proved that it was truly a Power 5 by hiring Tommy Tuberville, who led SEC's Auburn to an undefeated season. Then, Tommy Tuberville left Tech for Cincy, proving it was hardly a true Power 5 program at all.

    First, Red Raider rash has its best season under Koach Kliff, mostly due to walk-on QB Baker Mayfield's 7-0 record as starter. Then... well, you know the rest. Most notably, they didn't go bowling the next season in his absence
  16. SoonerMarkVA

    SoonerMarkVA New Member

    As long as we're laughing it up, check out this doozie. This guy is almost as big a ****** as Coach Bro himself:


    Bonus: check out the alternate content video just before the comments section. It's a scathing video about what a pile of garbage Coach Rayban is. LOL
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2015

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