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Landry leads waay early Heisman ranking.

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by BetterSoonerThanLater, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. BetterSoonerThanLater

    BetterSoonerThanLater SoonerFans.com Elite Member


    don't have Insider access, but the most important player is shown. personally, i feel that if Jones leads this team the way we all know he can, the heisman is his to lose. thoughts?

    Updated: August 30, 2011, 10:26 AM ETLandry Jones is Heisman favoriteHeisman Predictor gives odds for preseason front-runners, plus dark horses to watchEmailBy Ryan McCrystal
    ESPN Insider
    Cam Newton ran away with the Heisman last year, but 2011 figures to be a hotly contested campaign.

    The ESPN experts' poll has identified six favorites who appeared on at least three ballots. Using the Heisman Predictor as a reference, here's where the favorites -- and a few dark horses -- stand entering the year and what they will need to do to hoist the trophy in December.


    The favorites

    Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma Sooners

    Starting Value: 80.0 Predictor Points
    Key stats needed to win: 35 TDs, BCS bowl berth, 15 Predictor Points vs. top-10 teams

    The Predictor recognizes that voters favor certain positions (quarterbacks) and certain conferences (Big 12, Big Ten, SEC), which gives Jones a slight edge in the preseason rankings.

    His narrow 2.5-point lead over Andrew Luck, however, will not last long if he can't navigate Oklahoma through a tough schedule.

    The key to Jones' candidacy will be his success in big games. The Sooners are set to face three teams ranked in the AP preseason top 10 (Florida State, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State), which will give Jones a chance to shine on the biggest stage throughout the course of the season.

    Assuming each of those games is a matchup of top-10 teams, Jones could earn up to 15 Predictor Points. These potential performance-based points -- which, obviously, are not available to every candidate -- give Jones a decided advantage over his closest competitors. Andrew Luck, for example, has only one preseason top-10 team on his schedule (Oregon).
  2. Widescreen

    Widescreen SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    If OU goes undefeated and Landry stays healthy, I suspect it's his to lose. Luck is arguably a better QB but his team isn't as good. If Stanford loses a couple of games, he'll likely drop out of the running.
  3. BoulderSooner79

    BoulderSooner79 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Tebow won when the Gators had an average record, so it can happen. But he did have video game-type numbers.
  4. BetterSoonerThanLater

    BetterSoonerThanLater SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    i completely agree. Landry has alot of talent around him that can make him look even better than he is. Andrew isn't as "lucky".
  5. TheresOnlyOne

    TheresOnlyOne New Member

    I'm still out on Landry until the ridiculous picks (i.e. Missouri) come to a stop. I understand that QB's are gonna throw them, but not RIGHT TO THE DEFENSE. Who throws a INT to a Defensive End??!!
  6. The Maestro

    The Maestro SoonerFans.com Elite Member


    Hall of Famers that went to three Super Bowls and won one of them. Easy on Landry for a pick that pissed you off. Every QB throws a brainless INT every once in awhile...he made great strides last year and should make even more this year.
  7. thecrimsoncrusader

    thecrimsoncrusader New Member

    I think Landry Jones will win it. Looking past him being an Oklahoma Sooner for a moment, the schedule sets up that way for it.

    I don't think things are going to work out exactly right for Stanford and Andrew Luck in terms of record or overall play this season. Stanford is replacing 3 offensive line starters and lost their entire receiving corps and the loss of Coach Harbough will be felt much greater than believed IMO. Their defense will also be weaker which can potentially lead to less offensive possessions as well.

    Now going back to Landry Jones, this is a guy that threw for 1300+ more yards than Andrew Luck and also threw for 6 more TDs than Andrew Luck. Additionally, while Andrew Luck had 8 of his TDs come against the likes of Sacramento St. and Wake Forest, Landry Jones had 8 of his TDs come against the likes of Florida St. and Oklahoma St., which was a road game in the truest sense.

    Now don't get me wrong, I think Andrew Luck is probably the better QB and definitely a better runner at the QB position, but let's see how he does this season with not having the offensive line that only gave up 6 sacks last season and not having the receiving corps that greatly assisted him in his numbers.

    Additionally, Landry Jones will be going up against a weak defense against Tulsa, then there is a bye week to get ready for Florida St. on the road, a team Landry Jones had tremendous success against last season. And that was at a time when Landry Jones was still not the Landry Jones we could come to know by season's end. That was still the same Landry Jones we weren't too happy with in the Missouri and ATM games.

