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Joey Halzle

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by setem, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. setem

    setem DTF

    A friend of mine said that he read somewhere Halzle could be a first round/early second round pick in the NFL Draft.

    I mean if Matt Cassel a career college bench warmer can make it in the NFL why not Joey?

    He has a quick release, good accuracy for not playing much and he is pretty elusive. He did a damn fine job against TT last year and almost won that game without even getting warmed up. I think he could be a late 2nd round or a 3rd round guy.

  2. Curly Bill

    Curly Bill I'm a shootist

    Absolutely no way.

    given a free agent chance at best
  3. SoonerStormchaser

    SoonerStormchaser Emma's Daddy!

  4. Curly Bill

    Curly Bill I'm a shootist

    Someone brought this up on here a few weeks ago...

    ...I was stunned.
  5. DarrellZero

    DarrellZero New Member

    Free agent? Possible.

    Drafted? No.
  6. vigilantesooner

    vigilantesooner New Member

    Having Halzle even as our backup scares me to death, I'm sure he's a nice guy but he just doesn't have it. I do wish him well though and would be very pleasantly surprised at NFL success.
  7. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    1% chance of being drafted in the first 2 rounds. Of course, if he goes to the NFL combines and wows them that could be a different story. That's why I said 1% chance. Presumably, Matt Cassell's success as guy who never started in college might open some doors for future college back-ups as NFL teams might be more open-minded towards them.
  8. SbOrOiNaEnR

    SbOrOiNaEnR New Member

    Matt Cassel went in the seventh round. Heupel went in the sixth. Jason White wasn't drafted, period.

    If the two greatest QBs in OU history couldn't get out of the draft cellar, why on EARTH would Halzle, especially with zero experience as a starter, and whose primary job since Day 1 has always been to be a quality backup???

    I'm not saying he couldn't pull a Cassel, or a Tony Romo even. But be a high draft pick? There's a better chance of SicEm getting struck by lightning while having sex after he won the lottery.
  9. PDXsooner

    PDXsooner Formerly OregonSooner

    No chance
  10. PDXsooner

    PDXsooner Formerly OregonSooner

    ha ha - that's some funny sheet
  11. snp

    snp New Member

    Please don't breed.
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  12. soonermix

    soonermix New Member

    Joey Halzle has as good a chance to be drafted as i do... i mean dayum i was second team all edmond my senior year
  13. Crucifax Autumn

    Crucifax Autumn SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I play a pretty mean Madden and I was a kickass run & shoot guy on Tecmo. Not to even mention my innovative use of the option on intellivision....and there wasn't even an option play in the game!

    I'm ready for the draft!
  14. retnuH03

    retnuH03 New Member

    No. He's not that good.
  15. setem

    setem DTF

    You convinced me!
  16. boomersooner28

    boomersooner28 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    If crack kills, why are you still alive?
  17. SoonerJack

    SoonerJack New Member

    Intellivision...now Crucifax you are dating yourself.
  18. boomermagic

    boomermagic New Member

    Maybe not an NFL qb but he is a very good backup IMO.. I trust him with our offense..
  19. your friend lied to you
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  20. My Opinion Matters

    My Opinion Matters New Member

    If you're going to believe everything your friends tell you, I would suggest getting smarter friends.

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