    Following that, Oklahoma has a home game against Missouri who will be undefeated going into that game. While the "revenge factor" is overrated, Oklahoma has shown a propensity to make teams pay severely the following season if they were embarrassed in some way from that team in the previous season. Now Oklahoma wasn't embarrassed on the scoreboard, but they were embarrassed from a performance standpoint.

    Then Oklahoma has another game to blow up the numbers with against Ball St. and then come games against Texas, @Kansas, Texas Tech, @Kansas St. and then the Sooners play at home against what will more than likely be an undefeated Texas A&M squad.

    Oklahoma simply dominates at home and Landry Jones is very likely to run up some big time numbers against ranked and undefeated Missouri and ATM squads along with decisive wins. And while I don't think Oklahoma will win decisively over Florida St. (somewhere around a 10 to 14 point victory), I do think Landry Jones will still rack up big time numbers.

    Oklahoma then closes the season at Baylor and then at home against Iowa St. and then at Oklahoma St. All three will have bad defenses once again that Landry Jones can exploit badly.

    With what should be an improved Landry Jones, offensive line and receiving corps and a very favorable schedule in terms of home games and just two challenging road games, Landry Jones will certainly have a chance to rack up the insane numbers that Sam Bradford did in the 2008 season and that's obviously Heisman Trophy worthy numbers. Heck, Landry Jones would of had that last year if he wouldn't of had the 12 interceptions.

    And let's face it, this isn't the same Landry Jones that threw two picks against Utah St. last season or the 5 picks against Nebraska in the 2009 season. This is the Landry Jones that threw two tough as nails game winning passes against Oklahoma St. on the road and also led the Sooners from a 17-0 deficit against Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game to a victory.
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  8. starclassic tama

    starclassic tama New Member

    apparently this guy has never heard of a zone blitz
  9. MR2-Sooner86

    MR2-Sooner86 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry but some of our fans suck dick through a garden hose with their nose.

    Attempts-483 Completions-328 67.9% Yards-4,721 TD-50 Interceptions-8
    Attempts-617 Completions-405 65.6% Yards-4,718 TD-38 Interceptions-12

    Which one of those stats (I'm not saying which are Landry's sophomore numbers and which are Bradford's sophomore numbers) just makes you super mad he's our starting quarterback?

    Lets not forget last year's Big 12 Championship where we were down 17-0 and came back to win it. He didn't have a hand in that though, right? How about the two bowl games in a row he won? That's right, he probably didn't have anything to do with that either. The win at OSU last year or the shutout the year before? Gosh, he sucks so he must not have done anything there either.

    Personally, I think it'd be awesome if he wins it. I hope he keeps up the good work and hopefully he helps lead this team to number eight.
  10. SoonerinSouthlake

    SoonerinSouthlake Well-Known Member

    than just seems really difficult
  11. OU Engineer

    OU Engineer New Member

    In short, IF we were to lose any games this year, they would have to be lost purely by the defense or Landry loses his shot at a Heisman, IMO.

    In other words, our offense needs to clearly win us a couple games for him to stay on top.
  12. LVSOONER15

    LVSOONER15 Getting it done

    Some fans just are not satisfied with anything. I think Landry will lead us to #8.
  13. AlbqSooner

    AlbqSooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    From the standpoint of a suckee, that sounds extremely painful.
  14. BoulderSooner79

    BoulderSooner79 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Mizzou outplayed us - get over it.
  15. jk the sooner fan

    jk the sooner fan loved by all

    Jones can win the Heisman and the NC this year , and Bradford would still be held in higher regard.....he's an OKC local kid, first round draft pick, all around good guy
  16. Sooner_Tuf

    Sooner_Tuf New Member

    Cool thing about that is Jones isn't in competition with Bradford or any other of the OU Heisman winners. If Landry brings home the crystal he will be thought as a god, which of course he should be.
  17. The Maestro

    The Maestro SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    If Jones were to win it, why in the heck when any top rated high school QB want to go somewhere else? I mean, that would mean 3 Heisman winners and a national champion...who was SO close to winning it and would have with a good Big 12 Championship Game, had he not been hurt.
  18. swardboy

    swardboy SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Because they're teenagers....

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